5 Best Bowl Gouge Sharpening Jigs (For Consistent Bevel Angles)

Let's face it:

It's difficult to maintain a consistent bevel angle while sharpening bowl gouges.

Even for an experienced woodturner.

But there’s good news…

Fortunately, with the best sharpening jig, you can maintain the same sharpening angle at the grinder time after time without frustration.

We have put together a round-up of five of the best woodturning tool sharpening jigs on the market. Let's check them out... 

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    Best for the money - Tru-Grind Turning Tool Sharpener
  3. 3
    Best for Fingernail Shaped Turning Gouges - Tormek SVD-186
  4. 4
    Best for larger bowl gouge - Oneway Large Hole Vari-Grind Attachment
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1. Oneway Wolverine Grinding System with VARI-GRIND jig
Why it's our top pick:
  • Heavy duty.
  • Universal woodturning tool sahrpneing. 
  • Easy to setup and use.


Sharpening Jigs


2. Tru-Grind Turning Tool Sharpenerl 

3.Tormek SVD-186 

4. Oneway Large Hole Vari-Grind Attachment

5. Wolverine Vari-Grind Attachment

Do you want to avoid the hassle of sharpening the gouges?

  • Switch to carbide tools. A lot less hassle as you will always have a sharper tip just by rotating it to an area where it’s sharper. We've written a guide on the best carbide woodturning tools, where we listed some of the best and affordable carbide tools of 2020.

Table Of Contents

The Five Best Bowl Gouge Sharpening Jig -Woodturning Tools

1. The Best - Wolverine Grinding System with VARI-GRIND jig  

Our Thoughts

We think this is the best jig for sharpening a bowl gouge because it is built the strongest. 

If you have problems maintaining consistent bevel angle on your tools while sharpening, then this is the best jig to purchase. 

This is the best sharpening jig for beginners and experienced woodturners alike.

We like this jig set for a couple of standout reasons. 

Heavy Duty Equipment

This is a durable piece of equipment.

A heavy-duty jig that is an affordable price. This jig is the kind of tool that you invest in for long-term use.  

The best jig for a beginner is a durable jig. This is because you can be assured that it will stay strong and not break down on you halfway through sharpening. 

Bowl gouge is probably the most used woodturing tools by a Woodturner. We've put together a round up of some of the best bowl gouges that are available in cheap prices. Check them out to get the best bang for your buck.

Universal Sharpener

Many woodworkers have more than one style of woodturning tools.

The Wolverine Grinding System VARI-GRIND is designed to accommodate a variety of tools:

  • gouges 
  • chisels 
  • scrapers 
  • parting tool skews
  • carving tools

A one-jig-fits-all piece of equipment for your sharpening needs! 

Dual Base

A grinding wheel has two wheels, and so a Wolverine grinding jig has two bases for installation. 

This is a nice feature that allows you to utilize both wheels evenly without any additional work. 

Two base pieces to fit on your grinding wheel. It’s so simple, but so much more convenient.

What We Didn’t Love

Not compatible with all grinders. This is not to say that it will not function. 

Some grinders will require a block to maintain a consistent pressure or grind on your tools.

  • Multi-tool and universal.
  • Heavy duty quality
  • Two bases in the set
  • May require a block to maintain consistency on your grinding.

2. Best for the money - Tru-Grind Turning Tool Sharpener

Our Thoughts

A sharpener that comes backed by manufacturer guarantees.


Unfortunately, you will need to ensure you have all your measurements at the time of purchase, or else you might wind up missing gouge sizes that you need.

But if you order the right sizes, this is a great product!

Precision Grinding

Want to know how to get the same grind on your lathe tools every time?

Measurement increments and a locking bevel feature offers a precise and consistent grinding experience. 

The bevel features on this sharpening jig will help you get the same grind angle on your tools every time that they become dull.

Money-Back Guarantee

There is not much more to say here! 

Tru-Grind puts their “money where their mouth is” and offers customers a money-back guarantee on this sharpening jig. 

Hassle-free money back on woodworking equipment is always a bonus to take into consideration. 

User Guides & Videos

People were frustrated when trying to set up their Tru-Grind Turning Tool Sharpeners. 

In response, Tru-Grind now has online video tutorials to assist people in setting up and using their products. 

This makes this product a great sharpening jig for beginners because you can watch a professional use the same tool you are learning to use. 

What We Didn’t Love

The Tru-Grind jig is good when it is good. 

But, unfortunately, it seems that their packaging promises more than what is actually included. 

Make sure you know what gauge size your bowl gouge is before you purchase this sharpening jig. You will need to ensure you have that size included in your order or in-store purchase.

You need the right size gauge for a bowl gouge to use this jig.

A Precise Grind Every Time

It is important to keep consistent when working on a project. 

The Tru-Grind sharpening jig is awesome because it takes out the guess-work while sharpening your tools.

Consistent angle sharpening on your bowl gouge toolset every time. 

Just make sure that you order the proper gauge when you purchase this sharpening jig.

  • Bevel style and measurements keep sharpening angles consisten.
  • A lot of options for gouge gauge sizes
  • Lightweight
  • Not wide enough to fit a 1 1/2 inch bowl gouge.
  • You have to make sure you purchase the proper gauge that you need when ordering the jig

3. Best for Fingernail Shaped Turning Gouges - Tormek SVD-186

Our Thoughts

Not the most beginner-friendly jig on the market, but definitely a great jig for bowl gouges in particular. 


 Relatively easy to use, anyone can work with this jig. It just might take a little bit of practice. 

Bowl Gouge Specific Sharpener Jig

A sharpening jig designed specifically for fingernail shaped turning gouges! 

It is also a good jig for bent carving gouges and V-Tools. So you are not completely limited to one style of tool to sharpen. 

 This is a specialized bowl gouge sharpening jig, so if this is the type of tool bit you are using regularly, the Tormek SVD might be the jig you are looking for.

Best Priced Sharpening Jig

This is the most affordable sharpening jig you can buy.

Well, there are cheaper jigs available. 

But the Tormek-SVD-186 is the most affordable and best quality jig that is specifically designed for bowl gouge scraper for woodturning. 

Consistent Edges and Even Wheel-Wear

The design of this jig is one of our favorite things about it.

Lock in the angle you want to sharpen at and maintain the freedom to move your bowl gouge back and forth across the wheel. 

A reliable angle while sharpening your toolsets every time.

What We Didn’t Love

The maximum width of the blade is 1 ⅜ inch. 

This is not necessarily an issue for every woodworker when sharpening tools, but it is worth noting

  • Specifically designed for fingernail shaped woodturning tools.
  • Low cost 
  • Interchangeable handles allows for choice in the grip.
  • Maximum width of the blade is 1 ⅜ inch

4. Best for larger bowl gouge - Oneway Large Hole Vari-Grind Attachment

Our Thoughts

As if the Wolverine Grinding System wasn’t already amazing.

 This attachment allows you to work specifically with large bowl gouges and fingernail shaped scrapers. 


 This attachment makes the Wolverine System even more beginner-friendly than it already was, and that is a definite perk for the first time sharpeners out there.

Easy to Sharpen Large Bowl Gouge Bits

If you are a beginner it is often necessary to have the right tool for the job. 

Actually, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or experienced. The right tool for the job is always the best way to work.

This is the right tool for the job of sharpening large bowl gouges. 

It is too bad that it has to be purchased as an addition to the Wolverine set, 

What We Didn’t Love

This attachment piece is not always available for purchase. 

Likely, this is due to the high demand from the many owners of the Wolverine system requiring this addition.

  • Not always readily availableSpecializes in the Wolverine system so that it is perfect for bowl gouges.
  • Replacement tool heads are not readily available and difficult to locate.

Now that we have reviewed some products on the market, let’s talk about whether or not a sharpening jig is even necessary to own?

Why do I need a sharpening jig?

Well, the answer is this, 

Because a jig is the most reliable way to learn how to sharpen your woodturning toolset like a professional. 

You will absolutely need to sharpen your bowl gouge. 

After a while of woodturning, eventually, the metal wears down and becomes dull. 

A dull bowl gouge is dangerous to the well-being of your woodworking project. You are much more likely to damage your project with a dull tool. 

To be honest, you do not need a sharpening jig to attempt grinding your woodturning tools. 

But mistakes do happen. Especially when learning a new skill.

A mistake with a grinding wheel could end up costing you the price of a new woodturning toolkit. 

Instead of buying a new bowl gouge each time you have one go dull, invest in a sharpening jig. This will guarantee the quality of sharpness and that your tool will live to see another project. 

Is it difficult to use a sharpening jig?

Let me put it this way,

It is 100% more difficult to sharpen a bowl gouge without a sharpening jig.

Even if you are a complete beginner at woodturning or sharpening tools -- a jig will give you the result that is the same quality as an experienced professional.

It is easier to learn how to sharpen woodturning tools on a sharpening jig. 

This piece of equipment in your shop is the best thing you can use to learn about sharpening. 

Which Jig Rules them All?

Ultimately, the best bowl gouge sharpening jig that you can buy is the Wolverine Grinding System with VARIGRIND. 

Why do we love this jig more than other jigs? 

It boils down to the fact that this sharpening tool is versatile, consistent and Wolverine has a great reputation as a brand. 

It will get the job done, and it will get the job done right