10 Best Miter Saw For Dust Collection [Diy, Hood] – Review

best miter saw dust collection

Sawdust is probably the only thing in the woodshop that a woodworker hates. In fact, it inhibits your productivity and exposes you to the risk of contracting lung diseases. 

Particularly miter saw users struggle with it as most miter saws don't come with a dust collection system. Here's what you can do to have a better miter saw dust collections system -

  1. Pick a high-quality miter saw with the best dust collection system.
  2. Grab a good miter saw hood/bag. 
  3. Or get a miter saw Downdrafter:
  4. Build a centralized shop air filtration system to catch the fine dust.

Now, the good news: 

We've found out the best miter saw dust collectors and miter saws with the best dust collection system. Here we go...

  1. 1
    Festool 561287 Kapex SCMS Best miter saw with dust collection
  2. 2
    DEWALT DWS779 - Affordable alternative miter saw
  3. 3
    Rousseau-5000 L Best downdrafter
  4. 4
    FastCap Chopshop Saw Hood - Best hood 
1. Rousseau-5000 L
Why it's our top pick:
  • Affordable.
  • Compatible with all miter saws
  • Built- in LED light to brighten your workspace
Miter Saw With Best Dust Collection
1. Festool 561287 Kapex SCMS
Why it's our top pick:
  • 91% cleaning efficiency. 
  • Dust collection is buoyed by a 36mm hose and MFT clamps.
  • Micro-bevel adjustments, dual-laser guides

Miter saw dust collectors



3. FastCap Chopshop Saw Hood

Compatible with Chop saws, Miter saws, Wet saws, and Lathes.

4. DEWALT DW7053 Universal Dust Bag

Universal dust bag


Affordable alternative

How to make a 100% efficient dust collections system?

  • Truth to be told. No matter which dust collection system you use with your miter saws it won't be able to catch fine sawdust. The solution is to install a shop air filtrations system. 

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The Best Miter Saws For Dust Collection - Reviews

1. Festool 561287 Kapex Miter Saw - The Best

Our Thoughts

For the most part, this tool performs as well as it promises and perhaps, even more. Though slightly pricey, its ultra-accurate cutting using dual lasers makes it a bang for every buck. It is by a considerable distance the best overall miter saw on the block. Hence, our recommendation.

This compact miter saw produces incredible results both in the workshop and on-site. With features like micro-bevel adjustments, dual-laser guides and an easy-to-read reference scale, it is easily the best suited for workshop and site jobs.

It comes with a dust hood, and its dust extraction systems promise about 91% cleaning efficiency. Its dust collection is more improved than its direct competitors. This impressive dust collection is buoyed by a 36mm hose and MFT clamps.

With its dust collection, you will be saving yourself the hassles of cleaning dust off surfaces almost every hour. Also, you become less predisposed to respiratory tract diseases that could be caused by inhaling sawdust.

With its dual laser, you can align cuts from the right or the left. Its handle positioned at the centre also makes it a brilliant option for ambidextrous cutting. Its two-stage trigger cutting system also helps to nullify cases of accidental triggering.

Although it presents a lot of benefits to its users, it also has some drawbacks of its own. To begin with, it is quite pricey. At over a thousand dollars, getting one could be quite some investment. With rough use, it could develop a motor problem.

  • Beginner friendly design.
  • Quality manufacturing.
  • Easy to use.
  • The fine detail tool requires a bit of practice to avoid gouging the project

2. Dewalt DWS779 Miter Saw - Inexpensive alternative

Our Thoughts

As earlier highlighted, it is an inexpensive alternative to the top guns. Call it best for DIY enthusiasts and pros, and you won’t be so far off the truth. We recommend it for its cutting accuracy and powerful motor.

The Dewalt DWS779 surely deserves a spot on this list. With sturdy construction, precise cutting and ultra-bright LED light; it has carved a niche for itself in the top echelon of miter saws. At an affordable price you get a good alternative for all the ‘big boys’.

Because of its sturdy build, they can be used for heavy jobs. It must, however, be said that they are a bit heavy. When pitted side by side with its many benefits though, that drawback becomes insignificant. That build, coupled with a 15-amp motor makes it a potent tool. That power is sufficient to drive the blade at top speed through a wood of any thickness or size.

They give precise, accurate cutting and are quite easy to adjust. The integrated Cutline Blade positioning system that comes with it makes adjustments hassle-free.

A significant drawback of this miter saw is the absence of a LED guide in it. While this could pose a serious problem to newbies, it is no problem for professionals. Another is the flimsy plastic components of the saw.

  • Affordable
  • Versatile medium tested
  • User friendly design makes these easy to learn to use
  • The bits are made of wood-steel, not carbide. This is why they are less expensive. Ultimately, there is a higher risk of the bit breaking.

3. RIDGID 15-amp 10in. DVMS laser - Most Affordable 

Our Thoughts

This is the best mite saw for your money. It nearly matches the Dewalt miter saw in features with lower price point. So confident are its manufacturers in its build that it is given a lifetime warranty.

At this price you do not get something better than Ridgid DVMS laser. Its adjustable meter tables make it suitable for a long line of wood operations.

Its features including a 15-amp motor, dual bevel and sliding meter fences make it the very best in that price bracket.

When compared to its Hitachi rival, for example, it has a better build. Its miter locking mechanism is one of its strongest points. In setting up the laser, you must make only slight adjustments with the screw.

If you go too far with the adjustments, you could be re-setting it back to its initial position. Its laser is powered by as much as 110v from the saw. This is in stark contrast and an improvement over others that have their lasers powered by batteries.

One of its most significant drawbacks is the brightness of the laser. The laser, though accurate, isn't as bright.

  • Great miter locking mechanish
  • Affordable price.
  • Powerful motor & accurate fence.
  • Laser isn't that bright

The Best Miter Saw Dust Collector Hoods

The miter hood is a good alternative to dust collection systems. Just like its name, it acts as a hood, enveloping the miter saw and preventing chips and fine dust from flying in all directions.

1. Rousseau-5000 L

The Rousseau 5000 is one of the best miter hood available in the market for a number of reasons.

To begin with, it is quite portable. Its portability makes it compatible with most miter saws you might come across. It functions just like a hood, protecting its user from harsh weather. 

Perhaps, most importantly, it contains LED lightning and would lighten your work space even when the rest of the workshop is in the dark.

It does better than most of its competitors in helping to contain the diffusion of sawdust across the workshop. It is arguably the best miter hood out there and quite easy to install.

It does come with some shortcomings though.

One of those is the length of the cord that comes with its extension lights. 

They are only a few inches long and might bot be usable without an extension cord. Another is the fact that the LED lights do not come with a light switch.

2. FastCap Chopshop Saw Hood

The FastCap ChopShop Saw Hood is a very good alternative to the Rousseau 5000 L-dust hood, for a couple of bucks lower.

With only four parts, it is quite easy to pull together/assemble. 

The hood works like a big envelope around the saw, holding in fine dust. One of its biggest perks is the front cover that comes along with it.

This front cover attaches via Velcro and helps to hold back sawdust from the front, a feature lacking in most other saw hoods.

One of its drawbacks is that it cuts down on the lightning system. Hence, you might need an extra source of light when using it in the dark.

5 Insanely Creative Ways To DIY Your Miter Saw Dust Collection -

making a miter saw dust cabinet ibuidit

1. Miter saw cabinet

With a sawdust hood in place, you can construct a chute to send the sawdust down to a miter saw cabinet. With the steps provided here, you can easily build a miter saw cabinet to dispose of dust.
plexiglass compound miter saw dust collection oneproject

2. Plexiglass dust hood

Every miter saw dust user knows how much dust the tool can kick up. How exciting it is to know that you can reduce the dust dispersed using a dust hood. It is perhaps more thrilling to see that you can make one yourself using plexiglass. Here is how.

Miter Saw Dust extraction bin instructables

3. Dust extraction bin

You can construct a dust extraction bin for sucking off all that dust from your surfaces. To make one, you would be needing an MDF or spruce boards. You would also need some screws, drill bits and sanding material. For a step-by-step process on how to create one, check this link.

4. A mobile dust collection system for the miter saw

As earlier highlighted, a dust collection system can reduce sawdust to the barest minimum. If you have a lean budget, you might opt to make one yourself as against making a purchase. Check here for a detailed process on how to make one yourself.

5. The trash can solution

Just like a dust extraction bin, a trash can collect huge amounts of fine dust. If you are a DIY enthusiast, there’s some good news for you. With the following tips, you can produce one.

Things You Can Do To Have An Efficent Miter Sawdust Collection System:

1. Buy a good miter saw with the best dust collection system: 

You can significantly reduce the volume of miter saw dust you produce by purchasing a good miter saw with an efficient dust collection system. The dust ports on some miter saws work better than that in some others. You must get one with a good dust port for best results.

2. Grab a good miter saw hood: 

A saw hood helps corral sawdust easily into a shop vacuum or dust hood. With an attached hood, you can efficiently channel the dust produced into a central collection system. The hood should fit appropriately with your miter saw for it to be effective.

3. Get a miter saw downdraft: 

This is one other method of reducing miter sawdust. A good miter saw downdrafter would, to a large extent, reduce the volume of sawdust produced. A brilliant choice is Rousseau. To accommodate the Rousseau downdrafter, you need to have a reasonable amount of space at the back of the miter saw.

4. Have a centralised air filtration system: 

A centralised air filtration system is no alternative for a dust collection system. However, it is a big step up in collecting fine dust that would have otherwise settled across different surfaces.

How To Improve ExisitingMiter Saw Dust Collection?

1. Dust collection using shop vacuum: 

This is a better alternative to blowing off dust from machines and benches using compressed air. A single shop vacuum can be used as a dust collection for several benchtop tools all at once; miter saw inclusive. Modern shop vacuums are designed with power sufficient to collect dust and chips from both machine benchtop machines and power tools. For power tools, shop vacuums with smaller diameter hoses are the best fit. For benchtop machines that produce bigger wood shavings, larger diameter hoses are the most suitable.

2. Preseparator: 

Wood shavings and chips can clog up a shop vacuum when in use. This is where a preseparator comes in. They prevent the dust collector from clogging. They significantly increase the sawdust holding capacity of your dust collector. With a preseparator, you have more room for collecting sawdust in your shop vacuum.

3. Central dust collection system: 

This is by miles the most effective means of collecting fine dust in a wood workshop. Installing a rear shroud to your miter saw and using it alongside a dust collection system works like magic. You can design a shroud yourself by merely dropping a card box behind the saw and sticking a vacuum hose in it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which miter saw has the best dust collection?

Festool 561287 Kapex miter saw has the most efficient dust collection system. Though most miter saws don't come with a good dust collection system you have to either buy or DIY a hood/downdraft.

2. What size is the dust collection port on the DeWalt dws780 miter saw?

The inside of the dust collection port, 1-1/2 inch, and the outside is 1.515 inches.

3. What is the second-best miter saw dust collection?

Though the Festool kapex does the best job of dust collection for a miter saw but it's expensive. So it's a common question which is the second-best. According to us, it's Dewalt DWS779 miter saw that has the best dust collection system.

Final Take...

Fine dust is almost inevitable when it comes to woodwork operations. Although it cannot be totally eliminated, its spread across your workshop and in the air can be controlled. By using a miter saw with a brilliant dust collection system, you will be saving yourself from the evils of sawdust.

Of the many miter saw products available in the market today, the above-listed are the very best. While the Festool 561287 Kapex SCMS is the best overall in terms of efficiency and prevailing features, the Dewalt DWS779 boasts as many features for only a quarter the price. If you are unwilling to part ways with lots of cash, the RIDGID 15-amp 10in. DVMS laser has got you covered.