Best Soft Close Drawer Slides Of 2023 [Side & Undermount]

Though the best soft close drawer slides for you will depend on which furniture you will be installing. But in general a high quality drawer slides will be easy to install, have smooth opertaion and well built. 

After going through several cabinet making forums threads and asking few experiened cabinet makers. I've got to know side mounting is the prefered type of mounting.

And the top soft close drawer slides are as follows -

best soft close drawer slides
Promark 22
Why it's our top pick:
  • Smooth bearings
  • Truly a fully extension slide
  • Flawless closing

Top Drawer Slides


Weight Capacity


Promark 22

(Best Side mount )



Lontan 4502S3

(Best full extension)






Silverline SFUS 

(Best undermount)



Useful Tips

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1. Promark 22 Drawer Slides - The best side mount soft close slides

best soft close drawer slides

Our thought: The Soft Close Superstar...

When it comes to our recommendation, we have fallen in love with this slides because of the dozens of positive comments from the woodworking community plus the effectiveness it gives when at work. If you are looking for easy to handle go for it.

The Promark is our favourtie soft close drawer slides. Let’s see what has earned it the position other than beating around the bush.

The Good:

  • The slide comes with a lever for easy disconnection.
  • Easy to separate
  • Comes in packs and beautiful pairs
  • Works best even when position only at the bottoms.

Want to know why we liked it?

A master at work

Remember when I said this is the best overall? Well, it has a record of working perfectly despite the position. You will enjoy it even if you position at the bottom part of your cabinets only.

Easy to handle-When you are looking for the easiest to use slides, this is your right pick we recommend for you.

The Bad:

Even though this is our best pick, its till have some issues you’d like to know before you go for it.

You see, the slide doesn’t smoother as would silk do. Secondly, aligning it from the box is a bit rougher compared to other promark varieties.

  • Smooth bearings
  • Truly a fully extension slide
  • Flawless self closing
  • No screws
  • Longer shipping days

2. LONTAN 4502S3 Drawer Slides - Most Affordable 

best budget soft close slide

Let’s get down to this, the best slides boils down to the good use of your money and this is why Lontan is our second pick.

Why we liked it?

The Good:

Strong slides

When you talk about strength, remember this master at work. The slides runs smooth without noise and the bearings puts a record for their perfect condition.


Seriously,you get an amazing pair of these slides at a throw away price.

And the best part is you enjoy the best experience without noise and no more dealing with children to stop slamming shut cabinets.

The Bad:

When you want to use this one, you’d have to let us tell you this:

It doesn’t come with rear brackets.

The manufactures only bring screws along with it.

So if you really liked it, you’d have to buy rear brackets separately.

  • Bearings are smooth
  • Easy installation
  • Affordable
  • Comes without warrant information mostly

3. Silverline SFUS Drawer Slides - Best Under Mount Slide

best undermount slide

Again here comes our next pick and this is your best drawer slides for undermounting, if you want quality experience this is your darling.

The Good:

Easy to handle

If you don’t have much experience to use these tools, go for this one.

This is the easiest to install than its counterparts.

The slides doesn’t have a big issue to install because it works well in small drawers.


If your wallet is the issue, you’d like us to recommend this slide because it doesn’t really take much from you.

The Bad:

If you fail to measure your draws and cabinets twice or more to really know their exact measurements, you’ll face issues with the delivery. 
  • Best for drawers measuring ¾ inches inside
  • Affordable
  • Easy installation
  • Good quality
  • Comes without instructions
  • Produces click sound when hardly pushed

4. Gobrico 22-Inch Drawer Slides 

best side mount soft close drawer slide

When we choose the best slides we couldn’t help but like the work Gobrico offers when it comes to side mounting and that is why the king fall third on the list. Speaking of side mounting, you will find rest with this drawer slide so go for it.

Here is why we liked it:

The Good:

Quality grade

If you mention about grading in slides, we’d like you to pay close attention to this one.

Its material allows it to stand extreme conditions and stay longer.

Additionally, it provides a fully extension to opening your cabinets and drawers.

Worth the money

Well, this is not about the cash you pay really instead it about what happens after you’ve bought it.

When you buy it, there are extra after sale services that comes to you without paying a penny.

This is good isn’t it? We hope you’d get after sale services that might have cost you cash otherwise.

The Bad

The slide is hard to fix and firmly closing.

Others try to add oil but still brings issues.

Additionally, you’d have to loosen your brackets, push the draw half way before you can have access to firmly close it.

  • Versatile and holds edge better
  • Six times more durable than carbon
  • Industry gold-standard
  • A bit on the pricey side.

How To Choose A Perfect Soft Close Drawer Slides

When it comes to choosing a perfect soft-close slides for your drwaer, keep these in mind:


It depends on the area of drawer or cabinet you’d like to install your slides.

It can be sides, center or under.

For instance, if you consider side’s slides, you’ll get them in pairs and sets. These ones goes for a clearance of a half between the spaces and openings on the drawers.

For the center, you’ll get them in ones. And as the name suggests, they are for the center.

Finally, under slides are always sold in twos and they come with bearings.

The good thing with under slides is that you’d be able to see them even when drawers are open.

Slides space between cabinets and drawers should be about a quarter or more in each side.

For the thickness, consider a measure of about 8/5 while the under space should be ½ inches measurements.


Let’s be fair to ourselves, shall we?

You can’t tell me you’d buy drawer slides without knowing the length.

If it was for other home material like a bed wouldn’t you consider the length?

Well, with this here is what it should look like:

For your cabinet’s center slides, measure the distance from the cabinet’s front part then back side. Subtract one from the final measure and when dealing with centers, use same measurement.


This is about how far you’d want to open your cabinets and drawers.

When it comes to extension, these are the types of drawer slides:

  1. Three quarter - only part of the drawer remains inside the cabinet.
  2. Full extending - drawers comes out all for easy handling.
  3. Over travel - drawers open over the extending levels more easy access of contents.


Another thing we’d like you to keep in mind is the slides weight.

They actually come in measures that ranges from 100  to 150 or even more pounds.

Depending on the weight of your cabinets and drawers, make sure you don’t buy heavy or lighter slides.


Like your clothes, there are colors you just don’t like right?

When you want to buy slides, realize there are colors you can choose from.

If you want our recommendations.

We’ll give you the one that most experts recommend - BLACK.

How Do You Know The Best Size Of Slides To Get?

The size of the slides you buy is more vital than all the above I said. 

So, how do you know what are the perfect size?

For you to understand this in a crystal clear way. Allow me to cook you an example about this whole thing.

Here we go:

If for example your drawer measures 20 inches and you buy a 21 inch slide then it means when you open your drawer, it will have an inch past the back. However for the same when you buy a 19 inch slide then when opening you will pull all of it out and an inch short of pulling it all out will leave a space at the back. Know more.

Soft-Close Slides Versus Self-Close Slides

Here is the best thing you’d like to do for yourself:

Before buying something, get to know its counterparts and competitors.


Because most people who don’t do this stay in the dark more often and tend to buy something different from what they’d anticipated.

You are not those people, are you?

Well, we bring you the differences between soft-close and self- close slides to you to keep you away from the dark.

Are you still with me? Congratulations.

Self-closers are the type of slides that are made with springs so when you are closing your cabinets or drawer doors, the springs gets to work and makes it easier for you.

You can usually find them into two most known varieties which are the self-close standard long arm European slides or hinges and the self-close compact slides.

For the soft close drawer slides, they are the celebrated slides taking the world by storm at the moment with their advantages which makes closing and opening smoother than before.

Secondly, the big difference comes from this:

Soft-close slides have hydraulics which ensures when you close cabinet’s doors, the hydraulic prevents noisy bangs and slumming.

But here is the sweeter part about the soft-close slides:

They are soft and also self-closing.

What’s the meaning of this?

It means soft-close slides can still close by themselves.

So when you have them, you have self-closing and noiseless cabinets and drawers in the house.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are Soft Close Drawer Slides Worth The Money?

Absolutely! Adding a soft close drawer slides will give you two benefits. First, you don't have to hear the slamming noise ever again. Second, your drawer will have more longevity. You can read this thread from Houzz to know more.

2. Can I Install Soft Close Slides Into My Old Drawers?

Yes, it's possible. It might be a bit tricky to install for some. You can follow this guide.

3. Sidemount Or Undermount: Which Soft Close Slide Is Best?

It depends. I prefer the side mount soft close drawer slides as it's easier to install and use.

To Sum It All Up:

When we sat down to figure out the best slides for you, we came to a conclusion our number five is makes the most favorite.

It not only board the best part but here is why we recommend it to you:

You can easily install and follow the instructions religiously which is hard for others.

The other thing why it made it this far is because it comes as both a soft-close and self-close slide.

We hope this post makes the best of your guide.