10 Best Portable Table Saw For Fine Woodworking [2023]

best portable table saw for fine woodworking

Truth to be told:

The big expensive cabinet table saws are the best saws for fine woodworking.

However, you might have very limited space in your garage and want a portable table saw that you can store under your workbench when not in use.

Most modern portable saws are good enough to do the fine cuts. Sometimes you may need to use a miter or circular saws. So yeah it’s very much possible to do fine woodworking with a portable table saw.

Here’s our recommendation for the best portable table saws that are accurate enough for finewoodworking 

  1. 1
    Dewalt 7491RS - The best
  2. 2
    Bosch 4100 - 10 (Affordable)
  3. 3
Why it's our top pick:
  • Accurate telescoping fence system
  • 32-1/2 inch rip capacity
  • Powerful motor
  • An excellent dust collection system
  • Folding legs

Top Portable Saws

Cuting Capacity

Other specification


2. Bosch 4100 - 10 

Rip: 25";

Cutting Depth:

3-1/8" at 90º:

Weight: 60lbs;

Motor: 4hp 15 amp;

Speed: 3650 rpm;

3. SawStop JSS-120A60

Rip: 25-1/2";

Cutting Depth:

3-1/8" at 0º: 

Weight : 113lbs (with cart);

Motor: 4hp 15 amp;

Speed: 4000 rpm;

4. DEWALT DW745 With Stand

Rip: 20";

Cutting depth:

3-1/8" at 90º and 2-1/4" at 45º

Weight: 33lbs;

Motor: 15 amp;

Speed: 3850 rpm;

5. Makita 2705

Rip: 25";

Cutting depth: 

Full 3 5/8" 

Weight: 82lbs;

Motor: 15 amp;

Speed: 4800 rpm;

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The Five Best Portable Table Saw For Fine Woodworking

1.Dewalt 7491RS - The Best 

Our Thoughts

Dewalt 7491RS is our favorite table saw for furniture making. A 32-1/2" rip capacity with an accurate telescoping fence makes it ideal for a fine accurate cut. Not only that a 15 amp power motor that provides max. speed of 4800 rpm can cut pressure-treated lumber and hardwoods pretty easily. The only downside is the smaller table.

This portable table saw has consistently topped the list of best portable saws for some years running. It is by a distance the best. It owes these plaudits and hype to its versatility, among many other things. 

Key Specification:

  • Motor: 15 amp;
  • Speed: 4800 rpm;
  • Weight: 90lbs;
  • Rip: 32-1/2"

What we liked about this Dewalt 7491RS:

Foldable stand: This portable saw comes with a folding/collapsible stand that offers incredible support. This stand will prove handy in small workshops where space is a limitation. The stand comes with wheels, which improve the overall mobility of the saw.

Accepts dado stack: This is one of the most outstanding features of this saw. Its compatibility with dado stacks makes cutting crosscut sled a breeze-through. Using it, you can make accurate cuts from the dado stack when making rabbets.

Dust collection system: It features a dust port that minimizes the volume of dust or wood waste you have to clean up after use.
  • 32-1/2" rip capacity
  • Very portable
  • Dust port
  • Powerful motor
  • Small table size

2. Bosch 4100-10 (Affordable) 

Our Thoughts

Nobody wants to compromise on quality when it comes to saving money.

This is what we loved about this set of carbide cutters. Not only are they affordable, they perform like a top of the line product as well.

One of the most stand-out features of this portable table saw is its folding stand. As incredible as a folding stand with wheels sounds, it is only a little part of this saw’s appealing characteristics.

This saw is budget-friendly. For all of its top-notch features, it would cost you only a few dollars. If that isn’t cool enough, what else is? 

Key Specifications:

  • Rip: 25";
  • Cutting Depth: 3-1/8" at 90º:
  • Weight: 60lbs;
  • Motor: 4hp 15 amp;
  • Speed: 3650 rpm;

Let’s take a look at some of its other perks.

Powerful motor:

This portable table saw comes with a 15-amp engine. This motor delivers an impressive power of 4HP and an intimidating RPM of 3650. 

With this kind of motor, you can make outstanding cuts. This darling from Bosch has got you covered whether you need to make rip cuts or crosscuts.

Large top cutting board: There is an age-long belief that portable saws can only be used for small projects.

While this is true for most table saws, the Bosch 4100-10 is a stand-out exception.

Its large-cast top cutting board made from aluminium is large enough to accommodate large sheets.

Even with all its basketful advantages, it does come with its fair share of shortcomings. One of those is its exposed motor. Its motor is exposed to fine dust, a typical waste of fine woodworking.

After all, is said and done, we found the Bosch 4100-10 to be a wise investment considering its durability and price.

  • Folding stand with wheels
  • Rip length of 25 inches
  • Powerful motor
  • Exposed motor

3. SawStop JSS-120A60 (The Safest Table Saw)

Our Thoughts

This set is for the experienced and versatile craftsman. 

With a selection of six different tool bits, this set stands out from the rest.  

There is a wider variety of projects that these tools will allow for and freedom to create. Sometimes it is nice to make sure that you have all of the right tools on hand...you know, just in case.

SawStop products are well-known for their safety features, and this jobsite saw doesn’t miss out on those.

With SawStop unique patented braking technology, this saw delivers unrivalled protection.

Key Specifications:

  • Rip: 25-1/2";
  • Cutting Depth: 3-1/8" at 0º;
  • Weight : 113lbs (with cart);
  • Motor: 4hp 15 amp;
  • Speed: 4000 rpm;

This product is heralded for a lot of things, but the following are what we liked in particular.

Accurate cuts with T-style fence: Its well-built T-style fence slides smoothly along the rails, and locks in well, helping you produce precise and accurate cuts.

Safety: Its patented safety technology makes it extremely safe to use. This safety system reduces the chances of the spinning blade making contact with your skin.

Its micro-blade guard also reduces the likelihood of kickback.

Storage case: Using its onboard storage compartment, you can conveniently store accessories that come with it.

After a solid review of a select number of portable saws, we found this to be the safest portable saw on the market.

  • Safest saw.
  • Comes with a storage compartment
  • Makes accurate cuts
  • Powerful motor
  • Dust collection blade guard
  • Expensive

4. Dewalt DW745 with stand 

Our Thoughts

Do you often turn wood bowls?

Then these are the tools you need. 

This set features two flute bits and a bowl gouge, making it useful for projects beyond just fine detailing and roughing.

This is, without a doubt, one of the very best portable table saws available in the market. It’s got all the features you’ve been looking out for in a table saw. Here are a few characteristics we liked about this portable table saw.

Powerful motor: The Dewalt 745 features a high-torque motor. With a power rating of 15amp, there’s hardly any woodworking job this saw can’t handle. It can cut conveniently through hardwood of different thicknesses.

Accuracy: This table saw cuts clean to perfection. Many table saws promise a lot of power, but, deliver only a little precision.

This powerful saw from Dewalt, on the other hand, can cut grooves with pinpoint accuracy.

With its quick bevel lock, you can make precise adjustments as required. It also has easily readable scales, rack and pinion fence system, all of which make its cuts highly accurate.

Durable: This table saw has a steel roll cage protection. This cage protects it from drops and impact from heavy objects.

Light in weight: Despite the fact that it’s a heavy-duty machine, it is surprisingly light in weight. It weighs about 20% less than most of its direct competitors.

Mobility: It comes with a stand that makes the table saw more balanced during operation.

A major drawback of this table saw is the cheap miter guard it comes with. This guard can also be difficult to change.

Key specifications:

  • Rip: 20";
  • Cutting depth: 3-1/8" at 90º and 2-1/4" at 45º;
  • Weight: 33lbs;
  • Motor: 15 amp;
  • Speed: 3850 rpm;
  • Fast and clean cuts 
  • Has a steel cage for protection
  • Makes accurate cuts
  • Changing guards can be challenging

5. Makita 2705 

Our Thoughts

Most beginner woodturners start the euphoric woodturning journey by turning a pen. And these carbide cutters from Savanh are ideal for beginner to get off to a flying start.

No portable saw discussion is complete without a mention of the Makita 2705. It has an impressive line of features that makes it one of the best portable saws on the block. Let’s take a look at some of the things we liked about this portable table saw.

Key Specifications:

  • Rip: 25";
  • Cutting depth: Full 3 5/8" ;
  • Weight: 82lbs;
  • Motor: 15 amp;
  • Speed: 4800 rpm;

Readable scale: This portable table saw comes with a speed scale that is easy to read even for individuals with little eye defects.

The readings are written with large fonts. This makes the scale readable even from a distance.

Powerful motor: The Makita 2705 comes with a powerful motor of 15 amp.

This might not seem like particularly significant considering the fact that a couple of others on this list also have motors rated the same power. 

However, its delivery speed is what is most appealing. It can deliver speeds up to 4800RPM.

Easy to maintain blade guard assembly: Its blade guard comes with a cam lock that makes it easy to assemble or disassemble for maintenance.

The biggest con of this portable table saw is its price. It is a bit expensive. However, most good things come with heavy price tags, don’t they?

  • High accuracy due to smooth rip fence sliding operation
  • Readable scale
  • Easy-to-install blade guard
  • A bit expensive

What Makes A Portable Saw Perfect For Fine Woodworking?

The woodwork tool market is lined up with a lot of saws, many of them with very promising features on paper. However, not all of these features are suitable for fine woodworking. For fine woodworking, here are the things to look out for.

Accurate Rip Fences -

Accurate fences are a must for fine woodworking. This is because your work will involve a lot of adjustments and locking.

A less than accurate rip fence would only make your work come out bad. 

The most accurate fences adjust easily and have a good lock system to keep the fence in place. The recommended fence types are SquareLock rip fence and smooth-action rip fence

Does the table saw accept a dado stack?

There is one thing common to the best portable saws – they accept dado blades. A dado blade is useful for cutting grooves.

It is, therefore, an asset for a table saw to have one. Before making an order, make sure your saw is compatible with a dado stack. Go an inch further to find out if it can accept other accessories like throat plates.

If you’re into cabinet making, compatibility with dado blades is non-negotiable.

How strong is the miter slot?

If you are going to be making lots of miters and crosscuts, a good miter slot will prove beneficial to you.

This is especially true if you will be making use of cabinetmaking accessories like a tenoning jig and of course, a miter gauge. Your miter gauge has to fit snugly into the miter slot. 

If you slide your miter gauge into the port and it moves from side to side, the slot is considered not strong. T-slots like those present in Dewalt’s products are one of the best miter slots available.

They hold the gauge in place and prevent it from sliding out. For best results, pick a portable table saw with a size of about ¾ inches wide and 3/8 inches deep. 

Is the stand sturdy?

A sturdy stand ensures stability during fine woodworking.

Your table saws are prone to vibrations and movements. However, sturdy support can make your saw quite stable during operation.


Can you make fine furniture with a Jobsite saw?

Sure, you can. However, you might have to reduce the speed at which you work to reduce the amount of cleaning up you have to do

Which table saw blades and dado sets are best for fine woodworking?

The perfect tool for fine woodworking is a table saw with a carbide-tipped blade. This blade type is reliable and consistently delivers good result. An excellent example of this kind of blade is Freud general blade. The ideal dado blade is one made from very tough material. A recommended dado set for use is the Freud 8”.


Today’s tools market is filled with a lot of portable table saws. However, only a few can match the Dewalt 7491RS. It accepts dado stacks unlike the Makita 2705 and has a folding stand, unlike the SawStop JSS-120A60. With a very powerful motor, accurate fence and excellent dust collection system, there’s no room for regret when using this fence.