Best 3HP+ to 1HP Rotuers [Ultimate List Of 2023]

HP rating of a router is one of the important feature you should look for before buying a router. A higher horsepower will serve you well during large, extensive jobs like significant plunge cuts and creating dovetail joinery. You must also look at the amp rating in combination with the HP to identify the router’s peak power potential. 

In this article we’ve listed the best routers for each hp category from 3+ HP to 1Hp. Check them out...

3 HP Routers




1. Dewalt DW625 Router

Power: 15 Amp, 3 Hp

Speed: 8000-22000rpm

Best 3HP Router

2. Porter Cable 7518 Router

Power: 15 Amp, 3-1/4 Hp

Speed: 10000-21000rpm

Best 3-1/4 HP Router

3.Miwaukee 5625-20 Router

Power: 15 Amp, 3-1/2 Hp

Speed: 10000-22000rpm

Best 3-1/2 HP Router

4. Bosch 1617EVS Router

Power: 12 Amp, 2-1/4 Hp

Speed: 8000-25000rpm

Best 2-1/4 HP Router

5. Dewalt DW616 Router

Power: 11 Amp, 1-3/4 Hp

Best 1-1/4 HP Router

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Best 3+ HP To 1HP Routers [Reviews]

1. Best 3HP Router - DeWalt DW625

The DEWALT DW625 offers comfortable handling combined with professional-grade quality while powered by 3 horsepower.

Performance and power combo

The 15 amp, 3 horsepower motor operates on superior quality circuitry that ensures smooth operating and soft starts. It's variable-speed motor runs from 8, 000 to 22, 000 RPM at a consistent speed.

½ inch and ¼ inch collets

Bit changing is smooth and easy with a big square and finger depression and spindle-lock button.

Accurate and fast depth settings

Depth is adjusted by micro-fine bit depth adjustment while it contains phosphorous bronze bushings that ensure the plunge is accurate and smooth.

  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Base dimensions of 5-5/8 x6-11/16 inches
  • Micro-fine depth adjuster
  • Rack and pinion depth adjuster
  • It does not have an integrated dust collection.

2. Best 3-¼ HP Fixed Router: Porter-Cable 7518

The Porter-Cable 7518 is an industrial-quality router with a 10, 000 to 21, 000 RPM range.

Electronic five-speed motor with 15 amp

It has a soft start that prevents sudden surges while it is strong enough to maintain its consistent speed under load. It operates at a range of 10, 000, 13,000, 16, 000 as well as 19, 000 and 21, 000 RPM

Specially engineered ½-inch collet

This feature auto-releases the router bit which is effective to prevent freeze-up of the bit

Motor housing is precision-engineered

Made from high-grade aluminum housing and based with ball bearings 100% sealed

  • ½-inch collet
  • Constant speed
  • Electronic soft start
  • Weight of 15.5 pounds
  • -

3. Best 3-¼ HP Plunge Router: Makita RP2301FC

With 22, 000 RPM and 15 Amp power the Makita Plunge 3 ¼ HP router offers smooth operation and powerful precision.

Easy penetration combined with precision

With its capacity of 0 to 2 ¾ inch plunge depth, wood penetration is easy while it offers fast plunge depth adjustment at three different pre-set depth stop. Plunge capacity allows for numerous applications including cabinetry, fine woodworking, doors, windows, and more.

Smooth routing combined with superior performance

The powerful 15 Amp motor that operated up to 22, 000 RPM ensure routing is smooth. Its superior performance and smooth plunging are because of linear ball bearings. It offers electronic speed control that maintains speed even when under load.

  • Used both ¼ and ½ inch shank bits
  •  Ergonomic rubberized handles
  • Increase visibility with LED lights built-in
  • Longer tool life with oversized ball bearing construction
  • At 8.8 pounds it feels lightweight

4. Best 3-½ HP Router: Milwaukee 5625-20 Router

As an excellent production router, the Milwaukee 5625-20 has useful features like removable handles and for maximum compatibility, it has a bolt-hole pattern.

Accurate depth adjustment

The Milwaukee depth setting is done via a T-wrench which is supplied. You only need to insert it in the sub-base and turn its fine-adjustment knob.

It works similar to having an integrated router lift with no need to lift it from the table

When you want to adjust bit depth, you can also press the motor release button and use the fine-adjustment knob.

  • 8-inch long T-handle wrench for height adjustments through the table.
  • Self-releasing ½ inch collet
  • 2 ½ inch sub base
  • Fixed base 3 ½ horsepower
  • Five-year warranty
  • -

5. Best 2Hp Router - Ridgid R22002 Router

The Ridgid is a 120 volts, 11 Amps 2 Horsepower router that operates from 10, 000 to 23, 000 RPMs manufactured from precision milled magnesium.

Dual LED Lights

Visibility is great with an illuminated work area with bright LED lights

Precise depth control

Depth control with micro-adjust dial and after you achieved the desired depth, pivot its locking strap into lock. The base will be firmly locked and ready to work.

Variable speed easily adjusts

Under the power switch is a modest dial that allows you to adjust variable speed. The increments are by 1, 000 RPMs from 10, 000 and up to 23, 000 RPMs.

  • Easy control with angled ergonomic handles
  • Accessible brushes to service it quickly
  • No-Mar flat top
  • Soft start extends motor life
  • Oxidation issue with motor housing that causes difficulty with depth adjustment

6. Best 2-¼ Hp Fixed Router: Bosch 1617EVS

Bosch is a powerful router with variable speed ranging from 8, 000 to 25, 000 RPM and a 12 amp motor with 2.25 horsepower.

Fixed base accurate cuts

Fixed depth routing with microfine depth adjustment at its base. Changes are fast and accurate with a one-inch overall range and 1/64 inch accuracy.

Durable with a rugged design

Both the bases and motor housing is high-grade aluminum while the power switch is entirely dust-proof.

Threaded mounting holes

It uses an advanced bit height adjustment after you mounted the router, which allows you to adjust heights from above the table. It is a tool-free, fast conversion with a quick-clam system which means it is fast and easy to move the motor between bases.

  • Mounting hardware and height adjustment wrench includes
  • Variable speed with 1000 RPM increments
  • 12 Amp motor
  • Dust sealed
  • -

7. Best 2-¼ Hp Fixed Router - Triton MOF001

The Triton router is both powerful, compact and suitable for hand-held and table-mount use.

Rack and pinion adjustment

Use a single button to switch between modes from plunge to fixed. In fixed-base mode depth changes is as precise as in hand-held with quick-fit pins at the router’s base.

Performance ready for easy use and quick services

Changing worn brushes is a breeze with easy access brushed while it uses a completely enclosed guard that helps with dust extraction. Operation is smooth as dust intake is reduced with integrated side air vents.

Complete safety and protection

Using an automatic spindle lock it only engages when its power switch cover is on. The safety switch shutter remains locked during bit changes while the enclosed guard protects you from the cutting zone.

  • Simple to adjust and quiet
  • Variable speed
  • Multi-function fence
  • Soft Start with no kickback
  • -

8. Best 1-¼ Hp Fixed Router: Dewalt DW616

The DEWALT with its 13/4 horsepower motor runs at maximum horsepower for maximum strength while its 11 amp motor provides the needed power for tough woods.

Micro-fine depth adjustment

The depth adjustment is micro-fine for precision adjustment at increments of 1/64 inches. It adjusts vertically which means the switch/cord location remains constant.

Transparent Lexan sub base

You have bit visibility while the transparent Lexan gives better base durability while accepting standard template guide bushings.

Better control, balance, and comfort

Its low center of gravity design and rubber over the molded handles improves balance and control

  • Tool-free adjustable steel motor cam lock
  • Quick-release latches for an easy base and bit changes
  • Sub Base concentricity gauge
  • ½ inch and ¼ inch collets included
  • Depth adjustment ring could be difficult to turn

9. Best 1-¼ Hp Plunge Router: Makita RT0701CX7

Delivering precision, versatility, and performance the Makita is compact and designed for a variety of precision routing jobs.

Overall design is marked by compactness

Its ergonomically apt and slim exterior adds to its convenience as fully transportable. This same exterior also aids in control ease and comfort to use. It has a simple look while it is extremely durable with the use of heavy-duty aluminum.

Variable speed control dial

You can change speeds starting at 10, 000 and up to 30, 000 RPM that change from one to six. Start-up twisting is reduced with a consistent speed load as it includes an electronic speed control feature. The soft-start feature allows for smooth operation.

It delivers optimum performance

The 1.25 horsepower with 6.5 amps motor allows you to switch swiftly from fixed base to plunge.

  • Good control with soft start motor
  • The router’s small base makes reaching corners very easy
  • It is very good for small scale projects with its slim design
  • The bushes are easily accessible when you want to replace them or clean them
  • It does not have LED lights
  • Depth adjustment is difficult as the motor drops when you unlock the base.

10. Best 1- ½ Hp Fixed Router: Ryobi R1631K

The corded Ryobi 1.5 horsepower router comes with a powerful ball-bearing 8.5 Amp motor that will give you high performance and endurance.

Good cutting depth even without variable speed

While the Ryobi operates only at 25, 000 RPMs, there have been no complaints and it cuts up to two inches deep.

Three multi-purpose bits are included making it ideal for the DIYer

The bits are a ¼ inch radius round over, 5/32 inch roman ogee plus a 6/16 inch straight cut

  • Built-in LED light for good visibility
  • Ergonomic dual handles
  • Depth adjustment features a quick-lock system
  • Polyethylene chip guard is integrated
  • Three bits plus tote bag included
  • Only one speed

11. Best 1- ½ HP Plunge Router: PORTER-CABLE 693PK

Porter-Cable 1.50 horsepower router is one of the best small plunge routers as a kit with both plunge and fixed bases that interchange easily.

Auto release collet integration

The auto-release collet is a new feature on the Porter-Cable that helps a lot in terms of bits potentially freezing inside the router.

Muscle and versatility

You will get both power and versatile use even though it doesn’t have variable speed control; it features an 11 amps motor that operates at 27, 500 revolutions per minute.

  • Use a fixed base or plunge router
  • New auto-release collet feature
  • 11 amps that run on 27, 500 RPM
  • Does not offer variable speed


Look at both the sustained and the peak horsepower when you look at router reviews. With a large number of features, to-rated routers have it may appear overwhelming, but each router on this list has the potential to give you good results. When you want to cut deeper and push larger bits through the wood, you need power, which is why horsepower of 2 and more would be suitable.