DIY: Make Simple Router Table With Adjustable Fence (4 Steps)


Building a router table is way cheaper than going to a shop and buying a router table.

Definitely, you need the best router table if you are a professional woodworker. But, for a hobbyist or a small shop, DIY router table is the way to go.


We found this tutorial by Happy Wife Happy Life which gives us easy to follow steps to build the router table.

In 4 easy steps, we will have our own Router table with adjustable fence.

Let’s get started….

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Table Of Contents

STEP 1: Making the table top and base frame

First, let’s do the important thing:

Measure the dimension of the router you want to mount on the table, to make sure we build a table high enough to operate the router.

Measuring Router Dimesnsion


Let’s cut off the MDF table top using a miter saw.

Cutting the table top


Cut the CLS timber into 11 pieces for making the frame of router table base.

Use a pocket hole jig to cut out holes in each of the frame pieces.

Here’s the result:

Cutting hole pocket hole jig

Similarly cut out holes using pocket hole jig on rest of the frame pieces.


We will join the frames. Here’s how:

Clamp the frames and join them

Clamp the side and bottom frame pieces together and then joint them using a drill.

Follow similar steps for rest of the pieces and here’s the completed frame:

Base frames

Finally, Mount the table top on the frame.

Table top and base frame

STEP 2 : Making the mounting plate


We cut the 8MM acrylic using a table saw. This acrylic piece will be used as a mounting plate to hang the router.

Cutting Acrylic for mounting plate


On table top mark the area where you want to put the acrylic mounting plate.

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Join the table top with base frame using screws.

Put the acrylic piece on the marked area and create a template by placing 6MM sticky MDF around the piece.


Take out the acrylic piece and put an MDF piece in the center of the template to prevent rocking.

Adjust the router height to template bit and start routing out from the inside edge of the template.

Acrylic mounting plate template


Take out the sticky MDF from center of the  template. Make holes on the corner using power drills and use Jigsaw to cut out that section.

Cutting Jigsaw

After that try to place the Acrylic mounting plate.

Does it fit?

Yes. Good job!

If not try to adjust the edge using a hand chisel.

Insert plates


Make countersunk holes on the mounting plate using drill so you can screw the router with mounting plate.

Drop the mounting plate into the table top insert and use a hole saw to enlarge the opening for router bits operation.

STEP 3: Making The Fence


Cut the board for the table fence using a table saw and mark the center. Create two identical pieces.

Marking the center


Cut the shape out using Forstner bits and Jigsaw.

Cut out the shape


Join the two part of the fences using wood glue. To make it more sturdy nail the two pieces by using a nail gun.

Joining the fence


Join triangles on two corners of the fence to increase the strength and add a dust collection port.

STEP 4: Making The Fence Adjustable

We will install two T-track into tabletop so that it can slide and back and through. Thus making the fence adjustable.


We will position and clamp the fence.

Clamping the fence


We will mark the position for T-track. Here we will use a screw to make a small hole so we can see from where the T-tracks will be starting. Cut the T-Tracks to the required length.

Marking by drill hole


Lay the T-tracks to the marked line and screw it. After that create a template by putting sticky MDF around the T-track.


Unscrew the T-track route out the portion. Use a chisel to square off the corners. Again lay the T-track and screw it to the table top.

Installing T-track


Make holes in the fence using a drill for housing T-bolts. House the T- bolts and place the router fence into T-track.

Here’s your adjustable fence :

Adjustable fence

That’s it! Here you have your router table with adjustable fence. Give it a go and make any adjustment if needed.

DId you like it?

You can find more details here on the video by Happy Wife Happy Life. Image and tuitorial credit Happy Wife Happy Life

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