The Best Cordless Table Saw [2023 Reviews]

So far there are handful of cordless table saw in the market. The two main contender for best cordless table saw is the Dewalt Flexvolt DCS7485 and Milwaukee 2736-20. One might have slight edge over the other in different aspects. But, overall they are inseperable.

In this article, we will go over some of the features of these cordless saws and will look how you can choose the best one according to your needs.

Editors Choice
DeWalt DCS7485T1 Flexvolt
  • You can use it corded or cordless.
  • Great battery life.
  • Automatically changes voltage when you change tools.
Great Option
Milwaukee 2736-20 M18
Why it's our top pick:
  • Great battery life lasts more than a day.
  • Compatible with all M18 batteries
  • 24-1/2 inch of Rip Capacity 

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The Best Cordless Table Saw - Reviews

1. DEWALT DCS7485T1 FLEXVOLT – Editors Choice

This cordless table saw is a combination of the features of the best Dewalt tools and the advanced power capabilities made possible by Flexvolt technology. It is for this reason the best table saw on the block.

At the height of 13 inches, and a weight of about 48 pounds, this cordless table saw has one of the most impressive power-to-weight, and size ratio of any table saw available in today's woodwork market. The beast also comes with a handle that makes it very easy to carry. Here are some of the reasons why the Dewalt DCS7485T Flexvolt is our pick of the bunch.

  • Quiet operation

  • Fast charging

  • Impressive runtime

  • High accuracy cutting

Impressive battery runtime:

It is common knowledge that most cordless table saws do not come with great batteries. This product, however, begs to be different. On a full charge, this portable saw can last two days sizing an exterior trim


There are only very few table saws that can compete favorably with the cutting accuracy of this cordless saw from Dewalt.

Its rack and pinion fence rails are ridiculously accurate

Speaking of accuracy, you can finetune or adjust the knob with a simple turn. Its rack and pinion telescope is unbelievably the best we have ever tried.

Cutting performance: We found this table saw to be clinical in cutting operations. It makes clean cuts, hardwood included.

  • Fast charging
  • Impressive runtime
  • Secure with a power reset to avoid dangers during interruptions
  • Both AC & DC operations
  • Needs too many turns for maximum height adjustment
  • Its charger can't work past 220 Volts

2. Milwaukee 2736-20 M18 - Great Option

Critics have raised concerns over the performance of cordless table saws since they first made way to the market. The Milwaukee 2736-20 has, however, doing a great a job to keep the critics silenced. It is superbly practical, versatile, and portable for use on job sites.

While the Milwaukee 2736 isn't the first cordless saw to make way into the market, it will always be remembered as the first 18-volt table saw to do so.

There are a host of reasons why this table saw makes our list. However, we will be cherry-picking only a few of them.

Easy height adjustment:

This is one characteristic that makes this table saw better than many others in the market.


Unlike other saws that need a lot of knob turns to achieve maximum height, this table saw needs only 14 of those.

Portable and easy to store:

The handle and frame of the Milwaukee 2736 make it a darling for woodwork professionals who majorly work on job sites.

At only a few pounds over 40 and a fitting handle, this table saw is easy to move.

The table saw's feet and edge are also designed to make storage hassle-free.

Compatible with dado blade:

The table saw is compatible with dado blades and dado throat plate accessories. With the miter slots on the side, it can work together with a cross-cut sled.

  • The battery is power-optimized.
  • Has wireless tool connectivity options
  • Comes with a tool security integration
  • Battery and charger come separately
  • Doesn't come with an AC adapter
  • Doesn't come with sealed boxes mostly

3. Metabo HPT C3610DRJQ4

This hybrid power table saw hands professionals the best of both cordless and corded saws on a platter. This is a probable reason why it was the winner of the 2019 Pro Tool Innovation Award.

The Metabo HPT C3610DRJQ4 is a capsule of anything you would expect of a premium table saw. It boasts the power cum performance of a corded table saw, freedom of a cordless variant, and the option of plugging into an outlet or not.

Here are some of the reasons why it is deserving of a spot on this list.


This Metabo table saw hallmark comes with some features that enhance its safety. 

Some of these include an adjustable riving knife and an accident-proof safety switch.


Its rack and pinion fence is one of the most accurate out there. In what way? This fence adjusts smoothly and can help to make precise cuts.


If its perks were ranked in order of importance, this would sit conveniently at the summit.

With the option of running on battery or plugging into an outlet, this table saw is efficient for several woodwork operations. 

Its battery power is superb, with an output of about 36V. Indeed, you can use this table saw on battery for a main part of the day.

  • Both AC & DC operations
  • Fast charging
  • Impressive runtime
  • Does not come with a blade storage
  • No stand for the table saw

The Best Batteries for Cordless Table Saw

1. Dewalt 12.0Ah

Dewalt has been in the business of rolling out products that effortlessly edge out their competitors and, on some occasions, totally shove them aside.

Its 12.0Ah for cordless table saws is one such product. If 9Ah batteries can't get you through a day's job, it's high time you swapped those for these 12Ah batteries. 

It is, without a doubt, more effective than using a pair of 9Ah batteries. Since it is about the same weight and size of Dewalt's 9.0Ah batteries, you get more power and runtime for the same weight.

It is compatible with all 20V max tools and includes a built-in LED fuel gauge that indicates instant charge status.

Here's the most important of them all – it promises a whooping 240 watt-hours that can take you through heavy-duty jobs. This is an outstanding rating. This battery definitely packs a serious punch in such a small size.

You're probably like most people asking how long it will take to charge. With Dewalt's new four-port fast charger, you would never be forced into long breaks in between your jobs.

This battery provides either 20 volts or 60 volts of power, depending on the tool's output requirement. What does this mean? The batteries can adjust their power output to suit the power demands of the tool using it.


2. Milwaukee 12.0Ah

With the Milwaukee 12.0Ah battery comes an impressive 216 watt-hours of energy storage. 

This battery produces the same voltage (18V) as most Milwaukee standard batteries.

The difference?

It produces more current without the problem of overheating. Hence, you can work longer hours and push your cordless table saw to even greater limits.

It is recommended for the Milwaukee 2736-20 M18 and other M18 tools. If you have been dreaming of a cordless table saw with no compromise whatsoever in power, this battery lives up to the billing.

Indeed, it contains sufficient power to power other heavy tools, including a chain saw or leaf blower.

Choosing A Cordless Table Saw Stand

1. Dewalt DW7440RS

This is one of the most lightweight table saw stands in the market. Weighing only about 33 pounds, it is extremely easy to move this stand from one job site to another.

A two-wheel design also helps this characteristic. The table saw stand design also makes room for a handle, which makes it easy for the user to drag it along. 

Interestingly, it can carry as much weight as 200 pounds. Perhaps, most importantly, it has a brilliant build quality.

Durability is always a tough subject when it comes to table saw stands. The Dewalt DW7440RS, however, doesn't have this problem.

2. Milwaukee folding table saw stand

This folding table stand has a compact design that makes it quite easy to store and transport. Its feet are also adjustable.

This makes it a suitable stand for job sites with uneven surfaces. Each of its legs is locked independently. Its quick latching system locks the table saw easily onto the stand. It is also very surprisingly effortless to detach for storage.

It has impressive wing support. These wings are locked in place using a thumbscrew. At only 15 pounds, it is sturdy and strong enough to carry nearly all cordless table saws comfortably. All-steel construction makes it extremely durable. Indeed, it can last years of frequent use.

3. Dewalt folding table saw stand

The folding design of this table saw makes it easy to store and transport. It provides an ergonomic and stable platform for cordless table saws.

It is incredibly easy to install and lightweight. Its lightweight is one characteristic that makes it a common choice among portable saw users. It is arguably the best stand for on-the-go jobs.

It supports bar hardware holes. Consequently, saws can be easily fastened to it using screws.

It also has a sturdy build. With a heavy-tube construction, it brings along all the strength you need for safe operation. Just like its name suggests, it is portable. 

This makes it easy for storage and transport.

Best Blade for A Cordless Table Saw

Blades play a huge role in the efficiency of a table saw. It is, therefore, essential that you consider picking the best blade for your cordless table saw.

There are several blades on the market today. However, none of them tickles our fancy more than the trio of the Freud 40T 8-1/4", Freud D080X ATB and Freud D0724X.

Freud 40T 8-1/4": This blade is a great pairing with the tooth blade that comes with most table saws.

Freud D080X ATB: This blade is a great choice for working on hardwood. It is also useful for projects with a finished edge.

Freud D0724X: This 24-tooth blade is a popular choice among cordless table saw users. This is because it maximizes the battery life of the saw.

In general, you should make the following considerations when purchasing a cordless table saw,

Fewer teeth: You would need a blade with fewer teeth if you are going to be making a lot of rough-cut.

More teeth: This is essential for fine cuts like trim etc.

Thin kerf: A blade with a thin kerf minimizes your power needs.

What Makes A Cordless Table Saw the Best?

AC adapter option: 

This is one feature to look out for in a cordless table saw. Though not a must-have, it is very satisfying for us and most woodwork professional to have this option open.

This is where the Metabo HPT C3610DRJQ4 excels. A cordless table saw might have batteries that can last the whole day.

However, it would be an asset to have one that can also be plugged into an AC outlet.


It gives us the assurance that our table saw isn't just a supplementary tool but can be as reliable as the big corded table saws.

Battery capacity: 

This is one feature whose importance cannot be overstressed. The battery capacity of a cordless table saw is one characteristic you should pay attention to before making a purchase.

The best cordless table saws can last long hours of cutting plywood and even lumber.

Having said that, it is important to note that there is only so much one battery can do regardless of its capacity.

For this reason, ensure that your table saw is compatible with multiple batteries, say two to three. If not, it might cause disruptions in your woodwork operations and reduce your productivity.

How? It forces you into charging breaks as you would have to charge when the battery runs low.

Height adjustment:

Height adjustment is a vital feature when it comes to cordless table saws.

The easier it is to adjust the height of a table saw, the more convenient it is for use both on job sites and in the workshop.

The table saws featured on this list have some of the best height adjustment capabilities possible. Indeed, you can adjust the height of your saw by merely turning the knob on your saw.

The Milwaukee 2736-20 M18 comes with one of the best height adjustment systems in the market. You can adjust this tool to its maximum height with as little as 14 smooth turns.


The best cordless table saws have accuracy as one of their biggest highlights. If your job requires a great deal of accuracy, you must go only with products that have high accuracy and precision in cutting.

For best results, purchase one with the rack and pinion fence system. The Dewalt DCS7485T1 Flexvolt performs brilliantly in this department. Its rack and pinion fence telescope makes it easy for you to create high accuracy cuts.

How do you choose the best cordless table saw?

My friend King was just getting started in his woodworking career, and he knew for sure, to skyrocket his brand. There were only one or two ways for it:

1. Finished products that people couldn't help but buy

2. Knowing how to select the best tools for his work

Within a few months after following these two steps religiously, he's currently the top woodworker I know.

So, how did he choose his best? Here is how you can do it too:

Inspect the saw:

Inertia laws apply when selecting a cordless table saw.

Conversational wisdom teaches that the more time you spend choosing a saw, the more likely for you to get the best.

So, the first thing to do when choosing your table saw is taking your time to go through each available saw at the shop.


Because the market is full of saws from genuine to second-hand ones.

And the bad news is, you can hardly separate second-hand saws from the quality ones in a rush.

Inspect type, material, safety tips, and durability.


Having the wrong saw kills your woodworking business, but that's Ok because here is an antidote for that: Budgeting.

Whatever your needs require, your best bet is to start searching your best cordless table saw with a budget in mind.

It's doesn't just easy your search but helps you make the right decisions instead of walking to the market buying an expensive or cheap saw then regret later.

Professional –build table saws usually cost more because of their superior qualities and substantial warranties, while causal tools will be much less.


I hate this table saw, or it's not the best one I own yet

Most of us "Woodworkers" Have probably had this thought about our saws and the kind of products they produce.

The enemy who brings this when it comes to saws is the voltage. Why?

Because most people don't consider Voltage as an essential factor in a saw.

Now, let's see why it is vital so you'd keep it just at your fingertips when you get to the market.

Voltage is your watch person who tells you how much power cells demand.  It signals the energy amount the battery needs.


If you realize that you need modern technology tools for your woodworking projects for your woodwork shop or brand to succeed, congratulations.

Understanding how to choose the best cordless table saws based on their technology is a step in the right direction.

Poorly cut wood products will silently kill your brand.

But forget about it now, here is your best shot:

Technology determines the amount of battery voltage your table saw can connect.

What does this mean?

It means you'd be safe while using your saw, no voltage injuries.

No adequate power issues because you've got voltage measure in mind.

If you become wise to see that choosing a table saw based on technology can increase the quality of your products, then you're probably motivated to skyrocketing them.


Have you ever seen those old saws that were in the size of a little stone?

Yup, those were the best by then.

But how were they doing great jobs before the new technology came to life?

It was simple:

Their blades were sharper than your butcher knives.

Table saw's blades arrive with variations in, sizes, and speed, uses, and model materials.

All these are based on diameters, amount of teeth, and arbor size.

There are standard blades sizes out there ranging from 5, 10 to 12 inches.

Get yourself a master saw that's killing it at the right point of cut.

For example:

The recommended saws measure about 10 inches, and at a measure of 90 –degrees, you'd have the best cut you've ever wanted.

If you want the real mast master, go for a diameter of 10 inches.


They say in woodworking, don't be better. Be different.

What does this mean?

It means if you try to be better, you'd be like your competitors.

And when you're like your competitors, customers categorize you the same as your competitors.

Being different in this matter means knowing that the motor's power matters when others don't.

Motor's power is different according to the saw type.

If you are a veteran woodworker, go for one with a power of 120 volts and make them see you've been doing this for long.

And if you are just getting started, get less than 120 volts but scale up as soon as you've mastered the art.

When the motor's power isn't a thing to worry about, you'd be smiling all along as you cut precisely.


Are old saws losing their trends?

Of course, yes!


Because the modern saws are defined by their fences. Let me explain:

A fence is an essential thought to keep in mind when buying a saw.

A fence is a mother that gives birth to accuracy and parallel cuts.

Don't allow yourself to buy a sliding and flexing saw at its fence. You'd be planting seeds of injuries.

As our esteemed customer, we'd like you to buy the T-shaped saw fence. It's a master at work; we promise you that.


Have you ever had a face to face situation where the customer demands to see how you cut before getting to business?

It's your lucky day because you're looking straight at a prospective client who might turn to buy as many wood products from you than you've ever sold before to a single customer!

This is it, the golden opportunity at hand.

You'd never want such an opportunity out of hand, will you?

This is where we bring about the Miter; trust us, it's a savior in here.

The best miter gauge cuts perfect angles and crosscuts precisely.

A good miter stays sturdy and can easily adjust even when you've locked it firmly.

Watch out for sliding abilities — no laggings or sloppiness.

For the best part, there are two princesses when it comes to Miters.

  1. Rectangle-shaped
  2. T-shaped

When you are ready to buy it, we'd like to recommend you the T-shaped princess happily.

Safety features

There is a lousy myth by some woodworkers that accidents occur because of it always natural.

I don't buy this, do you?

Successful woodworking gurus once said, "In woodworking, accident prevention is always better than cure."


Because once you lose a finger in the middle of a project, you've lost both the project and the customer.

That’s bad news isn't it?

Well, it doesn't have to be that way.

Decide on keeping safe as a factor when buying your saw. Please do.


Keep an eye on the blade's guard- This one is there for a reason, but some woodworkers like it out.

Don't be one of these workers.

It plays a pivotal factor to keep you safe.

But some saws don't come with a blade guard? You ask.

Well, be generous to yourself and buy separately.

Blade's brakes- You see, most of us don't really think about this, but it's vital. See here:

When working, the blade got to have some time to stop, or it will get hotter, and without stopping, you'd be risking an injury.

Brakes also need to stop the blade in the middle of an interruption.

Anti-kickback –You see, crosscuts need to be watched out because they might cause you injury.

Final Take

You can't go wrong purchasing products from reputable companies like Dewalt, Milwaukee, and Metabo. Their products are no doubt streets ahead of those of their competitors in power, performance, and durability.

Of all three products listed above, the Dewalt DCS7485T1 Flexvolt is the most princely in performance, accuracy, and all other metrics there is to consider. Even with so much power output, it is quiet in its operation. The same cannot be said of the Milwaukee 2736-20 M18. The battery runtime is also ridiculously good.

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