Best Pressure Washer Sandblasting Kit (Aug 2020) – Reviews

Sandblasting has come a long way. From dry to wet sandblasting, we've got to appreciate the benefits it offers us.

But you might not want to spend extra money for a wet sandblasting kit. 

The good news is if you got a pressure washer you can easily turn that into a dirt removing beast by attaching a sandblasting kit.

However the question is:

Which one to pick and what do I look for when buying a pressure washer sandblasting kit?

In this post, we are going to school you exactly how to choose a good pressure washer sandblsting kit and leave you our top choice of the best pressure washer sandblasting kits. Let's have a quick look...

  1. 1
    MTM Hydro Kit The Best Kit
  2. 2
    Ultimate Washer UW11-PW5553 - Premium pick
  3. 3
    M MINGLE Pressure Washer Sandblaster Kit - Best budget pick
  4. 4
    Simpson Wet Abrasive Kit - For Gas Pressure Washer
  5. 5
    Karcher's Wet Sandblasting Kit - For Electric Pressure Washer
best pressurewasher sandblasting kit
Why it's our top pick:
  • Suitable for beginners because of seamless operation
  • Comes with adapters
  • A low cannon orifice comes with it

MTM Hydro Kit  

Editors Rating:
MTM Hydro Kit 
best pressurewasher sandblasting kit
Why it's our top pick:
  • Suitable for beginners because of seamless operation
  • Comes with adapters
  • A low cannon orifice comes with it
MTM Hydro Kit 
best pressurewasher sandblasting kit
Why it's our top pick:
  • Suitable for beginners because of seamless operation
  • Comes with adapters
  • A low cannon orifice comes with it

Top Kit 

Tube Length



Ultimate Washer UW11-PW5553

25 Foot


M MINGLE Pressure Washer Sandblaster Kit

3 Foot


Simpson Wet Abrasive Kit



Carter and Son Tool's 5/8



How to choose a GOOD Pressure Washer sandblasting kit

Things to look for to get a perfect pressure washer sandblasting kit:

Different pressure washer sandblasting kits come in different sizes and types.

Depending on your project's needs, the amount of space to clean, and the blasting media. Things to look for to get a perfect blasting kit becomes vital.

This may look like a less significant factor to consider. But here's one thing for sure:

The wrong kit can mess you big time.

So, what are the things to look for to get a perfect pressure washer sandblasting kit? It all boils down to these:


Depending on the size of your project and your blaster, size is a factor you'd like to consider to get the perfect pressure washer sandblasting kit. Let me explain:

Let's say, for example, you've got a project with these traits:

Say you've got a small project and you are interested in using a light washer, the best is a size from about 1200 to 2000 pounds per square inch. This is basically the best size for small projects.

But when you've got a medium or big project that demands for a heavy-duty, the kit you'd need to look for should be able to hold about 2000 to 3500 pounds per inch.

Once you've got the right size, your wet sandblasting process won't be a hard thing to do, plus you'll quickly see the benefits than when the wrong size cripples you.

Blaster's capacity:

It is this simple:

You'll have to get the perfect washer kit based on the capacity of your blaster.


The capacity determines the sand firing up. This goes handy with the weight it spews say for an hour or less as enlisted on the blaster's guide.

 If you, therefore, want to get the perfect pressure washer kit for your project, get to know the blaster's capacity first.

And for the best part, keep in mind that most of the spewing weight is from 200 to 300kgs per hour for most sandblasters.

Types of kit:

To be honest, you don't have to know all the models to get the best of something, but knowing that they exist is essential.

Now, for you to get a perfect pressure washer sandblasting kit, watch out for the type of everything from blasters, media, the abrasive material, and the project.

Basically, blasters come in types such as the gravity-fed, pressures, and siphons.

As you can see, make sure you get the kit depending on the type of your blaster and other particulars.

The kit itself

Sounds crazy, doesn't it?

Well, when you want to get the best of something, don't forget to know that among the things to look for, do look for itself too.

Now, what does this mean?

You see, some things should be inside the kit to make it the perfect package for your project.

Look for the kit's content, such as the adjustable sand intake, the blast head, the nozzle, the hose, probe, and the kit's safety goggles.


1. MTM Hydro Kit - The Best Kit  

MTM Hydro Industrial 25-Foot 5000 PSI Sand Blast Kit

Our thought: The affordable bowl turning Superstar...

The Hurricane woodturning three-piece bowl gouge set has some affordable, sturdy, and durable bowl gouges.

Naturally, it’s our top pick for the best bowl gouge for the money.

This kit is designed in a Teflon-taped nature and is thread sealed, making it the most natural washer kit to operate.

So, why do we think it deserves the top position among the five washers?

Here is why?

  • Suitable for beginners because of seamless operation
  • Comes with adapters
  • A low cannon orifice comes with it

Many users swear by it from MTM makers but here is precisely why we love it:

This kit comes with everything

Once you set your leg to the market for the best package and you luckily land on the MTM Hydro, you'll have bought a kit that comes with everything inside.

You'll have nothing to worry about to complete your sandblasting process anymore.

Connects to any M22 connection

What makes this possible?

This kit comes with three adapters, the M22 female and male adapters plus the 14 and 15mm M22 adapters; thus, the kit can connect to any M22 connection and gets you served.

Perfect for low MTM

Sure, why is this?

The kit comes with the low foam orifice, which will serve you even if you demand the smallest MTM little cannon foam of 1.1.

And the good news is you'll find it enlisted among the pro kits available.

  • Plugging the kit is more straightforward than others
  • Connecting different adapters
  • Perfect for less powerful pumps
  • Buy with all kits content at once.
  • Requires an extra Karcher part for quicker connection

2. Ultimate Washer UW11-PW5553 - The Premium Option 

Ultimate Washer UW11-PW5553 Heavy-Duty Abrasive 5500 PSI Blasting Kit with 0 Degree ¼ Inch 4.0 Stainless NPT MEG Nozzle

Our thought: The Cryo Master of bowl gouges -

Compared to the other bowl gouges in this list, this Hurricane M2 Cryo set is a tear-resistant sturdy bowl gouge set that gets the job done.

Remember when I said when you are getting a perfect fit, the size and blaster's capacity matters?

It turns out that the Ultimate washer UW11 can work at a pressure capacity of over 5500 pounds per inch.

This kit is basically the perfect kit you'd like to have.


Because unlike our top pick, this one comes with sand as the recommend blasting media making it a genuinely sandblasting kit.

But here is why it landed in our top pick list:

This kit will last long

The best part about it is the fact that it contains stainless steel, premium nozzles, and its performance records excellent results.

The stainless steel and premium nature is a durability ticket for this kit, if you want a long-lasting kit go for it.

It is for heavy projects

As I said, this kit has a capacity of over 5500 and above pounds per inch.

This makes it the perfect kit for your big projects, especially if you are dealing with industry size projects.

Seamless sand application

This is the best part for sure; the kit comes without any demands for expert's helping hands or guide.

If you are looking for a kit that takes you less energy and time to apply sand, we'd like to advocate you to use the Ultimate UW11 washer.  

  • Premium materials for long-lasting and perfect performance
  • Highly powerful pressure force capability
  • Truly sandblasting media recommendation
  • Comes with a male inlet plus for secure connection
  • Water can run down and wet the sand.

3. M MINGLE Kit - The Best Budget Pick

M MINGLE Pressure Washer Sandblaster Kit, Sandblasting Attachment, 1/4 Inch Quick Connect or Compatible Karcher Adapter, 2500 PSI

Our thought: The pricey bowl turning partner…

If all you want is a bowl gouge that can be with you for a long while regardless of the price, this is the right fit for you.

Another good kit for you is the M MINGLE pressure washer, this one is best for most Karcher washers plus it is a heavy-duty kit with a standard of about 2500 pounds per inch.

Why did we enlist it in our top list?

It is worth its salt

People tend to say buying the cure is better than buying a preventative, and you know what?

They're right.

Putting the same when it comes to best kits, you'd be smart to buy a kit that fits most tools.

This is precisely what the M MINGLE kit does.

It can work with any Karcher, such the K2, K3, to K7.

Changing your connections as you please

If you ask me, I like convenience or say flexibility. And it's is precisely the same with M MINGLE.

This kit can work with whatever connection you'd please.

If you want to connect the Karcher adapter or not, you can still use it.

  • Flexible kit
  • Works best with all types of Karcher
  • Good for big projects
  • The kit doesn’t seem good for most small projects

4. Simpson Wet Abrasive Kit - For Gas Pressure Washer

Simpson Wet Abrasive Sandblaster Kit for Gas Pressure Washers

Now, if you have a gas pressure washer, your kit has nothing to do first than making sure it is essential for the gas like a gunshot.

To do so, buy the Simpson wet abrasive because it is the only best you'd see people hunting to have.

But here is why we loved it:

Take it to the skies

When using a gas washer, you'd want to make sure you can reach the far ends of every place you are cleaning. This kit gives you precisely that.

It has a powerful pumping ability to throw the mixture to the skies and clean it for you.

Cure your worries

Yes, you read that right.

Sometimes we worry what kit should I have, especially for gas washers.

As the saying goes, "Let a kit not do it for anyone but for someone," This one will give you the peace you've always wanted for your gas washer.

  • Best for gas washer
  • Powerful pumping
  • Easy shipping
  • Beware it hard to know the genuine ones

5. Karcher's Wet Sandblasting Kit - For Electric Pressure Washer 

Karcher Electric Pressure Washer Sandblasting Kit

Our thought: A decent bowl gouge...

All in all, the Robert Sorby Deep Flute Gouge ⅜” is a nifty bowl gouge that gives value for the money.

Remember, when I mentioned safety precautions when choosing a pressure washer kit?

Well, it turns out our best friend here comes with his own safety, Goggles.

 So, here is why it got a golden ticket to our list:

A master for stubborn chemicals

If you've suffered the hard chemicals contaminants, you'd want a tool that works on them entirely. If so, your savior is Karcher's wet kit.  

It's a genuine friend

There is no hide and seek games with it; once you've bought it, be rest assured you've got the genuine Karcher kit available.

The kit fits all Karcher washers and delivers outstanding results.

  • Removes hard chemicals
  • Connects to all Karcher washers
  • Only fits with Kracher's pressure washer

Which one is the best?

We believe the Ultimate Washer UW11 is the best pressure washer sandblasting kit for both beginners and experts.

The kit comes with a media recommendation of sand, unlike others, which might have other recommended abrasive materials.

Its durability isn't a thing to question about because of its stainless steel, plus the nozzles add its premium performance.

In this list, it takes the upper hand, and we hope this post will help you make the best choice for your sandblasting.