The Best Router Bit For Cutting Letters [Review 2023]

You will need a combination of different angle router bits for cutting letters. The best router bits for cutting letters will include one 20/22 degree angle router bit for fine detail, one 60 degrees v-groove bit for inset letters, and another 90-degree v-groove router bit for cleaning out letters' background areas. These are the minimum number of router bits you should have for cutting letters.

To save your time and effort we have listed the perfect router bit set for cutting letters. Check them out...

Router Bits



1. ​​Rockler 3-Pc Signmaking Router Bit Set   


2. Amana Tool - AMS-129

Most affordable

3.Eagle America Router Bit Set For Cutting Letters


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10 Best Router Bits For Cutting Letters [Review]

1. Rockler 3-Pc Signmaking Router Bit Set - The Best 

Rockler 3PC Signmaking Set
Why it's our top pick:
  • Carbide tipped.
  • Smooth cuts
  • All in one

Flat bottomed

Its flat bottom design helps to prevent peaks from forming in routed letters. The recommended use is for a plunge router.

Superior manufacturing and materials

The bits are manufactured from K10 and K20 grades carbide. This ensures excellent clean cutting. 600 to 800 gritted diamond wheels are used for the final sharpening of the bits.

  • Peaks won’t form with a flat bottom
  • High-grade carbide materials
  • 600-800 gritted diamond wheel sharpening
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • ¼ inch shanks are great for correct letter depths
  • No instructions for novices

2. Amana Tool - AMS-129 - Most affordable 

The Amana AMS 129 is a three-piece router bit with ¼ inch shanks for cutting letters into hardawood, plywood as well as softwood.

High-grade material

The Amana router bits are manufactured from solid carbide and are carbide-tipped as well. The European carbide is induced with silver induction brazing that improves carbide strength.

Perfect angle combinations

The set comes in all three degrees that you need for letter and sign cutting; these are V Groove 30, 60 as well as 90 degrees. Each one has its own purpose to expand what you can do in lettering projects.

  • High grade of stability during use
  • Carbide is induced with silver brazing
  • Three different V groove angles
  • Ergogenic design that enables you to use it with CNC and table-mounted routers
  • Manufactured according to Holz-BG German standard ensuring safety and durability
  • Not a popular brand that results in too little information to let users decide about the quality

3. Eagle America Router Bit Set For Cutting Letters

As a six-piece set, the Eagle America gives you all the bit pieces that will tackle nearly any lettering or sign project.

Sharp, smooth bits

Eagle America ensures that it delivers smooth, sharp bits. The company boasts that in the manufacturing process that it uses six hundred grit sandpaper.

Different sizes and angles

The set is optimized that every bit has a special function, the different angles and sizes will solve all lettering projects.

  • Eagle America 133-0402 veining
  • ¼ inch ninety degrees V groove bit
  • ½ inch sixty degrees V groove bit
  • ½ inch round nose bit
  • 3/8 inch round nose bit
  • 3/8 inch ninety degrees V groove bit
  • Limited sign-making range

4. Whiteside SC50 Carving Liner 11- Degree Router Bits

The Whiteside is a great bit when you want to make steep cuts like in 2 and 3D carving

Fine and deep cutting

The sharp point allows you to create fine lines and carving grooves and 3-dimensional lettering.

Dimensions and size

The Whiteside as 5/8 inch, 11-degree router bit has a ¼ inch shank

  • Compatible with table-mounted and handheld routers
  • Excellent for fine lines
  • Do fine lines and groove carving
  • The point breaks when going to deep

5. Whiteside V Groove 1/4” 60 Degree Router bits

With a ¼ inch shank, it works perfectly on plywood while carbide materials give it longevity and strength.

High-grade materials

Made from premium carbide it features industrial level quality that remains stable regardless of RPMs. The carbide is a thick micro-grain enabling it to receive additional sharpening.

  • Value for money
  • Range of bits that improves product line
  • Highly durable and sturdy profile
  • Ranked high on superior cut and sharpness scale
  • A bit expensive

6. Whiteside V Groove ½” 90 Degree  Router Bits

Featuring a ½ inch shank and 90 degrees it offers precision and rigid quality superior cuts.

Superior edge quality material and metal

Solid alloy steel is used in the manufacturing of Whiteside router bits. These give proper balance including at high RPM use. The high-quality carbide is micro-grain in order to withstand additional sharpening.

Sharpness and clean cut

These router bits give superior cut with excellent sharpness with the advantage that you can sharpen them more if needed. A project will not require extra sanding as these bits leave smooth surfaces.

  • Strong ½ inch shank
  • Can be sharpened again
  • Highly durable and sturdy profile
  • Leaves smooth workpiece surfaces
  • Pricey

7. Freud 1-1/8" (Dia.) Lettering Router Bits

The Freud router bits remain sharp and comes in four styles and do more than lettering but also fitting together tongues.

Tackles complicated jobs

The combination of a 1-1/8 inch diameter and ½ inch bit shank allows you to perform perfect complicated woodworking projects.


These router bits are suitable for portable routers, CNC, table-mounted, hand-held routers. It is also suitable for various materials like plywood, hardwood, and softwood.

  • Flawless and smooth performance
  • Carbide tips offer girth and plenty of strength
  • Capable of heavy-duty working
  • For professional woodworkers

8. Amana Tool - 46102 Solid Spiral Plunge Router Bits

The Amana spiral-flute plunge is excellent for creating dado cuts and grooves in laminate, plywood, and particleboard and great for production settings.

Spiral-flute cutting

As a spiral-flute bit, it uses a shearing action while cutting with augering action for chip clearance. The augering removes chips from cuts while the shearing action delivers a precise clean cut,

Great for mortising

The router bit features an Up-Cut from the bottom upward by pulling chips up which results in less stress on the tool while penetrating deeper.

  • Suitable for table-mounted and handheld routers
  • Unique carbide grade clearance geometry
  • Perfect letters with deep penetration and auto chip clearance
  • Clean and accurate cutting
  • -

9. Freud Super Router Bit Set

Freud manufactures bits with enhanced TiCO Super density Carbide that doubles its cutting life compared to other manufacturers.

Freud Perma-Shield Coating

The perma-shield coating which is the evident red bit has several advantages. It increases bits performance, extends its life as well as providing a non-stick surface.

Quadra-Cut Cutting Design

The technology used by Freud ensure cuts are ultra-clean, including very complex cuts. The two smaller wings cut downwards for perfection. The larger wings allow upwards cut for smooth and fast removal.

  • 13 router bits of different degrees
  • ½ inch shanks
  • Cuts any composition materials
  • Freud bits can be difficult to use for novices

10. Whiteside Router Bits 401 Basic Router Bit

The Whiteside kit is a 7-piece set that comes with carbide tips and ½ inch shanks.

Superior edge quality material and metal

Solid alloy steel is used in the manufacturing of Whiteside router bits. These give proper balance including at high RPM use. The high-quality carbide is a micro-grain to withstand additional sharpening.

Sharpness and clean cut

These router bits give superior cut with excellent sharpness with the advantage that you can sharpen them more if needed. A project will not require extra sanding as these bits leave smooth surfaces.

  • Longevity and smoothness guaranteed
  • You can sharpen these bits if needed
  • High relief and hook angles for improved chip ejection
  • These are pricy bits

Things To Consider In Router Bits For Lettering

Lettering projects are delicate therefore is it important to recognize what characteristics router bits should contain. The best router bit for cutting letters contains the following:

1. Carbide Tipped

Carbide tipped bits are a requirement in most woodworking projects including lettering. The reason is both longevity and stability.

2. V Grooves

With a V groove bit, you have the flexibility for most shapes of letters since it can produce the letter’s square corners. This also allows for different letter sizes and fonts.

3. Anti-kickback technology

Lettering requires precision which is why stable router bits are very important to you. They will not bite too deep into wood with its higher girth.

4. Type of router

The router impacts how the router bits perform. Some routers vibrate more, therefore, is it important that when choosing a router to choose a router suitable for letter cutting.

Freehand V/S CNC Router For Lettering

Most woodworkers would think freehand lettering is archaic but is nevertheless still used and recommended when you do small lettering. Accompanied is the human factor characterized by precision and workmanship satisfaction. CNC routing embellishes automation and speed while taking away the human delicacy. It is exactly the same while it is the technological step-up of freehand.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Types of wood best for lettering?

The best wood that you can use for lettering and carving signs include Pinewood, Poplar, Redwood, Cedar, Cypress, Medium density fiberboard, Plywood, Oak, Maple, Cherry, and Walnut.


2.  Which type of router is best for sign making? 

The best router type is a plunge base router with great features like LED lights that light up your project as you work, has great RPM range, and great horsepower.


3.  Can I use CNC router bits on a handheld router?

You will be able to use CNC router bits on handheld routers if the bit can remove the wood fast enough during a high-load project. CNC routers do a much faster and better job when you compare it to a person that works with a hand-held router. On the other hand, a CNC bit is not a one-size-fits-all, and if you choose the incorrect bit size, you may damage the bit.


Our ten best router bit for cutting letters have been tried and tested using different types of wood. Various letter projects and sign making projects were completed and we list our top finds that worked best. We took all aspects into consideration including price, longevity, and precision.