10 Best Box Joint Jig [For Router Table & Table Saw]

Top Kreg Router Table Compatible Router

A box joint jig is a must-have addition to a woodworker’s tool collection if you like to mold boxes. After scouring woodworking sites, speaking to experts, and doing the research.

Here what I found to be the best box joint jigs for the router table and saw -

1. INCRA I-BOX Joint Jig
Why it's my top pick:
  • Most precise
  • Fast and easy setup
  • Can be used with both TS and router

Box Joint Jig

Finger Size

My Thought


2. Rockler Router Table Box Joint Jig

1/2'' or 3/4''

Most affordable

3. Woodhaven 4555 Box Joint Jig 

1/8" to 13/16"

For Table Saw

4. Leigh B975 Box Joint Jig

1/2" and 3/4"

For Router

5. Woodhaven 4556 Box Joint Jig



Table Of Contents

Best Box Joint Jig for Router Table And Saw [Review]

1. INCRA I-BOX Joint Jig - The Best

The Incra I-Box is compatible with a table saw or router table but delivers better results with a table saw.

Dual pitch lead screw mechanism

The dual pitch lead screw mechanism gives you a whooping range from 1/8- inches and up to 3/4- inches pin widths. Joint tightness adjustments with the screw are at a micro-level.

Compatible with all width cutters

While the limber must have a thickness range of ¼ inch to 7/8 inches, the jig is compatible with all width cutters. It also has a reversible design that enables you to place it on either side of the cutter.

  • Use it with any cutter
  • Different joints are effortlessly created
  • Easy to use with simplistic features
  • Joint tightness is micro-fine
  • It is difficult initially to adjust the miter tension as the Teflon washers are very stif.

2. Rockler Box Joint Jig - Most affordable

The Rockler box joint jig for router table is compact yet capable of producing huge boxes smoothly and effortlessly resulting in boxes with a neat finish and tight fittings.

Solid brass indexing keys

The indexing keys give you uniform spacing while producing tight finger joints. Large box joints are easily achieved with a firm grip while you work. Your boards are neatly stocked in different slots behind its glass-filled nylon sled. The keys handle thicknesses of ¾ inch and operate with three finger-widths like 3/8, ¼, and ½ inches.

MDF platform and fence

Sliding boxes is hassle-free as the MDF fence prevents tear-out. The platform is anchored and is also secured with a melamine coating that inhibits friction.

  • Low-friction melamine coating and secure MDF platform
  • Capable of ¾ inch thicknesses
    3 finger-widths or 3/8, ¼, and ½ inch
  • Very quiet operation
  • The plastic sled is flimsy and too small

3. Woodhaven 4555 Box Joint Jig For Table Saw

The Woodhaven gives impeccable finishes while you don’t have to move both the jig and the work when you cut.

Wide cutting range

You can cut box joints with this jig from 1/8 inches up to 13/16 – inches.

24- inch aluminum ultra track

You can use it with any miter gauge with its 24-inch ultra track. The track is also equipped with a blade/bit cut out as well as replaceable sub fences. The additional fences are ¾ inch MDF which minimizes tear-out risk.

  • 24-inch aluminum ultra track enabled

  • Sub fences are ¾ inch thick MDF material
  • Box joints from 1/8 inch to 13/16 inches can be cut
  • It takes a few trials to get perfect adjustments

4. LEIGH B975 Box Joint Jig

The Leigh excels as a multipurpose tool as it does more than produce boxes but also capable of making drawers for beehives.

Choose between asymmetrical or symmetrical outcomes

The jig handles thicknesses of up to 13/16-inch boards with widths ranging from 2 -inches to 17 – 13/16 inches. You will be able to conjoin box joints of ½ inch and ¾ inch.

Operate it only on a router table

To use the Leigh box joint jig, you need a router that has a Leigh guide bushing, and the router must be mounted on a table or you will find working with it difficult.

  • A complete kit that includes ½ inch adjustable side stop, ½ inch step-over cam, and ¾ inch step-over cam

  • Glass-reinforced nylon template included
  • You need to buy additional busing adapters for your router before you can use the jig
  • No spindle lock

5. Rockler XL Box Joint Jig

As the name implies is this Rockler perfect for making very large boxes like cabinets, huge chests, and guitar amps.

Solid brass indexing keys

The indexing keys give you uniform spacing while producing tight finger joints. Large box joints are easily achieved with a firm grip while you work. Your boards are neatly stocked in different slots behind its glass-filled nylon sled. The keys produce air-tight joints with fingers of ¾ and ½ inches.

The Rockler offers sturdiness and support

Glass-filled nylon material is used for the sled which prevents mishaps and much-needed support and the work glides smoothly. The vertical side features MDF boards that add support and added grip.

  • Melamine coated MDF platform
  • Forms air-tight joints with ½ inch or ¾ inch fingers
  • Produce gigantic boxes
  • The plastic sled is too small and can wobble

6. Woodhaven 4556 Portable Box Joint Jig

You can take the Woodhaven 4556 wherever you please, considering its lightweight five pounds.

Compatible with large box assembling

With this box joint jig, you can cut box joints of ½ inch and up to 1 – 9/16 inch with a wood thickness of 2 inches maximum.

The jig is geared to prevent side to side movement

No clumsiness or movement while you work with the jig’s indexes preventing that while also ensuring flawless cuts. The joining experience is furthermore enhanced by a 12-inch ultra track fence from aluminum, two built-in clamps, and replaceable MDF sub fences.

Five setup jigs

The jig comes with ½ inch, 1 -1/2 inch, ¾ inch, and 1 -1/4-inch joints.

  • Lifetime guarantee
  • You can use it on a shank router, or a table sawIt is suitable for larger boxes
  • Weighs only five pounds
  • Instructions should be clearer to identify different parts

7. Vigian Miter Gauge And Box Joint Jig

The jig’s clutch ensures you have an impeccable outcome as you can adjust angles for box joints that have sleek and professional outcomes.

  • Aluminon materials ensure it is robust
  • Standard miter bar
  • It will not work on an old table saw as the grooves are too narrow

8. Wllp Box Joint Jig

Made from machined aluminum the box joint jig fits on a large number of router tables and table saws that have standard slots.

  • It is rustproof, wear-resistant, and made from aluminum alloy
  • The joint jig is suitable for a miter gauge
  • Produce gigantic boxes
  • It comes as a single piece of equipment without a miter gauge

9. Machine tech finger and box joint jig

It is an inexpensive, easy to use combination tool to make classic though joints.

Cutting depth and widths

The cut widths can be ¾ inch or 1 inch wide while thickness range from ½ inch to a maximum of 7/8 inch. The board length that you join does not have a limit. When you move the jig, it can create variable extra-wide or spaced joints as needed.

  • Made from precision-cut aluminum
  • Used on ½ inch to 7/8-inch wood thickness
  • One-inch fingers two inches on center
  • Dimensions of 4 ¾ inches wide x ¼ inch tall and 14 ¾ inches long
  • It does not offer much support and you would need to hold it


Irrespective of which box joint you choose as every woodworker swears by his particular brand which might not suit you and vice versa. These box joint jigs are premium quality to add to the strength, symmetry, not to mention time-saving aspects of making boxes.