Best Dovetail Jig For Router Table

A dovetail jig is convenient and handy when you want to create pins and tails precisely and fast. After reading numerous dovetail jig reviews and searching through endless hours of woodworking forums.

This is what I found to be the best dovetail jig for router tables - 

Why it's our top pick:
  • 24-inches jig that allows for 24-inch wide boards
  • Template guide bushing
  • Comprehensive user guide plus an instructional video 

Dovetail Jigs




2. Porter Cable 4216 Dovetail Jig

12 Inch

Most Affordable

3. Leigh Super Dovetail Jig

12 Inch

Inexpensive Leigh Dovetail Jig

4. CMT 300 Dovetail Jig

12 Inch

Universal Jig

5. Rockler Complete Dovetail Jig



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5 Best Dovetail Jig For Router Table And Table Saw

1. Leigh D4R Pro Dovetail Jig - The Best

With the Leigh D4R Pro, you are spoilt for choice as it is capable of materials that range from 1/8-inches thick up 10 1 1/4 -inches.

Make any potential joint pattern

Extremely versatile to make any joint pattern with the latitude offered by the adjustable guide fingers.

Cuts through half-blinds and dovetails

You can do both plus the recess on the top side stops when you do rabbeted boards.

Quick and high precision applications

Your work will glide through fast and effortlessly with hair-fine precision including large drawers.

  • 24-inches jig that allows for 24-inch wide boards

  • You get three carbide router bits included
  • Template guide bushing
  • Pin thickness of 11/4-inch
  • Comprehensive user guide plus an instructional video
  • Premium price

2. Porter Cable 4216 Dovetail Jig - Most affordable

It is one of the most versatile dovetail jigs capable of creating multiple dovetail joints.

Generous template pack

The variety of templates allows you to create miniature throughs, box joints as well as rabbeted half-blind dovetails.

Excellent stability

The locking bars come with robust clamps while the base is a single piece of durable steel for increased stability.

No need for measuring up

It comes with a nifty onboard gauge that allows you to easily set bit depth.

  • Three-year warranty
  • You get four router bits included
  • Capable of taking up to 1 1/8 inches thick wood
  • You get 3 templates plus 4 template guides made from machined aluminum
  • 12-inch dovetail jig
  • The very welcome depth gauge must be handled with care as it is a thin plastic

3. Leigh Super 12 in Dovetail Jig - The Inexpensive Leigh 

The Leigh Super 12 is very easy to adjust while delivering precise results while very versatile.

Fuss-free half-blind dovetail joints

Regardless of how wide a board, you will be able to create templates for several joints with the included one-piece fingers.

Wide scope dovetail

Your scope is widened through the finger assembly which enables you to make 5/16 inch as well as 5/8-inch joints plus almost infinite joints. Dovetails of up to 12 inches wide is possible.

Guaranteed of tightly secured work

Work is not sliding or moving about through its strong aluminum cam action and clamp bars.

  • Maximum precision with its Leigh e-bush
  • You get three router bits, a straight, 14-degree dovetail, and 8-degree dovetail included.
  • Capable of cutting 12-inches wide boards
  • Initially, you might find it difficult to use if you are a novice

4. CMT300 Universal Dovetail Jig 

The CMT300 universal is made to last with steel construction throughout including the clamping bats, stops, templates, and its body with no plastic parts.

Capable of producing multiple joint types

It accepts wood ranging from 7/16-inches to an inch in thickness with multiple joints via the included templates

More available templates

Included is a ½ inch half bling joints template but it does have additional templates that you can buy separately for more joint types like box joints and through dovetail.

  • Factory set stops that allow simple operation when you clamp wood against the edges.
  • Ready to use after setting bit depth
  • Stock thickness of 7/16-inches and up to 1-inch
  • Included is a guide, carbide-tipped CMT dovetail bit, template guide, and template for ½ inch half-blind joints.
  • More accessories that are needed should be included and not purchased additionally.

5. Rockler 22818 Dovetail Jig 

The Rockler 22818 provides you with perfect half-blind and through dovetails, easy and fast.

Improved preset template guide

The preset template guide is new and gives you a fast initial setup with the stock capability of ½ inch and up to ¾ inch

Variable use for half-bling and full through dovetails

Full through dovetail thickness cutting range from 3/8 inch and up to ¾ inches while half-bling dovetail joint thickness range from ½ inch to 1 -1/8 inches thicknesses.

Better bits than most dovetail jigs

Compared to typical ¼ inch bits, the bits of the Rockler 22818 are 25% larger at 8 mm which effectively reduces chatter. These also fit any Rockler dovetail jigs currently available.

  • Depth gauge on its template allows for height setting of dovetail bit for half-blind joints
  • Includes clamping bars with abrasive surfaces that prevent slipping and give a secure grip
  • Clearly marked fence locations and preset template
  • Takes wood up to 11 inches wide
  • Three carbide tipped router bits included 5/16 inch x 8mm, ½ inch x 8mm, and 1/2 inch x 8mm
  • It will take some practice to get it working right with rather insufficient instructions

Buying Guide: Things You Should Know Before Getting A Dovetail Jig For Router Table

1. Capacity

You want the best dovetail jig that can handle the different types and sizes of materials you are likely to use.

It is important to look at the inch capacity as the majority is in the 12-inches range. 

When you know you work with larger pieces, you will have to choose a substantial model.

2. Portability and weight

It will be your own choice as both steel and aluminum come with its pros and cons.

Aluminum is a commonly used dovetail jig material for both its durability and portability. 

They also clamp easily to a workbench. Steel on the other hand is heavier, but the resilience factor increases significantly. You will have to focus on personal needs.

3. Types of joints

Some dovetail jigs give you plenty of scopes, while others are limited to a specific joint type

You need to look at your potential needs to include full dovetail joints, half-blind joints, miniature joints, or sliding joints.

4. Accuracy

A dovetail jig must deliver precision and to know that you have to consider various elements.

Factors that come to play include the finger design, clamps quality as well as the overall design. 

Sturdy clamps make sure your stock cannot move to make an accurate cut while adjustable fingers give you excellent fine-tuning. 

Accuracy is one of the most important details when you make a dovetail joint, with the suggestion to look at brands known for precision.


High craftsmanship when it comes to making drawers and chests, lies in its dovetails. Regardless of other joinery options, you will not get the same approval through precision and accuracy as with a dovetail. The timelessly popular interlocking joints that the best dovetail jig delivers is worth almost any price. If you want the best, the Leigh D4R Pro certainly gives you everything as it ticks all the right boxes.