5 Best Cabinet Hardware Jigs (For Easy & Accurate Installation)

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Whether you’re a professional cabinet maker or you’re just doing a DIY installation of your own kitchen cabinet door.

A good cabinet hardware jig can save you a LOT of time and effort. It will also help you to do more accurate job.

Eat Sleep Cabinet Repeat!

In this article, we will show you how to find the most solid and precise cabinet hardware jig and as always we have researched and reviewed the best hardware jigs that are available in the market.

Let's have a quick look at the list of five best cabinet hardware jigs that provides quick and precise installation. Here we go...

  1. 1
    True Position TP-1934 - The best with with .001 accuracy
  2. 2
    True Position TP-1935 - Best for long handles
  3. 3
    Kreg Cabinet Hardware Jig - Best for the money
  4. 4
    Kreg Combo Jig - Best combo
  5. 5
    Ascendons Jig - A dirt cheap option
true position tp-1935
truepositions tp-1935
Why it's our top pick:
  • Fit handles up to an amazing 38-inches long.
  • Handles, shelves, you name it 
  •  Set it and forget it for centres
  • Well engineered and accurate
best cabinet hardware jig
Trueposition TP-1935
Why it's our top pick:
  • Fit handles up to an amazing 38-inches long.
  • Handles, shelves, you name it 
  •  Set it and forget it for centres
  • Well engineered and accurate


Cabinet Hardware Jigs

Our Verdict


1.The Original Cabinet Hardware Jig (TP-1934)

The best with with .001 accuracy

2. True Position TP-1935

Best for long handles

3. Kreg Cabinet Jig

Best for the money

Looking to upgrade or finish the cabinet installation? Here's some tricks to be more efficient:

1. Trueposition TP1934 - The Best Jig

I know what it can be like.

You realise you need some new equipment, in this case a cabinet hardware jig.

Then you start to look around and what happens?

Yup. An avalanche of confusing facts, figure, features and information.

Choosing can be difficult.

But I’m here to help…

There are really only a few things you want to look for to get a good cabinet hardware jig.

So, let’s figure out what they are now.


You’ll be using this cabinet hardware jig a lot.

Bear that in mind when you look around for jigs.

In terms of them lasting the distance, they need to be strong.

They need to have measures built in that will help them take the abuse they’ll get through use.

Look for nicely reinforced hole templates. Steel is always better than aluminium and will last longer.

Does the hardware jig that you’re looking at have steel liners and bushings?

Ease of use:

Is this jig going to save you more time than a less expensive jig?

A lot of cheaper or inferior jigs will work just fine. But you’ll end up having to do a lot of measuring and setting up to get good results.

Properly read all the available information. Don’t necessarily be seduced just by cost.

A low cost is great to get – if you can get it!

But it doesn’t always make sense to go for something cheap, if it defeats the purpose of buying one in the first place!

Does the jig you’re considering find centre for you? Or are you going to have to carefully measure centre every time you set up?

Think about it.

What’s in the box?

Also remember, not all cabinet hardware jig packages are created equal.

Pay careful attention to what equipment is included in the box.

Will this thing do shelf holes?

Will it easily find centres and do cabinet handles?

Sometimes, you’ll get a basic package, but will need to buy extra parts for different jobs.

Don’t assume you’ll get everything for the basic price. That’s not to rule out packages that require you buy extra parts either.

This can be useful and save you money if you only want the jig to install a certain type of hardware.

It means that you won’t be paying for equipment that’s going to sit in a workshop drawer gathering dust for years.

Here's how to install cabinet hardwares using a jig.

So, now we know what to look for. Let’s look more closely at the top five cabinet hardware jigs out there.

The King of the Jigs?

Undisputedly, the True Position's Original Cabinet Hardware Jig or TP-1934 is the king.

This piece of equipment was really easy to use and gave quick precise installation. It’s engineered like a space station and it’s built to last a long time.

True Position is true precision:

This thing is so accurate that it’ll give you perfect results, over and over again.

The spend is a few dollars but how can you put a price on perfection. Buy the True Position jig and prepare for your reputation to go sky high!

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