10 Best Router Plate [That Hold Routers Perfectly] – Reviews

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Are you looking for the best router plate to maintain stability and control of your table mounted router? We researched for you and kept professionals and novices in mind when considering all the necessary factors that make a great router plate. Check out our top ten router plate choices to table mount your router.

1. Rousseau 3509 Router Plate
Why it's our top pick:
  • Can handle heavy routers
  • Accommodate small and larger bits
  • Removable insert ring
  • Safe and secure placement

Router Plates

Size & Wieght



2. POWERTEC 71022 

Universal router plate


3. Woodpeckers Router Plate

12.38 x 9.88 x 1.38 Inches

4.4 pounds

Cast aluminium

4. Bosch Parts 2610938414

For Bosch Routers

11.25 x 9 x 0.25 inches

2.2 pounds 


5. Kreg Precision Router Table Insert Plate

12.24 x 13.74 x 12.5 inches

2.99 pounds


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10 Best Router Plates Of 2020 [Reviews]

1. Rousseau 3509 Router Plate - The Best

For novices and professionals, the Rousseau is the top router mounting plate to use on a range of routers, it’s reliable, and well made too.

Accommodate small and larger bits

It has several snap out rings that make various jobs a breeze while snuggers eliminate excess play. It handles both heavy routers with large bits as smoothly as small routers.

Freehand or table use

An included shoulder pin enables freehand work easily.

Removable insert ring

Choose from three sizes to hold various size router bits. Separate rings allow you to use different bit diameters.

Safe and secure placement

When the plate doesn’t fit exactly it also comes with additional support from four snuggers at its corners that clamps the plate in position.

Handle the plate with care as the top can be slippery.

  • Shoulder pin
  • Handle heavy routers
  • Corner snuggers for zero play
  • Bit expensive

2. POWERTEC 71022 6-1/2-Inch Universal Router Plate [Best Budget]

Compatible with most standard routers with centering pin for secure, accurate positioning.

No sagging or warping with full visibility

Metal and acrylic materials are decent while the 6-1/2-inches plate ensures no warping. Work is fully visible with 5/16” of acrylic of the plate.

Pre-drilled mounting holes

A router centering pin centers the collet with the center hole measuring 1-3/16-inches. It is combined with adjustable screws and pre-drilled mounting holes.


Use this router plate for inlays, straight edges, curved edges, edge routing, shaping, grooving, and the like.

  • Center the collet with router centering pin.

  • Pre-drilled for multiple router models

  • Three level lock rings
  • Not suitable for beginners

3. Woodpeckers Router Plate - For Pro Router Table Setup

Strong and stiff, it is made from cast, precision machined aluminum with an adonized finish for enhanced durability.

Exact, easy leveling

Included are eight fine-pitch leveling set screws as well as two adjustable edge plungers that eliminates potential slop between the plate opening and the plate itself.

Multiple starting pin locations

Allows for freehand shaping applications as you can fix a pin in several threaded openings. Every router plate includes a locking wrench plus three twist-lock rings.

  • Smooth, solid, and strong aluminum
  • Precision leveling
  • It can only be used for specific Triton model routers

4. Bosch Parts 2610938414 Adapter Plate - For Bosch Router Tables

Excellent for professionals and novices learning craftwork with a mark for rotating.

High-performance router plate

High-quality materials with anodized coating from a plate that will not sag or tear apart during high volume continuous work.

Fully adjustable to other Bosch routers

Adjust the plate according to measurements of different routers with pre-drilled mounting holes.

  • Guaranteed not to flex
  • Pre-drilled holes for different mounting 
  • Marked rotation
  • Fits only Bosch routers

5. Kreg Precision Router Table Insert Plate

The Kreg precision router table insert plate comprises of compression-molded phenolic material that prevents potential sagging even from heavy-duty routers.

Three level-loc reducing rings

Lock the plate securely with 25mm, 30mm, and 67mm level-loc reducing rings that maximize usage potential.

Four-hole design

The pre-drilled design supports different routers with the mounting hole allowing enlargement as well.

  • Sturdy and easy to attach to different routers
  • Suitable for Porter-Cable routers
    Durable phenolic plate
  • It can flex

6. DCT Universal Router Table Saw Insert Base Plate

The DCT router plate is good for mobile surfaces while allowing for heavy-duty routing.

Sturdy 3/8 – inch high-grade phenolic material

The desired thickness that accommodates any router that uses removable base plates as well as a mobile surface. The router is held tightly with zero sagging or warping with drill marking below the router plate to fix it at the center.

Universal bit sizes

You can use the router plate for plenty of different routers with bit sizes ranging from higher 3-7/8-inches to 2-5/8-inches and smaller 1-1/4- inches. It follows the Porter-Cable router guidelines.

  • Pre-drilled marking holes with magnets and adjustable screws
  • Includes a steel starting pin
  • Customizable router plate
  • Maybe too advanced for novices

7. MLCS 9338 All-In-one Router Plate

Durable and long-lasting with everything you need to mount the router securely to a table.

Supports all common routers

With two removable rings, you get 3 bit openings that allow for various router models. It features a 1-3/16-inches opening to fit with bushings.

Easy carving

Its steel starting pin makes for easy wood carving. Pre-drilled mounting holes along with adjustable magnets and screws.


Not all users find using magnets an easy feat and could be problematic.

  • Concentric rings for easy installation.
  • Make your desired size with a blank insert ring
  • Adjustable magnets and rings
  • Setup takes time

8. JessEm Rout-R-Plate Phenolic Router Table Insert Plate

Durable, rigid, and perfectly flat you can use this router table plate in any router table.

Accommodate any router with a blank plate

The router plate is blank with no pre-drilled holes making it easy to drill holes that are compatible with any router model.

Machined center hole with tab-loc insert rings

Pre-machined 3 – ½ - inch center hole is adjustable with two tab-loc insert rings. The Center hole has a bushing that aligns it to the router to be centered in a bit hole.

  • Adjustable center hole
  • Easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions for mounting and drilling
  • 3/8 -inch thick phenolic friction-free material
  • Lack of pre-drilled holes to fit the router

9. Big Horn 18101 Router Plate

The Big Horn router plate is compatible with multiple cutter sizes featuring two inserts.

Three hole openings

Smaller cutters with a 1 – ¼ -inch opening, medium-sized cutters with a 2 – 5/8 -inch opening, and accommodates large cutters with an opening of 3 -7/8 – inches. Rings snap in-and-out easily to change cutter sizes.

Secure and snug fit

The plate fits snug with included cam action adjusters while eliminating movement.

Easily adjust and level the router plate

Use an included threaded Allen wrench to adjust and level the table and router insert.


No wobbling or unevenness with recessed edges along the baseplate’s bottom. Each corner also has a magnet in place.

  • Works with multiple router models
  • Included shoulder pin allows for freehand routing for rails, styles, molding, and miters.
  • Composite Thermoset isn’t as durable as aluminum or phenolic

10. Bench Dog Aluminum Router Plate

Suitable for Rockler and Bench Dog router tables and a wide range of router brands.

Pre-drilled router plate

Novices find the plate easy to install with pre-drilled holes and screws at the top to hold it flush and snug.

Universal router plate

The majority of routers can be used when you install this router plate made from thick aluminum.

  • Thick aluminum guarantees longevity and durability

  • Plate locking bolts and mounting hardware are included
  • The plate design makes it easy to lift out a router
  • It can be difficult to make the insert level with the router table

What Makes A Perfect Router Plate?  

The woodwork tool market is lined up with a lot of saws, many of them with very promising features on paper. However, not all of these features are suitable for fine woodworking. For fine woodworking, here are the things to look out for.

A router plate holds your router in a table which is why your safety as well as beautiful woodworking results require you to choose a trustworthy, durable plate.

Make sure it is compatible with your table and machine and choose one that offers you versatility.

Top features and factors to consider when you look at base plates include the following.

Aluminum or phenolic router plate?

The router gets attached to the base plate, which fits into the table top’s rabbeted opening.

The base plate’s layout and quality have a considerable impact on the table’s functioning. Keep in mind that the plate must remain snug and flat to support the router’s weight, therefore, it must be substantial and solid.

Both phenolic and aluminum are good choices.

Aluminum is more expensive which is why more novices choose phenolic as it is just as durable and substantial as its aluminum counterpart.

Pre-drilled or blank router plate

Most good quality router plates are pre-drilled for two or more router models and make.

Others are blank and this is where you must be careful in choosing. 

A one-size-fits-all plate that is pre-drilled with a large number of screw holes is not necessarily a good choice. 

Too many holes like a Swiss-cheese pattern weakens the plate while also offering opportunity for debris and dust to accumulate and interfere with your work.

Plate-leveling system

The best router plate is flat but also has to sit perfectly level with the router table’s surface. This is why you need a plate-leveling system incorporated with the plate.

The most basic will have leveling screws that you adjust from the table’s underside.

A better plate will have additional points of contact and could have a way of locking down the plate.

How much installation and initial setup is required?

You may plan to do woodwork both in and out of the router table, therefore, you must consider the amount of work involved to mount the router.

Even when you have no plan to work away from the router table, you don’t want to spend hours to do an initial setup. 

Check before you purchase how much work is involved during the installation and removal of a router.


Our 10 best router plate choices consider different budgets making it easier to choose for you. Each one is high-quality with features and abilities to make your woodworking projects a breeze. Durable, easy to install, and versatility are factors that we included in our research for the top router plate.