Router Table Duel: Bosch RA1171 Vs RA1181- (The Winner?)

bosch ra1171 vs ra1181

Let me guess:

You are probably looking to buy the best router table and so far you have narrowed down to two option: Bosch RA1171 and Bosch RA1181.

But, the problem is:

You can’t decide which one to choose.

Okay, enough of mind reading, now the good news :

We have done a thorough comparison between the Bosch RA1171 and RA1181, so you can make an informed decision and choose the right table for your router.

But, first let's have a quick look at their features...

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Quick Look: Bosch RA1171 Vs RA1181


Aluminium made perfect size (27-Inch x 18-Inch) & smooth work surface. 


Laminated MDF (25-Inch x 15-Inch) Not as much durable as the RA1181.


Aluminium fence (4-7/8 in. x 25-1/8 in.) along with MDF faceplates provide better support than RA1171. 


The RA1171 has the same settings which provides similar supports like the RA1181. It's a tie! 


This is the one significant drawback of Bosch RA1181. Legs are plastic made which won't last longer for sure.


It's a cabinet style router table so you can certainly expect it to be more durable than the benchtop RA1181.

Dust collection:

One 2-1/2 inch dust collection port in fence. 

Dust collection:

Two 2-1/2 inch dust collection port on in fence the other one is on the cabinet. 

Mounting plate:

Are able to fit variety of routers as it has predrilled holes. Aluminum made.

Mounting plate

Aluminum made. Comes with additional 3 mounting plate rings.

Comparison: Bosch RA1181 vs RA1171

Let’s look at the difference and similarities between the features of Bosch RA1181 and RA1171:

01. Router Table Top

Bosch RA1171 Router Table-Top

The table top of the Bosch RA1181 is made up of aluminium measuirng 27" x 18" making it possible for you to work with different materials like: sheets and wood planks efficiently.

Due to the aluminum used to make its surface, it is durable and smooth.

We liked this bench top because it is flat and doesn’t produce any vibrations when you operate it making everything accurate.

The table top of the Bosch RA1171 is also made up of aluminum which makes it durable as well. This table top is large enough to offer enough space for any work and also small enough for work at home projects.

Unlike the RA1181, this one measures 25 x 15 inches.

2. Router Tabe Fence

Bosch RA1171 Fence

The Bosch 1181, has a fence that measures 4-7/8 x 25-1/8 inches. It is also made up of aluminum materials to help you maneuver well and to last long.

It has a long length to enable you to work with all sorts of wood whether they are long or short.

The Bosch RA1171 has a similar aluminum made fence measuring 4-7/8 x 25-1/8 inches. Which performs similar to RA1181.

3. The Base

Bosch RA1181 Base

The Bosch RA1171 has a similar aluminum made fence measuring 4-7/8 x 25-1/8 inches. Which performs similar to RA1181.

Bosch RA1171 base

The Bosch RA1171 has a similar aluminum made fence measuring 4-7/8 x 25-1/8 inches. Which performs similar to RA1181.

4. Size

The Bosch RA1181 is slightly smaller than the Bosch 1171. It measures 3-3/16 inches while the Bosch RA1181 measures 3-5/8 inches.

Moreover, the Bosch RA1171 weighs 3Ibs meaning it is heavier than the RA1181 which weighs 30Ibs.

5. Dust Collection Port

Bosch RA1181 Dust Port

The Bosch RA1181 has single standard dust collecting system that measures 2.5 inches. This dust system links to a shop vacuum and has an opening of 3-5/8 inch wide on its fence to make dust collection effective.

The Bosch RA1171 has two dust collection port one at the back of the fence and the other one on the router cabinet, making the dust collection more efficient. Also, it's a cabinet router table so it inherently spills less wood dust comapred to RA1181

6. Mounting plate

Bosch RA1181 Mount Plate

The Bosch RA11811 is known to produce accurate and efficient cuts because it has a sturdy and flat mounting plate made of aluminum. This makes you use it with ease. It can withstand any weight because it has a strong and smooth mounting plate.

Bosch RA1171 Mounting Plate

The Bosch RA1171 also has a smooth aluminum mounting plate between its routers. The balance of its mounting plate depends on how you assembled it. It is quite challenging to put the mounting plate of this unit together compared to the Bosch 1181.

7. Featherboards

Both the Bosch RA1171 and RA1181 have flexible feather boards. Both of them work the same way, and there is no notable difference between them.

Both models also have an aluminum mounting plate which makes them withstand any work with wear and tear. They offer fantastic performance and there difference is quite small.

8. Ease of Assembling

Bosch RA1181 Assembling

With the Bosch RA1181, it will take you a maximum of 90 minutes to assemble it. The reason why it takes so much time is that it comes with several pieces that you should go through to ensure a perfect construction.

Bosch RA1171 Assembling

The Bosch RA1171, on the other hand, can take approximately 25 minutes to go through each piece. To assemble the unit takes a maximum of 2 hours and keeping the mounting level is quite high. It is therefore easy to collect the Bosch RA1181 compared to the Bosch 1171.

Bosch RA1181 Review

Bosch RA1181 Router Table

The Bosch RA1181 is known to produce excellent results to both. DIY home use and professional projects for cutting woods and creating a shape in them as well. With its durable aluminum plate, you don’t have to worry about wear and tear after a short time of using it.

The Bosch 1181 will save your time while assembling it because it only takes a maximum of 25 minutes or less to do that. Be sure to get accurate results because it has a smooth aluminum mounting plate. It is also portable, and you won’t have to worry about getting tired of carrying it around while in use. You can quickly empty the dust because it has a wide dust opening making the process of eliminating dust effectively.

It will help you achieve accurate cuts and shapes without spending a lot of time and effort on it.

One of its great features that make it stand out the rest is its portability and ease of assembly. For sure a maximum time of 25 minutes assembly time is manageable to anyone who values time.

The Bosch RA1181 could be your choice if you are looking for a portable unit in your woodworking projects. It saves time and produces accurate results. It is made of a durable aluminum material which makes it long lasting.

  • Light in weight
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Produce accurate result. 
  • Plastic legs.
  • Spills dust because of the empty bottom

Bosch RA1171 Review

Bosch RA1181 Router Table

The Bosch RA1171 is the previous version before the Bosch 1181. It has almost similar qualities as the later and a few differences as well. While the later is light in weight and smaller, the Bosch 1171 is slightly heavier and bigger as well.

The Bosch RA1171 will provide you with enough space whether you are dealing with a large or small piece of wood as it has a large aluminum work surface It’s durable aluminum also makes it last longer. You can store valuable tools on the cabinet router table of this unit and avoid misplacing them.

It has a tall aluminum fence making it handle tall woodwork easily. Its feather boards that are attached to the fence are also easy to use.

We found out that one of its standout features is the presence of cabinet router where you can store precious tools

  • Sturdy design.
  • Great for small workshop.
  • Optimized dust collection setup. 
  • Quite heavy.
  • Hard to assemble.

Final Words For You

In a nutshell:

Both the Bosch RA1171 and RA1181 performs well if you consider their prices. Both of them have some positive and negatives.

So, who is the winner?

Here it is...Bosch RA1171. The competition was fierce but have gone with RA1171, because of:

  • good base.
  • and better dust collection. 

Do you agree with us? Let us know your thoughts....

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