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nail gun for crown molding

You may or may not be looking for the best nail gun for crown molding, but even if you’re not - I want you to stop and think for a minute…..

Second fix carpenters will definitely be aware of the need to have one of these guns in their tool collection. But it’s well worth knowing something if you’re an amateur or hobbyist joiner or carpenter too.

Trim nail guns are very handy:

You’re really not limited to fixing moldings with these great tools. There’s all sorts of trim work around the workshop to do - even if you’re only doing DIY and small hobby projects. So don’t rule it out!

These are relatively cheap and very useful tools - think about that.

In this article, we’re going to fly through the talking points on nail guns, and look at five of the best nail gun for crwon molding.

So let's dive in…

Top Nailers For Crown Molding


Our Verdict




Best overall



Best For Professional

Hitachi NT65MA4


Best for the money

Makita AF601


Best For Small Crown

NuMax SFN64


Best For Cabinet Crown Molding

Guide to choose The best nailer for crown molding

If you’re new to the wonderful world of lightweight trim nail guns - then stick with me, because we’re going to look a bit at why these gadgets are great.

The primary usage you see these guns getting is for fixing moldings and trims.

We’re talking about relatively small gauge nails so we’re looking at lighter work - this is because we always try to match the size of the tool to the size of the job.

F is for Fatigue:

One of the reasons we don’t oversize tools is that a very powerful nailer would end up driving nails right through a work piece.

The recesses that the counter sunk nail left would also require a lot more filling and the decorator would be at you for that!

One of the biggest reasons we don’t use tools that are too big for a job is fatigue.

Why work over your head with a nail gun that weighs twenty pounds when you can use one that weighs four?

Air today, gone tomorrow:

So, another big factor when choosing a nail gun for trim work is how it’s powered.

You’ll get a few options here and it’s important to figure a few things out.

  • Battery nailers
  • Corded nailers
  • Air powered nailers

Let’s look at battery nailers first - 

These won’t have as much power as a good air nailer or corded nailer. But they’re great for working on furniture and small workshop jobs. Consider this if that’s what you do.

Corded nailers will do a job anywhere... 

...but you’ll be limited in movement by the cord.

It’s a great option if you don’t use lots of air tools and don’t want to buy a compressor at an additional expense - just so you can use a nailer here and there.

AIr powered nailers...

...Probably the cream of the crop, but not for the DIY enthusiast or the one-time house renovator, because going out and buying a compressor specially will cost you big bucks on top. Mostly for the very serious hobbyist or professional.

Put weight on weight:

If you’re going to be working overhead and for long periods - go for a lightweight gun.

Even half a pound in weight makes a big difference to how tired you’ll be after an hour using your new gun. Choose carefully!

Number of nails:

This is key.

Go for a gun that you won’t have to refill every five minutes, if the job you’ll be doing means firing 100 nails every twenty minutes then prioritise the cartridge size - and stick to that.

Narrowing it down:

When fixing moldings or trims, either to small jobs in the shop or to walls out on site - you want something that will drive a nail true and have enough power not to cause splits.

As we’ve said - plan for fatigue, and also look at getting into corners.

An angled cartridge that holds 100 plus nails is what to look for. Also pay attention to the size of the nose, because that will help you get into corners.

So, what gauge of nails is best for crown moldings anyway?

Because that’s going to influence the gun that you choose. 

Most guns are designed to work only with a certain gauge of nail.

15 Gauge is the best choice for a job like fixing crown molding. Why?

The quick fix!

You need a nail that is thick enough and strong enough to hold the molding forever, but not so big that you cause damage and too much making good work for the trades that follow you.

15 gauge is perfect because it holds fast, and doesn’t leave loads of hollows to touch up.

Choose wisely: Recap

It’s up to you.

What you need to do when choosing a nail gun is to consider who you are and what you do.

Also take into account ambitions you may have to progress.

Future proof your choice. If you plan to get into making a lot more furniture - take that into account.

Additional considerations: And summing up.

How the gun is powered is important. Air, battery or corded.

Go for the right gauge. Don’t leave yourself too much work. 

Weight is key.

Cartridge size is important.

Angles and tight corners need a versatile tool.

Remember all of these things and you’ll get the right gun. And once you do - the sky's the limit!

5 Best nail gun for crown molding - Reviews 

1. Best overall - BOSTITCH N62FNK

BOStitch n62fnk
Why it's our top pick:
  • Lightweight
  • Oil free operation
  • 400 lbs per inch of power
  • Magazine holds 130 nails
BOStitch n62fnk
Why it's our top pick:
  • Lightweight
  • Oil free operation
  • 400 lbs per inch of power
  • Magazine holds 130 nails
Why it's our top pick:
  • Lightweight
  • Oil free operation
  • 400 lbs per inch of power
  • Magazine holds 130 nails

BOStitCH n62fnk 

Editors Rating:

Probably the first thing to mention about the Bostitch N62FNK nail gun is that it’s of a magnesium construction and so it’s  therefore very light.

This makes it a real pleasure to use over the head and aids prolonged usage greatly

Key features:

  • Lightweight

  • Oil free operation

  • 400 lbs per inch of power

  • Magazine holds 130 nails

The Bostitch gun we’re looking at here is a really useful tool and it’s been very well designed for constant site work - even in awkward to reach places - which is so often the case.

This is properly professional grade machine and you’ll achieve completely professional results when using it for many, many tasks and applications - in all sorts of varied settings.

The user experience as a result is very near to effortless and a tool free magazine change really tops everything off in that sense - making operation pretty much seamless and very efficient.

Weight a minute…

The casting for this nail gun is fabricated from magnesium, and that makes it very lightweight indeed.

One of the biggest problems with nail guns can be weight - especially if you’re not built like the incredible hulk...

...but Bostitch have really hit it out of the park with the excellent N62 FNK.

Usage is very comfortable and effortless, even when you’re nailing over your head all day. This is a really great tool for all sorts of site work.

Oil be back:

Achieving professional and ready to go results means having no contamination from lubricants and oils.

This is where Bostitch have very obviously done a lot of homework and it shows - a lot.

You have to appreciate that this gun is completely and utterly oil free.

No lube present means a perfect finish every time and you won’t be ruining your carefully cut and prepared moldings or boards because all of the pesky contaminants have been eliminated under operation here.

  • Oil free
  • Great power
  • Tool free
  • 130 nail magazine
  • There are none - does everything

Have Bostitch nailed it?

The answer to that is a simple yes - I just can’t find fault with this excellent nail gun.

This gun is faultless at site work and will suit a lot of applications without a hitch!

It’s well designed and they’ve done their research when they were making this one.

This is exactly what every hard working carpenter needs - and needs every day of their working life. It takes all of the problems out of fixing moldings - which was a problem that really needed addressing. Excellent work.

2. Best For Professional - DeWalt-DWFP72155

And so we go to Dewalt for our next entry on this excellent top five list for trim nailers.

And this too is definitely another great gun.

It’s really got everything you’ll need for any molding job - there’s nothing really missing here - and it packs a big punch too - which is just what you’re likely to need for a lot of jobs. 

Let’s take a slightly deeper look at the Dewalt DWFP72155 nail gun.

  • Only 4.2 pounds in weight

  • Built in air duster

  • Robust

Use it all day!

The Dewalt nail gun takes all of the little annoying elements of fixing moldings and throws them firmly and permanently in the bin! 

The brilliant design has been very well thought out and that’s extremely evident when you need to use this gun on site for prolonged periods of time.

It’s nice and light in weight but then again it manages to easily be powerful enough to drive the nails perfectly most - if not all of the time.

Get it done and move on:

The excellent and well conceived mechanism on this nailer, and the handy smaller nose design mean that most of the time, you won’t be dealing with jams and you’ll be able to easily reach all of the tight and hard spaces that you want to.

It’s very effective and extremely efficient and that makes for a much  smoother and far more consistent experience time and again, way better results and much less downtime.

  • Smooth operation
  • Lightweight
  • Dewalt quality
  • Hard to find any 🙂

Dewalt delight?

You have to look very long and hard at this Dewalt nail gun to find any faults, and even then - you can’t find any faults!

It’s a great little trim nail gun and it does everything you want it to do - all of the time and very well.

This is a very competitive list and the Dewalt absolutely and fully deserves to be on it.

3. Best For The Money - Hitachi NT65MA4

This is the Hitachi NT65MA4 nail gun and it’s a beauty - no doubt about it.

If you’re working hard frequently on site or on home or commercial renovation work, often making cabinets, furniture or even just second fixing a lot, then this is definitely going to prove to be a very useful tool to have in your kit box - there’s no real scope to argue with that.

Key features:

  • Lightweight

  • 100 nail magazine

  • Air duster

  • Loads of power

The Hitachi makes fixing moldings very easy, and it’s another great little tool for eliminating the inevitable fatigue you can easily start to run into on those longer days. 

You get a slightly smaller magazine than with our first placed effort here - which lets it down slightly...

...but only in comparison and it won’t bother all, but it’ll still work for long periods between magazine changes, holding an impressive 100 nails - which is ample for a heck of a lot of carpentry jobs, let’s face it.

Airs and graces:

Hitachi have really put a lot of thought into practical problems faced by carpenters when they’re out on the work site.

One of the best features here is an air duster that’s built into the unit and is a very nice touch indeed.

There’s a button above the trigger that’s very ergonomically placed and easy to reach while using the gun, and when pressed, it lets the compressed air bypass the nailing mechanism and blow away dust and debris from the work piece.


Saves a lot of time and stopping and starting. That has to be a good thing.

  • Air duster is great
  • Good power
  • Lightweight
  • Only 100 nail capacity

Hitachi: Hot or not?

This is also a great trim nailer and although it doesn’t quite hit the high spot like the Bostitch does.

Iit’s still a very effective site option and for any user - professional or amateur.

It’ll nail effectively and very efficiently all day every day, and the nice lightweight construction means that you’ll actually probably want to!

There’s lots of extremely good nailers around - and that’s not up for debate, but this Hitachi one fully deserves its place high up on this list.

4. Best For Small Crown - Makita AF601

As anyone that regularly uses the very wide range of excellent Makita products that’s out there will know, they make fine tools that are extremely well designed for their intended applications and uses.

Makita also offer a really good three year warranty, which makes them a very attractive prospect for the tradesman that uses their tools to the full and gives them a reasonable amount of stick on hazardous building sites, in the outdoors and around many other trades and machinery - in dusty and hostile conditions.

Key features:

  • Only 3.8 pounds weight

  • Corded for electric operation - great for the amateur

  • Great warranty and customer service

This little gun is a slightly lighter gauge than the first two on the list, but that will suit many people and be perfect for very many applications.

The cartridge here is a straight one - it’s not angled at all.

So you’ll maybe struggle a little bit here and there and especially when working in those tighter spaces.

That element of the Makita AF601 needs to be carefully considered before you buy - but it definitely won’t be a problem for some users, depending on what sort of work you mostly carry out.

Up in the air:

The small but very beautiful Makita AF601 also features a built in air duster - and I love air dusters, so that’s always going to be a great addition to any nail gun out there - for very good reasons.

This feature is priceless in terms of achieving a really great result on a dusty work site - which let’s face it, it usually is...

...and it’s something that any professional carpenter is going to greatly appreciate all of the time - and going to use often.

  • Air duster
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful
  • Electric - no need for a compressor
  • Magazine not angled

Driving innovation, or just nails?

Makita are a great manufacturer, their reputation is an excellent one,  and you get all that back up and warranty with the Makita AF601.

It’s a great site tool that’s been well researched and designed to solve problems - and it occupies a very worthy third place on this list for a nail gun that works at smaller gauge. Great option!

5. Best For Cabinet Crown Molding - NuMax SFN64

The NuMax SFN64 is another great nail gun for moldings and trims on a very specialised and well designed list of guns. 

The most unique selling point with the NuMax is that it’s really very cheap indeed.

You won’t be paying big bucks for this so forget that.

It’s a great option for the amateur or occasional user, although I’d doubt its ability to outlast a Makita or a Dewalt with regard to site work on a day to day basis over a long period of time.

Key features:

  • Cheap as chips

  • 100 nail magazine

  • Only 4.5 pounds in weight

The NuMax molding nail gun effort fills a very necessary and worthwhile niche in this market, in my humble opinion. 

There’s nearly always going to be that corridor of uncertainty where the proper hardcore professional user won’t want to tread and will almost certainly go for a respected brand every single time for site use...

...But the amateur user, or even the tradesman that only very occasionally uses a nailer will be looking very hard and long at this great little gun. It does a reasonable and competent  job - without costing the earth.

Economy option:

This has a brilliant and ample 100 nail capacity and works on the compressor, so it’s a good option to have around if you do some light nailing here and there.

There’s no bells and whistles, and this has a straight cartridge so it’s not for the extremely tight jobs.

It’s a great little nail gun for the relatively little money that it costs, though. Make no mistake about that!

  • Great price.
  • Durable.
  • Not for the long term user

Crown Molding on a budget:

The NuMax gun gives amazing and unarguable bang for buck - quite literally.

It’ll drive nails all day every day, it isn’t the lightest gun out there but it’s lightweight enough to use all day.

It’s definitely not pretending to be an expensive gun at all and it’s a very honest addition to the overcrowded nail gun marketplace.

I’d highly recommend it to occasional users, or even to anyone at all that is on a tight budget - or to people that want to try a gun for the first time and not spend big cash, in case they don’t take to it very well.

Breaking The Molding

The clear cut and stand alone winner in our battle of the molding nail guns was the very excellent Bostitch N62 FNK

It did absolutely everything we could ever want it to.

 It has a remarkable and handy tool free operation and there’s no contaminants to worry about because it’s completely oil free.

The finish will be perfect. It only just pips a couple of the other guns to top a very good list indeed - but it really is the undisputed champion here.

We’re not jamming:

We talked a bit about jamming earlier in this guide and the Bostitch pretty much eliminates that common problem - it’s the bain of all carpenters that work on trims and moldings. 

We also discussed how very important weight is when we’re fixing moldings - which involves lots and lots of over the head activity - and this gun properly solves that very common problem too!

The right angle:

When we’ve taken a closer look, and taken all the important and relevant points into account, the Bostitch nail gun really accomplishes a heck of a lot in terms of being the perfect moldings nail gun. 

The design is also a really great one for getting into those harder to reach areas - and that’s because it has a very nicely angled magazine.

It’s a beauty!

This is just one of those special occasions that happens a lot.

It’s probably worth making up a few molding jobs just so you can justify buying this nail gun to the wife….. So get to it! 

Icons: nailing gun by lastspark from the Noun Project

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