5 Best Table Saw Router Table Combo & Extensions

Having a table saw is great.

Having a router table is great.

But when you have a COMBO of both?

That’s when you become a SMART woodworker…

...because you’ll save a lot of space, and add to that you’ll save good bucks on the fencing system.

So, how can you make a table saw router table combo?

Here are the top table saws and router table extension that will make a sturdy and accurate table saw router table combo:

best table saw router table combo
Grizzly G1023RLWX
Why it's our top pick:
  • A large 40" x 27" router table .
  • Sturdy.
  • Powerful.
  • Router table has legs/supports.
  • Cast iron surface.
best table saw extension wing
Bench Dog Tools 40-102 ProMax
Why it's our top pick:
  • Fits most table saw.
  • Cast iron
  • Compact for tight spaces

Combo & Router Extension

Table Size



2.Powermatic 1792001K PM2000  

37''x 85''

50" Accu Fence System and Rout-R-Lift

3. Grizzly Router Extension Table (T10222)

20" x 27"


4. Accura Router Extension Table

 27" x 10"


Table Of Contents

The Best Table Saw And Router Table Combo (Quick Review)

1. Grizzly Industrial G1023RLWX - 10" 5 HP 240V Cabinet Table Saw with Built-in Router Table

Our Thoughts

This is quite the machine.

It requires 220 amp service to operate and it is 5HP. So yeah, you could say it has a bit of kick to it. 

This thing comes with a double lock-out feature and runs beautifully. All around, a really great combination table saw with a router table extension.


Solid, Attached Wings

This is going to contribute to your confidence while working on your projects. 

Nice and sturdy, these wings (or extensions) have legs that rest below them. Ensuring that you can put all the pressure required or be confident that the weight of your project isn’t going to collapse the extensions. 


Five horsepower saw that require 220 amp service to operate. 

This saw will be able to handle all kinds of projects. Many people who upgrade from a contractor's saw are more than satisfied with their decision.

Grizzly makes high-quality products that are built for big jobs. 

Great Customer Service

The manufacturers themselves have a wonderful set up of customer service. 

You can connect with their office by phone or email with any and all questions you might have. They will support you with recommendations, guarantees, and direction in which the product is best for you.

 This shouldn’t be understated. Not every supplier is willing to provide this kind of care. 


Occasionally, customers will find that their delivery is missing certain parts and pieces. 

Grizzly has a great customer care support system -- so in the end, this isn’t a major issue. But it can be a bit of frustration.

2. Powermatic 1792001K PM2000 

Our Thoughts

This saw combo boasts that it is intended to get the big jobs done. 

With 3HP and heavy-duty machining, this couldn’t be more true. 

The adjustment and mobility of this saw are really top-notch and you can feel the quality when sawing. Virtually vibration-free, this is a durable piece of equipment intended for heavy-duty jobs. 


Dust Collection

Maybe this seems irrelevant to you, but a clean shop is a safe shop. 

The dust collection system on this design means that you don’t have to stress yourself out at the end of woodworking with clean-up. Instead, it is a nice and easy experience of emptying the sawdust. 

Powerful and Precise

Whether it is the Accu-fence system, the magnetic on/off switch or the 3HP, one-phase motor -- this system is designed with precision in mind. 

There is also a five-year warranty that is definitely worth taking note of. 

Vibration Free

This is a big deal! 

Cuts are going to be precise, smooth,  and free of markings from blade vibration. 

This is on account of the heavy-duty nature of this machine’s build and design. 


The blade lock mechanism could use some revision. Otherwise, this is a great table saw and router extension combination.

The Best Table Saw Router Extension 

1. Bench Dog Tools 40-102 ProMax 

Our Thoughts

Compact and perfect for the woodworker with limited space available. This bench dog router table fits on both sides and fits most contractor-grade table saws. 

This extension comes with a limited lifetime warranty which makes it a pretty competitive item in this round-up. 


Fits Most Table Saws

This is a highly versatile router extension. You can use it as an add-on with table saws from the early 1990s and onward. Check out the manufacturer details to be sure that your table saw will fit.

It doesn’t get easier than this.

Add this to your table saw for easy and safe routering.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

 We’re not going to go into the details here on this -- that’s up to you to read the fine print. But the fact of the matter is that it is always comforting when a manufacturer is ready to back up their product with a warranty.

Accessible Size Diameters

We don’t all have the woodworking shop of our dreams. 

In fact, some of us make us of some pretty tight spaces.

With this in mind, the Bench Dog extension is a really great choice. It offers all of the practicality of a router table while also taking space and mobility into consideration. You can easily hang the extension up when you’re finished. 

A “zero trouble” kind of extension. Very practical. 


We haven’t experienced this issue -- but there is some feedback that exists online that suggests quality control might be an issue occasionally. The ProFence is not always quite straight.

4. Best High End - Grizzly Industrial T10222

Our Thoughts

This extension is heavy-duty. It is made of cast iron and so it is definitely one of the most durable router extensions on our list.

It is listed to fit table saws with a table that is 27-inch deep. Be mindful though, that based on reviews, it doesn’t seem to be as universal as it claims to be.


Heavy Duty Cast Iron
The material used for this router table extension is top-notch.

It doesn’t get much stronger than cast iron.

You’ll find that this extension will hold up to the test of time. Quality material is something you can bank on for the longevity of your woodworking equipment.

Very Sturdy
This can be viewed as a detriment or a positive.

Likely, if you purchase this product, you will be required to make permanent modifications to your table saw in order to install it.

This extreme mounting makes it very sturdy -- but unfortunately, it does not make it very compact or easy to take apart and put back together.

Reasonable Price

Who doesn’t love saving money?

Rhetorical question. Everyone loves to save money -- just make sure that you’re aware why it is that you’re saving money with this router table saw extension.

Hint: It is because there are some definite drawbacks to usability.


This extension doesn’t accommodate most aftermarket router lifts. We recommend doing some research prior to purchasing -- or else you might wind up needing a machinist for installation.

3. Best For The Money - Accura Router extension table

Our Thoughts

This is probably the most basic of router table extensions you’re going to find on the market.

No bells and whistles.

This extension is designed to get the job done without all the frills. It is a great deal if all that you want is this simple add-on.


Great Casting
No one is going to be made at the surface of this extension. Nice and flat, sturdy and durable.

What more can a person ask for?

A great finish to great casting. You’re going to want to be sure that your purchase is nice and flat and this product delivers on that front.

A Great Price
Have you ever heard the expression, “the cheap man pays twice?”. Some people will be happy with this purchase because it will get the job done at a great price.

There is a good chance that you will need to make some modifications in order to mount this to your table saw though. And that is definitely worth thinking about.

Long-Lasting Quality Material

This product has been in production for literally decades at this point. That's a nice thing to think about. The brand has had some “staying power”.

On top of that, many people who bought this addition all of those years ago are still using the extension today.

Quality material will withstand the test of time, every time.


It comes with really poor instructions.

As in, there are no instructions -- just a list of parts. This is definitely something to think about if you consider yourself a beginner or someone who is not terribly confident and sure of yourself with mounting extensions.

  • The set comes in a black and durable case for transport and storage
  • The molded grip allows for comfortable gripping.
  • Handle length can be a little bit awkward to use for extended periods of time.

Ultimately, you are going to have to make your own decision when it comes to meeting your table saw and router extension needs. 

Some Things To Think About Before You Buy:

Casting and Material Used: 

Many products are going to be made of cast iron.

The difference you should watch for is whether or not an item is made with cast iron or finished with cast iron.

Go for the made with cast iron option.

That will mean you have a quality product all the way through. This is what will help ensure you have a durable, long-lasting product that will last as long, if not longer than a saw.

Compatibility of Add-on:

If you aren’t worried about having to mount an extension by machining it -- then compatibility might not be such a big problem for you.

Make sure you take a look at the table depth and compare it to the extension you intend to purchase. The depth is one thing that will make an extension non-compatible no matter how confident of a machinist you are.


It is always a great thing to make a purchase that comes with a warranty.

Odds are you won’t need to use the warranty if the company provides it (as in, they trust the quality of their product).

But quality control can slip, Fridays happen -- it is always nice to know that a manufacturer backs up their product with a hassle-free warranty policy. 

Precise and Accurate Fencing: 

This might be one of the most important things to consider when purchasing a router table extension.

You will want an accurate and easy to position fence.

Anything else is a headache.

The fence is used for pressing your project against as you advance the wood past the bit. A fencing that is not straight will compromise the quality of your work and make it difficult to get the cuts you intended to.

Not all router extensions are made equally. It is up to you to do the research and ensure that you are getting exactly what you need.

Make sure it is flat, sturdy and secured well prior to use.

If you doubt the quality of your purchase to the point that it compromises your safety, do not use it.

Frequently Asked Questions -

How do I add a router table to my table saw?

If you do not intend to purchase a router table extension then maybe you’re feeling ready to build your own extension.

The easiest method is going to be purchasing an addition that is ready to mount. 

But that doesn’t mean it is the most affordable. 

You will need to precisely measure the space where you intend to add the router table and make all of the necessary cuts and screws yourself.

Drill holes and screw through the underside of your addition in order to avoid unnecessary traction on the working side and then mount the router underneath your extension.

What are the benefits of a router extension table?

An extension table will save you space in your shop. 

Odds are you already have (or will need) a table saw. By using an extension table you are adding minimal surface area to your tool and establishing a safe working space for all your projects that require routing.

Does a router table extension have to be cast iron?

Cast iron is the industry standard for router extensions.

This is because cast iron is durable and long-lasting. You want to have a solid piece of equipment that you can rely on when working with power machinery. 

It is for this reason that woodworkers trust the longevity of cast iron. 

So, Which Combo or Extension is the Best?

The best combination table saw and router extension, in our opinion, is the Grizzly Industrial. 


Well, there are a few reasons. It is incredibly powerful -- but even more importantly, the router extensions are built with design strength in mind. Grizzly makes a great product and they take care of their customers. 

As for the router table extensions?

We love the Bench Dog, we think it is the best extension. 

This is because it comes with a lifetime warranty, and also because it is the most easily mounted variety. You will be able to install this extension no problem and begin working.