Should Cabinet Hardware Match Stainless Steel Appliances?

should cabinet hardware match stainless still appliances

Pairing the wrong hardware with your appliances can make your kitchen look awkward. Some cabinet hardware color looks bad against certain appliances' finishes. For instance, oil rubbed cabinet hardware looks awful when matched with dark grey or navy appliances. Irrespective of your kitchen's design style, your cabinet hardware should look good next to the appliances. They might not match your appliances, but they should complement.    

Now, let us answer the common question in the minds of many - “Should cabinet hardware match stainless steel appliances?”. Ideally your cabinet hardware should match with stainless steel appliances to amplify the aesthetics of your kitchen, but it is advisable to have them made from different metals. You can use satin nickel hardware; your metal does not have to be the same. Nevertheless, one thing is needed, ensure you do not get too matchy if your kitchen has stainless steel appliances.

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Best Cabinet Hardware That Matches With Stainless Steel Appliances - 

best cabinet hardware that matches with stainless still appliances

Getting the best cabinet hardware that matches with your stainless steel appliances makes the difference between a good space and a great space. Listed below are some of the best cabinet hardware that can match your stainless steel appliances:

1. Black Cabinet Hardware

This strong color can blend with stainless steel appliances. Black knobs and pulls match with various kitchen styles and designs. It makes everything match and keeps your space feeling clean.

This hardware complements stainless steel appliances. It contrasts beautifully, resists fingerprints, and sticky hands. It is a nickel on brass that has been dulled. It is also coated with lacquer.

Complement your stainless steel appliances with this cabinet hardware. It is a perfect match and keeps your kitchen conventional.

Pro Tips

  • To place the hardware precise and quick get a high-quality cabinet hardware jig. You can find the top quality cabinet hardware jig here.

Best Cabinet Hardware To Match Black Stainless Appliances  

Best Cabinet Hardware To Match Black Stainless Appliances

Black stainless steel appliances are some of the new kitchen trends.

They have a solid, sleek appearance that is capable of turning a dull kitchen into a contemporary one.

It is expedient to choose the best cabinet hardware to match your black stainless appliances, as this will not only amplify the beauty in your kitchen but it will also make your kitchen the choicest place in your home. 

We compiled the best of the best cabinet hardware below:

  • Brushed Nickel hardware
  • Black cabinet hardware
  • Black nickel pulls
  • Dark brushed nickel
  • Polished pewter hardware
  • Oil-rubbed bronze

How Do You Choose Cabinet Hardware To Match Kitchen Decorations? 

what size pulls for a shaker cabinets

If you want to makeover your kitchen decorations, ensure you choose cabinet hardware that matches your kitchen appliances and cabinets.

Cabinet hardware comes in different forms, colors, shapes, and designs. The table below shows different decorations/designs and their corresponding hardware.

Type of Kitchen decoration 

Cabinet hardware 

Sleek And Present day

Stainless steel knobs

French Country

Brass or oil rubbed bronze

Victoria Themed

Glass or porcelain knobs

Rustic Style

Ceramic or wood knobs

Consider the following factors:

  • Look for great shapes that match other styles in the space

  • Select sunflower-shaped cabinet knobs if your theme revolves around a sunflower

  • Choose cabinet hardware with scrollwork styles if your decoration contains a lot of in-depth aspects

  • Ensure you use warm metals such as gold, brass, copper alongside cool metals like nickel and chrome

  • Do not use cool metals on cool metals and warm metals on warm metals

What Should The Drawer Pull Match: Faucet Or Appliances?  

best type of pull for shaker cabinet

This is one of the most frequent questions asked by folks. In a bid to spruce up our kitchen or bathroom, we are always concerned, if our faucet or appliances should match cabinet hardware like a drawer pull.

Although the faucet can match with the sink due to proximity, I will advise that the faucet should match the surrounding drawer pull before any step. Matching the drawer pull with the faucet can give the room a more uniform look.

On the other hand, most faucets are undermount-styles, which means you might not be able to see the color of the matching faucet if you are not standing in front of it. 

By contrast, kitchen appliances are most times seen as faucets, but there is a limitation in your design if you want to match your hardware with kitchen appliances. Most kitchen appliances come in three colors: 

  • Black

  • White

  • Stainless

This is my take on this, find a faucet finish that can match any of the mentioned colors, but if you can’t find any. Your faucet and kitchen appliances can be mixed and matched to give your kitchen a unique and eclectic look.

How To Achieve The Best Match For Your Appliances And Entire Kitchen 

What color hardware looks best on shaker cabinets

To achieve the best match for your appliances and your entire kitchen, there are certain things you need to know. The below list suggests the design processes you can follow to get the best match.

1. Choose Your Kitchen’s Color Scheme

After picking your appliances and cabinets, two dominant colors and one accent color are picked to decide the overall color scheme of the kitchen.

2. Remember Countertops

Making decisions on this will make the makeover of your kitchen easy. It will be easier to match your cabinetry and the floor without stress.

3. Consider The Floor Color And Type

Choose kitchen floors that are durable and wear-resistant. You can choose porcelain tiles which will make it easy to match every other thing in the kitchen.

4. Add Flavorful Decorations

Decorate with accent pieces. The countertops, cabinet hardware, appliances, and kitchen's color scheme with the addition of flavorful decorations will bring your design altogether. Metallic colors such as chrome finishes, brass knobs are great for brightening up your kitchen space.

Should Cabinet Hardware Match Hinges?  

This is a common question asked by homeowners.

Most new cabinets use concealed hinges that are not visible when the door is closed. We can give you an answer based on the condition.

If your hinges are exposed and you want to keep the look in your cabinet to be consistent, your hardware finishes can match with the hinges.

Read More: 

Should My Kitchen Cabinet Pulls Match My Faucet?

best type of pull for shaker cabinet

The answer to this question depends on personal choice and décor style. You also need to consider the following factors:

  • Price

  • Component availability

  • Performance

If your faucet was first chosen, it will be easier for you to choose the cabinet pulls that match. 

Pros of matching cabinet pull with faucet

  • It creates a unified look 

  • The design discipline concerning modern minimalist is complemented

  • It creates coordination for someone who is organized


As you can see, matching your cabinet hardware with your appliances is one of the best ways to show off your personal preference, choice, and taste and create a nostalgic atmosphere in your home.

You need to choose cabinet hardware that matches your decor, as this is a very important factor to determine the beauty and ecstatic look of your room or kitchen.

I will advise you to read more and select the best. I will be glad if your kitchen becomes the best place in your home.

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