7 BEST Drawer Slide Jig (For Quick & Precise Installation)

best drawer slide jig

Installing the drawer slides quickly and precisely can be a tricky job If you are doing it in a bulk. A good drawer slide jig can save your time and help you install the slides precisely. However, finding a high quality drawer jig can sometimes be tricky.

In this article, we’ve rounded up 7 of the best drawer slide jigs that are affordable and well built. Read below to get an overview of all the jigs.

  1. 1
    Rockler Universal Slide Jig - Fits Most Type Of Drawer Slides
  2. 2
    Kreg All In One Jig - Have all the accessories 
  3. 3
    Kreg combo jig - A combo of cabinet hardware and drawer slide jig
  4. 4
    Kreg KHI-SLIDE Drawer Slide Jig - Best side mount drawer slide jig
  5. 5
    Rockler Jig - Best undermount drawer slide jig
Why it's our top pick:
  • Accurate telescoping fence system
  • 32-1/2 inch rip capacity
  • Powerful motor
  • An excellent dust collection system
  • Folding legs

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7 Best Drawer Slide Jig - Reviews

1. Rockler Universal Slide Jig - Fits Most Type Of Drawer Slides 

As the name implies, this is a universal slide jig that fits most types of drawer slides.

It is fast, precise, and accurate. 

It is the ultimate medium for installing most drawer slides such as ball-bearing or epoxy-coated side-mount slides, and counter-mount slides. 

It comprises of the following component:

  • A sliding wedge that locks slide securely into the jig, this prevents the risk of slippage.
  • An adjustable indexing foot: This allows perfect repeatability.
  • Ergonomic handle for holding the jig in place
  • Innovative locking wedge
  • Cutouts allow access from drill

2. Kreg All In One Jig - Have all the accessories

These Kreg jig have all the accessories needed to get a job done.

It does not require any glue and it can be used by a non-expert. It is made up of:

  • Clamping system which makes pocket-hole joinery easy
  • A removable drill guide for benchtop
  • Stepped drill bit
  • Starter Kreg Screw set
  • Pocket-hole plug set

3. Kreg combo Jig - A Combo Of Cabinet Hardware And Drawer Slide Jig

This is a combo of cabinet hardware and drawer slide jig that installs drawer slides very fast.

It works with various types of drawer slides such as epoxy-coated, ball-bearing, and under-mount slides. It offers you the following advantages:

  • You can get repeatable results without measuring and marking
  • It is versatile for various applications such as cabinets, cases, and more
  • Irreversibility of mounting slides to the cabinet and drawer box
  • Built-in indexing tabs for accurate slide positioning 

4. Kreg KHI-SLIDE Drawer ​Jig - Best Side Mount Jig

This is the best side-mount drawer slide jig that fits perfectly and slides smoothly. One of its major components is built-in indexing tabs, which allows accurate slide positioning.

Some of the pros of using this drawer jig are:

  • You can get repeatable results without measuring and marking
  • It is versatile for various applications such as cabinets, cases, and more
  • Irreversibility of mounting slides to the cabinet and drawer box

5. Rockler Jig - Best For Undermount Drawer Slides

This is the best under-mount drawer slide jig that is designed for installing Blum tandem.

It can be clamped in place and has holes that allow driving screws while the jig is still in place. It is made of the following components: 

  • 6 rare earth magnets that are powerful: This holds the slides securely with no risk of slippage 
  • A durable foamed nylon body
  • You can clamp the jig with its large clamping zone
  • Cutouts: This allows drilling and driver bits

6. Euro Easy-Guide - Best For The Money

I will recommend this drawer slide jig for you because it is best for the money. This is a jig used for installing all types of drawer guides. This jig comes with simple instructions. The following component makes it functional:

  • Template: This installs full extension guides
  • Drawer guide
  • Centerline: Allows easy alignment 
  • A body made of high-impact polycarbonate

This drawer slide jig makes it easy to mount drawers by indexing with the cabinet frame. Using a smart drawer jig is easy for newbies and robust enough for professionals. It comprises of the following features:

  • You can get repeatable results without measuring and marking
  • It is versatile for various applications such as cabinets, cases, and more
  • Holding slides securely to prevent the risk of spillage
  • A durable, strong, and lightweight materials for easy handling
  • Built-in indexing tabs for accurate slide positioning 

Other Top Accessories For A Smooth And Accurate Installation Of Drawer Slides 

You must have the necessary tools and accessories to properly install your drawer slides. The table below is a detailed explanation of the top accessories you need.




Driving in screws

Power drill and drill bit

Used for inserting screws and pre-drilling the mounting holes


For accurately measuring right angles when installing slides and setting up marking point


Used for marking mounting point after measurement

Center Punch

Used for locating the mounting holes before pre-drilling holes

Other accessories needed for installation of drawer slide include:

  • Adjusters and pushers
  • Bracket
  • Followers
  • Quick tray systems
  • Templates
  • Caps and spacers
  • Locking devices
  • MOVENTO set
  • Label holders

How Do You Use A Drawer Slide Jig? (Step By Step)  

There are steps you need to follow when installing your drawer slides using a drawer slide jig. Drawer slide jigs come with a feature that holds the slide securely. This will enable your work to be free from errors. 

  • The jig is pressed against the face of the cabinet

  • Position the slide 

  • Clamp the jig in place

  • You can use the adjustable rod to reference off the face frame rails to set the height repeatedly.

How Do You Use A Rockler Universal Drawer Slide Jig?

This drawer slide simplifies every important step needed to install your drawer slides accurately. Let us discuss the step-by-step methods of using this jig.

  • Lock the slide in place

  • Press the jig guide against the face of the cabinet

  • Drill with the aid of the cutouts in the jig body

  • Secure the slides with screws

  • Slide the locking wedge open, this will unfasten the jig from the newly installed slide

How Do You Use A Kreg Drawer Slide Jig?

Installing drawer slides can be a hard task, but you can enter the simplicity of Kreg’s drawer slide jig to hold, level, predrill, and install your drawer slide. The process is easy.

All you need to do is to ensure the jig is clamped to the inner walls of the drawer opening, while the slide is set in place. 

The jig will in turn be repositioned to the outside of the opening; this will enable the drawer to be held in place for installation.  

The table below shows the step-by-step methods of installing your drawer slide using this jig and their respective accessories.

Step By Step Guide To Use A Kreg Drawer Slide Jig -

  1. Step -1: Position the Kreg’s drawer slide jig:- You need to mark the height of the drawer slides from the inner opening, then place the jig along the inside wall and clamp to avoid slippage 
  2. Step -2: Place the drawer slide:- The drawer slide need to be rested on the jig
  3. Step -3:Install the drawer slide:- Expose the mounting holes by extending the drawer slide. 
  4. Step -4: Reposition the jigs- The jig will be unclamped and its leg flipped outward. 
  5. Step -5: Place the drawer:- Clamp both jigs in place and rest the drawer on the jig. The drawer slide of the jig would be extended to the front edge of the drawer.
  6. Step - 6: Remove the jig:- You can now slide your drawer into the opening, unclamp. Then the jig will be removed.

How To DIY A Drawer Slide Jig?   

Let us talk about how you can make a simple, fast, cheap, and easy drawer slide jig for yourself. You can use this DIY drawer slide jig to locate and hold drawer slides in position while you fasten them into place

  • You need scraps of leftovers in your shop

  • Use T-Square made of scrapped quarter-inch plywood

  • Use a block to support the piece to keep it level

  • Add a little glue to the piece

  • Pin it with a head nailer against the T-Square

  • Wait till it dries

  • Reinforce the glue joints in Brad's by putting screws

  • Affix a clamp to it, this will be easy because it has square edges

  • Clamp it down

  • Draw a slide on top of it

  • Start putting in the screws and your drawer slide will be mounted.

You can watch this video to learn more. Also check out this diy drawer jig plan.


As you have read, you know the best drawer slides jig at hand now. This will save you stress, time, and money.

Go to your local store or order any of the discussed drawer slide jigs and select the most suitable one that can carry out your job. 

You can also read more about each drawer slide jig to know more about them. This will help you to choose rightly. Thanks for taking out your time to read.