10 Best Router And Table Combo [Perfect Matches Reviewed]

best router and table combo

I think you will agree with me when I say...

A router is probably the most versatile tool in any woodshop. In fact, it is the most versatile tool when you mount the router on a table

However, finding a router and table that fits in seamlessly will take your time. As you have to go through the numerous choices and need to research which router is compatible with which router table. 

We've got you covered:

Here’s our recommendation of five best router and table combo for both hobbyist and professional

  1. 1
    The Best Combo - Triton TRA001 Router and Kreg PRS0145 Precision Router Table 
  2. 2
  3. 3
    For Professional - DEWALT DW616 Router and Incra LS Table System
  4. 4
    Benchtop Combo - Porter Cable router and Kreg PRS 2100 Benchtop Router Table 
  5. 5
    Jessem Router Table System - The all in one lift and router table combo to mount any router.
  • Built In Router Lift System
  • A Powerful 3 HP Motor
  • Fine Precision
  • Sturdy and smooth table top.
  • Precise fence.
  • Large work area.

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10 Best Router And Table Combos - Reviews  

1. Triton TRA001 Router and Kreg PRS0145 Precision Router Table  - The Best 

Quick Review Of Triton TRA001 Router -

Purchasing the Triton TRA001 is getting yourself a robust 3.25HP motor, a ½-inch collet, and a multifunctional fence fitted into one machine. This router is designed to handle very tough tasks, little wonder why it has a faithful following. The following are some of the reasons why we loved this router:

Soft start: 

Most newbies cannot handle the full power routers attain once they turn them on.

A common result? They drop the tool.

Triton put this into consideration when producing this device. It comes with a soft start that prevents the tool from immediately coming on with high speed and full power.

This is a safety feature that helps to reduce the chances of dropping the tool.

Variable speed: 

The Triton TRA001 allows you to switch between speeds according to the dictates of the job you are doing.

Using these different speed settings, you can either create beveled edges or plunge deep into thick woods.

Handle design: 

The rubberized material on the handle makes its grip reliable even when you are sweating on your palms.

Although it can handle most of your tough tasks, it is a little on the heavy side and cannot be carried easily.

  • Easy to change bits
  • Fine depth adjustment
  • Variable speed settings
  • Slightly heavy

Quick Review Of Kreg PRS 1045 Router Table System

The PRS1045 isn’t only tough enough to handle projects but easy to handle. It claims a top spot in the top echelon of router tables and is hence, deserving of a place on this list. Let us take a look at some of the reasons why it is our top pick.

Noise-resistant tabletop: 

The tabletop was built using the very resilient MDF with a high-pressure laminate skin atop it. Attached to the table are two steel struts that prevent it from sagging even when it is used for heavy-duty jobs.

Independent fence: 

Fence is designed using sturdy aluminum extrusion. This design accommodates workpieces of all sizes.

Easy to assemble: 

First-timers can assemble the table in no time using the manual. This is because the setup instructions are easy to understand and follow.

A significant drawback of this router table is that it is a little expensive. However, its numerous perks make it a worthy buy in the end.

Though the Kreg's PRS1045 therotically fit any router you can check the top router that are compatible with kreg router table.

  • Vibration resistant tabletop
  • Accuracy
  • Quarter-turn locking lever
  • Versatile
  • Micro-dot skin.
  • A bit pricey

2. Bosch 1617EVS Wood Router and Bosch RA1181 Router Table - Best value

Quick Review Of Bosch 1617EVS Router

The Bosch brand is known for making unspeakably brilliant products, and the Bosch 1617EVS is no different. Smooth performance and its fantastic quietness in operation are some of its greatest appeals.

Let us take a look at some of the unique benefits of this router.

Powerful motor: 

It sports a 12-amp engine and has a 6ft cord attached to it. This 12-amp motor has a constant response circuitry that assists in starting the router. Besides, it helps regulate the speed and maintain it at a particular rate.

Adjustable speed settings: 

Using these settings, you can easily adjust the speed of the tool from 8000 RPM to its peak speed of 25000RPM.


The tool includes a base with two wooden handles to make handling easy. The handles are firm to grip and improve handling in general.

  • Highly versatile
  • LED lights 
  • Durable
  • Changing the base is a bit tricky.

Quick Review Of Bosch RA1181 Router Table

Woodworking operations don’t come any easier than what you get with the Bosch RA1181 router table together with the Bosch 1617EVS.

In addition to being functional, they are very affordable. The router table, in particular, provides a very convenient workspace for jobs of all sizes.

Mitre and T-slots: With these slots, there is no limit to the number of accessories – including a miter gauge - you can attach to this router table.

The router table also enhances accuracy and precision in jobs, thanks to a pair of featherboards that come with it.

Fence: The admirably long fence is designed to accommodate long pieces of stock. It is also made out of aluminum to give it a sturdier frame and increase its maneuverability. 

Benchtop: Without a doubt, a 27 x 18 inches tabletop is a generous space to give any woodwork professional. The tabletop is large enough to accommodate wide planks and sheets.
  • Sturdy and accurate fence system
  • Wide tabletop
  • Dust port
  • 15-amp overload protection circuitry
  • Key lock
  • Uneasy fence adjustment

3. DEWALT DW616 Wood Router and Incra LS Router Table - For Professional 

Quick Review Of DEWALT DW616 Router

This tool, much like every other Dewalt product tickles the fancy of many woodwork professionals.

Although its power of 1.75hp doesn’t go close or match that of our recommended top pick (the Triton TRA001), it is just about suitable for any type of job you might need to do at the workshop.

The base is easy to change:

You do not need to scramble for tools to change the base of this tool. It is easy to change and replace. Indeed, all you have to do is open the motor latches and lift the motor pack.


It has ergonomic handles fitted on both sides to improve the overall handling of the tool.

Fine height adjustment:

Using the micro-fine adjustment ring, you can set the exact depth you need. A motor cam lock helps you securely lock the depth you want to work with.
  • Ideal for professionals
  • Easy to use
  • A smooth height adjustment
  • Noisy

Quick Review Of INCRA LS Router Table System

The Incra LS router table comes with the impressive Incra Router lift system, wide tabletop, and an amazing MagnaLock Aluminium Router mounting plate.

Large tabletop: The Incra LS router tables are known for their wide tabletops. There are different size options ranging from 24“ x 36” to 27" x 43" wide tabletops.

Right angle fixture: This places a workpiece square to the fence and in the perfect position for joinery operations.

Durable stand: The stand is designed using hard-anodized aluminum and heavy gauge steel for durability
  • Compact
  • Large tabletop
  • Easy to setup
  • A bit pricey

4. Porter Cable Router and Kreg PRS 2100 Benchtop Router Table - Benchtop Combo

Quick Review Of Porter Cable Router

The highly efficient router is one of the most sought-after routers in the woodwork market. It has an unbelievably brilliant build quality and an impressive motor power.

Power: With a motor rated 15amp with a power of 3.25amp, there is only very little you cannot do with this tool. It can cut through heavy woods like a hot knife through butter.

Security feature: It comes with internal thermal circuitry that increases its safety rating. Should the unit overheat, the circuit system shuts off the device. This eliminates the chances of you burning your tool.

Variable speed: Its variable speed, much like every other thing, enhances your efficiency and productivity. It has a speed control regulating speeds between 10000 and 21000RPM. This setting improves its versatility and ability to handle different tasks.
  • Easy to use
  • Impressive variable speed setting
  • Powerful motor
  • Switch’s position makes working a bit clumsy

Quick Review Of Kreg PRS 2100 Benctop Router Table

If you’ve been combing the market for the best router tables or consuming content on woodwork machines, the odds are that you have come across the Kreg PRS2100. The tool is not only easy to use, with a wide tabletop and light frame but is exceedingly affordable.

Well-built fence: Attached to the tool’s fence are a guard and a dust collector. The aluminum fence can be locked in place – when used for precision jobs – using thumb twisting screws

Wide tabletop: Much like most others on this list, it has wide tabletop users can make the most of when dealing with wide sheets. With dimensions 16” x 24”, the MDF tabletop is a good fit for all jobs including sand application and chopping food.

Height adjustment: Adjusting height on this router is a breeze through. You can easily adjust the height of your router in no time whilst you are doing a job.
  • Wide tabletop
  • Light frame
  • Budget friendly
  • Precise and accurate
  • No tool cabinet
  • Difficult to disassemble.

5. Jessem Router Table System: The All In One Lift And Router Table Combo. Mount Any Router.  

The Jessem router table system is a perfect conglomerate of the ‘best of the best’ components. It comprises a very wide tabletop, an extruded aluminum router table fence, a heavy-duty steel stand, and pretty much everything you need in a router and router table combo.

Wide and durable tabletop:

Unlike most others on this list, this innovative router table system has a phenolic tabletop.

Although MDF is a good choice, phenolic materials are more durable and resistant to warping, sagging, or corrosion. 

A dimension of 24” x 32” also makes it very appealing. It has a top wide enough to handle all job sizes.

Locking and ease of use:

Its cam lock is very efficient and easy to use.

You can use this cam lock to secure your adjustment crank in position during routing operations and all other operations where unwanted movements are a necessary evil. 


As expected, it has one of the smoothest adjustment mechanisms ever. It is easy to position its 3-5/8 inches high by 36 inches long aluminum extrusion.

Easy to use:

Right from the moment you unbox this system, assembling and setting up is very straightforward and can be done in very little time.

The instructions profiled in the manual are quite explanatory and detailed to a fault.

Since everything is well explained, setting up and assembly is easy even for novices and first-timers.

Exceptionally brilliant lift system:

It's lift system works at almost the same efficiency as JessEm’s Mast R Lift II. It contains a similar rigid guide, mounting bracket, and spindle, like the heralded Lift II.
  • Large tabletop
  • Excellent lift system
  • Exceptional accuracy
  • The phenolic table top is not anti-scratch.

What Type Of Router Is Best For Table Mounting? 

Although you can mount nearly all handheld router on a router table, some are more suited for this kind of assemblage and the associated jobs than others. Such routers must have an impressive router lift mechanism. 

They should also have variable speeds. This is to afford you the freedom to lower the speed when working with large-diameter bits. Another essential feature is the electronic speed control. With this, the tool can maintain RPMs even when the routing grows tough.

A 3 hp-motor is also a good fit as it can hog away just about any material. However, if you will be working mostly light jobs, a router with 1 1/2 to 2 1/4 hp would fit in well.

What Makes A Good Router Table?

Router tables are one versatile tool you simply cannot do without. Hence, you must consider the right factors before giving one the nod. Here are some of the features that make a good router table.

1. Flat top:

A good router table must have a flat top and be rigidly built. This is because a flat top can contribute to its accuracy. Rigid because you want to be sure the tabletop can handle the weights of the router lift and router without showing any signs of deflecting. Ideal tabletop materials are MDF and phenolic material.

2. Flat base plate:

This is another important consideration to make. For best results, the base plate should be made out of phenolic aluminum.

3. Fence:

A good router table must have a fence that is both easy to use and easy to adjust.

What Other Things Do You Need To Have A Perfect Router And Table Setup?

1. Router lift

The ingenious addition to the table setup is a key part of a perfect router and router table setup. It eases off the stress associated with changing router bits or setting the router bit depth. Just as the name suggests, it raises or lowers a router so that you can fine-tune your router bit depth to the dictates of your task.

2. Fence:

The router table fence of your setup must not only be highly adjustable but, must be rigid. This is because you will be pressing your workpieces up against the fence for most of your work. They must not budge when locked in position.

3. Dust collector: 

A perfect setup should have a dust collecting system since you will be producing a great deal of dust. Keeping your workspace clean doesn’t only improve your productivity but makes you less disposed to breathing problems.

Frequently Asked Question?

1. What is the best router for table mounting?

Here's a list of the best router for table mounting - 

  1. Triton TRA001 - Best option with built-in lift for above table bit change and height adjustment. You won't need to buy a separate lift that can save you around $300.
  2. Bosch 1617 - Best bang for your buck. If you are going to pick bosch router tables this is your perfect match.
  3. Porter-cable 892 
  4. Milwaukee 5625-20
  5. Ryobi 8.5 amp router

2. Will any router fit any router table?

No, they don't. There are many variations of the router mounting plate. It's wise to choose a router that matches your router table and use it as only a table-mounted router.

3. Are router tables universal?

Router tables aren't universal. Always check whether the router you choose matches your router table. Sure there some workarounds to mount the router if it doesn't match. But you don't want to do the hassle and also the accuracy of cuts may compromise. 

Final Take!

Routers are the MVP of a woodworker’s workshop. To get the very best, you have to take out time to do full-fledged research on the products available in the market. 

Luckily for you, we’ve already done that. Our recommended router table setup can get you past most of your routing operations, if not all. 

In short, Triton TRA001 and Kreg PRS1045 is the best router and table combo, you can be sure you are investing your money in the right places.