5 Best Router Fence (October 2019) – Reviews & Top Pick

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Best Rotuer Table Fence

Here's the truth:

You may have best of the best router mounted on your top rated router table. But, still you can get a crappy cut if you don't have a good router table fence.

Having the best fence for your router table is imeprative to get a good cut. 

Here's five of the best router table fences of 2019.

  1. 1
    Kreg PRS101
  2. 2
    JessEm 4010 Master Fence II
  3. 3
    Bench Dog 40-132 PreFence
  4. 4
    Taytools 300016
  5. 5
    Incra LS25WFNCSYS Super System

We have also reviewed each of the router fences so you can make an informed decision when you buy.

Let's dive in...

Why it's our top pick:
  • Sturdy Anodized-aluminum body.
  • Stays parallel and firm with top.
  • Easy to adjust.
  • Dust portable.

Kreg PRS1015 36-inch

Editors Rating:
Kreg PRS1015 36-inch
Why it's our top pick:
  • Sturdy Anodized-aluminum body.
  • Stays parallel and firm with top.
  • Easy to adjust.
  • A great dust portble
Kreg PRS1015 36-inch
Why it's our top pick:
  • Sturdy Anodized-aluminum body.
  • Stays parallel and firm with top.
  • Easy to adjust.
  • A great dust portble


Router Fence




Kreg PRS101



JessEm 4010 Master Fence II



Bench Dog 40-132 PreFence


5 Best Router Fences Of 2019 - Reviews

2. JessEm 4010 - The High End Router Table Fence


Fence Frame


Dust port 


Jessem 4010 comes with a heavy-duty aluminum fence frame. It's super smooth and sturdy.

The lightweight smooth frame makes it easy to adjust and you can lock the fence face using a quick locking knob. 

You also don't need extra tools to adjust the fence

Fence face is made of MDF which makes us, eh? We would have been happier if it was aluminum made.

Having said that:

The font face is good enough to adjust with varying bit diameters

It also comes with a well built T-track so you don't need to buy them separately. The 2-1/4” dust collection port is compatible with most dust extractor,

So, your woodshop will be clean if you are picking this

It fits with a tabletop of 24” to 32”. If you are having thoughts of picking this fence make sure you have perfect size router table top.

The Best Part:

Jessem 4010 anchors to the router table firmly. 

That ensures you are guiding your workpiece accurately. Smooth fence frame made adjusting the fence a breeze.

The Bad:

Instructions manual is substandard. Fuzzy images and unclear instructions will make your head go around. It's not easy to understand.

You will need a couple of hours if you try to understand the instructions and follow it for setting the fence. 

It's better if you take out the fence and try to set up on your own. Without trying to understand the provided instructions you will need 15-20 mins to set it up.

  • Sturdy aluminimum fence frame.
  • Adjustable and smooth fence.
  • Don't need extra tools for adjusting
  • Bit pricey.
  • Poor instruction manual.

3. Taytools 300016 - Best Value For The Money


Fence Frame


Dust port 


Taytools 3000016 Router table fence is the best bang for your money.

Here’s why:

First, the aluminum made fence frame is sturdy and straight. That seems similar to quality with Jessem 4010 and Kreg PRS 1015.

Second, it comes with a bit guard, feather board and an adjustable stop. Which you don’t get with either of the Jessem4010 and Kreg PRS 1010.

Finally, If you compare the price of this fence with high-end ones it’s nominal.

The Best Part:

Definitely, it will be the price on which they are selling this router fence. We intuitively think cheap price means a bad product. But, not in this case.

The Bad:

This one doesn't have any instruction manual but it's not going to be a problem.

If you know how to work around.

  • Best value.
  • Studry and straight.
  • Comes with bit guard and featherboard
  • Doesn't have any instructions manual
  • Stop block and the big knobs are ordinary.

4. Incra LS25WFNCSYS Super System

Till now Incra LS25WFNCSYS is one of the top fence in the market. 

It is made with lots of associating accessories coupled with a demo DVD to give you the feel of modern technology. 

It is also made for easy assembly irrespective of your experience as long as you can follow the manual.

It has Lead Screw technology, which is duly patented for accurate positioning.

Overall, this Incra Router Table Fence is good enough to instill confidence in you for purchase.

  • Easy to set up with little or no experience
  • The American label is an added advantage
  • You may have to adjust your table to fit.
  • Heavier.

5. Incra WONDERFENCE37 Router Table Fence

If you are set to discover new and modern design in your woodworking venture, then, this fence by Incra is just your perfect bet.

With its flat surfaces, this product is highly rated, making it a well-enjoyed piece.

It is designed to give you the desired precision, wood workers, all over, plan to have.

It also produces the exact box joint of all desired styles.

If you are looking towards rendering a perfect job for your customers, then you should invest in Incra WONDERFENCE37 Router Table Fence.

  • Preassembled.
  • Aluminium made
  • A good dust port 
  • Compatible with few router tables
  • Fine adjustments are difficult to make

Features Of Best Router Table Fences

This section highlights key features that should guide you in getting the best fence.

  • Dead flat and slides across the router table super smoothly. Your choice should be based on a flat as well as a smooth surface for a balanced job. This will make you get a precise cut on your workpiece.
  • Dust extraction/collection. How would you love to work and see your shop and entire body covered in dust in this modern age? While there are different categories of fence products in the market, be on the lookout for those that have the best dust extraction system.
  • Ability to micro-adjust the fence both in and out. If you are looking for quality router table fence make sure it has micro (meter) adjustment feature for proper measurement.
  • Sturdy and deadly square to the table. Your choice of fence should be equal to the size of the router table. Buying a fence that is of different size can cause harm like sliding of the work piece from the table while working. Without it being sturdy, and of equal size, your work safety is at stake.
  • Ability to use feather boards to hold the wood down to the table. Your choice of fence should consist of those that use feather boards to hold down wood piece to ensure safety and cleaner cuts.
  • Easy setup and repeatable adjustments. By following manufacturer’s given manual of instruction, you should be able to set up your purchased fence without much ado. While there are different sizes and types for sale in the market by different manufacturers, opt for the one you can adjust repeatedly with ease.

Final Words For You

Having gone through the features that should guide you in the purchase of the best fence for your router table, you can now safely make your purchase without fear. 

Without mincing words, you too will enjoy any of these products as long as you use a suitable manufactured router table top.

What are you waiting for? Join the trail!

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