10 Important Questions To Ask Before Choosing Cabinet Hardware

choosing cabinet hardware

Cabinets hardware are what give your cabinet a final touch, the aesthetics of your cabinets will be eye-catching when you choose the best hardware for your cabinets

When selecting the cabinet hardware, you need to put some factors into consideration. These factors will serve as a rudder when you want to make cabinet hardware by yourself or purchase one. 

The process of selecting cabinet hardware that best suits your cabinet can be challenging, but this article will serve as a guide that can be of help.

1. What Type Of Cabinet Hardware Do I want?

Choosing cabinet hardware

This depends on your cabinets; using certain hardware on a cabinet might not give you the best look. 

For instance, a pull might fit well on your cabinet, whereas a knob may not.

You need to know what type of hardware you are going for, is it a pull, knob, or handle?

Knobs look great with its elegant look and it will fit well when installed on cabinet doors and drawers.

Pulls are used to open and close cabinets doors and drawers with comfort. You can choose to use pulls on drawers due to the comfortability to open and close. Here you can find more details on where to put knobs and pulls on a cabinet.

PRO Tips

2. What Style Do I want?

cabinet knobs pulls handles

Cabinets hardware is determinants in the style you want for your kitchen cabinets. Imagine a cabinet without hardware; you can see how unpleasant the style would be without one.

There are different styles of cabinets and they determine what type of hardware you will use for each style.

Some of the styles are traditional, contemporary, transitional, eclectic, and shaker-style cabinets.

Choose hardware that suits each of the styles.

For instance, you can choose drop handles and coordinating knobs for the traditional style of cabinets, slim rectangular bar handles can be used for contemporary cabinetry, you can blend two hardware for a transitional style of cabinets, seashell-like handles or multicolored knobs can be used for eclectic style and similarly styled handles are suitable for shaker-style cabinets.

3. What Finish Is used? 

what finish is used

There are a good number of cabinet hardware finishes such as burnished, satin, matte, brushed, polished, tarnished, and many more. 

Black handles will look nice on grey cabinets. 

Polished chrome handles will be suitable for contemporary styled cabinets, rustic oil-rubbed bronze will go well with a cream cabinet, handles with a brass finish will match well with a traditional style of cabinets.

Make sure the finish on your cabinet hardware does not conflict with the decor of your kitchen.

4. What Type Of Material?

cabinet knobs

The quality and type of materials used for making cabinets hardware need to be considered.

Some materials are more durable than the other; you need to choose cabinet hardware that has a long shelf life, depending on the type and usage of your cabinets. 

You can choose brass hardware because it is plated which makes it durable.

Stainless steel is also durable, knobs made from crystal and glass, nickel, and pewter made cabinets’ hardware can also be used.

5. What Size Is My Cabinet?

size of cabinet hardware

Cabinets vary in sizes, so does the cabinet hardware.  

The bigger your cabinet, the bigger your cabinet hardware will be.

There are various sizes of cabinet hardware. Don't go for cabinet hardware with long length to install on a small cabinet, it is recommended that you go for a medium-sized handle that won't look too short on long drawers or too long on short drawers.

Make inquiries about the length of your cabinet hardware to avoid imbalance and non-functionality.

Use a large piece of hardware for a larger cabinet door to function properly.

Pen this down, "the length of your cabinet hardware should be about one-third of your cabinet drawer".

Oversized cabinets will require more than one pull.

6. Will It Give Me Comfort? 

will it give me comfortable

Taking the hardware's comfortability can not be far-fetched, you need to choose cabinet hardware that gives you comfort.

Choose cabinet hardware that will not give you much stress, easy to open, and close cabinet hardware should be on your list of considerations.

Straight, angled hardware components can be more difficult than oval-shaped pulls.

Do not choose a knob or pull that have pointed edges, it can bring you discomfort. Here check our article on chosing knobs or pull.

Choose cabinet hardware that looks nice, feels awesome, and gives you a nostalgic feeling when in use. It should be user friendly.

7. What Position Will My Cabinet Hardware Take?

Will it be comfortable

This is a very important factor to consider when choosing your cabinet hardware.

Choose hardware that can be positioned conveniently. Ideally, pulls are put in the vertical position on doors while on drawers pulls are put in a horizontal position, you can change the order to your convenience.

8. Is It Cost-Effective?

is cabinet hardware cost effective

It is important to know the cost of what you are about to choose; make inquiries about the cost of your choice cabinet hardware.

If your budget is low, go for cabinet hardware that fits your pocket, instead of going over to large stores to get one, look for a local carpenter that can make you nice hardware.

There are ranges in prices of hardware due to the type of materials used and type of finish.

9. Is The Hardware Decorative?

decorative cabinet hardware

Most of us choose cabinets hardware that is decorative while some just want any hardware to open and close their drawer or cabinet door, such people are not concerned about the decor. 

It all boils down to your personal preference, your choice of hardware should complement the style of your kitchen cabinetry.

You can decide to choose knobs and pulls, which will enable you to mix to increase your kitchen's visual impression.

Do not go for pulls or knobs that will not compliment your style. Choose a reasonable style but don't overdo it.

10. What Color Hardware Will Best Suit My Cabinet?

what color hardware for cabinets

This is the last tip we will be considering, choosing your cabinet hardware depends on your personal preference of colors.

Some colors literally make some people excited, if you are a color freak, choose cabinet hardware that suits your color taste.

You can choose hardware that matches your cabinet color; this will give it a nice look. Dark pull or knob will match the light cabinet.

Final Take...

We have discussed various pointers in choosing the best and suitable cabinets hardware for your cabinets’ door or drawer.

We covered the type of cabinets hardware you need, your cabinets style, finish used for cabinets hardware, type of material used for making your choice cabinets hardware.

We went ahead by discussing the effect and impact of the size of your cabinets on your hardware, the comfort that comes with your hardware, the position of your hardware, and the cost of your choice hardware; how to cut your coat according to your size.

Our last two tips are very important and they are based on individuals' personal preferences.

You should be able to choose the perfect cabinet hardware for your cabinet with these tips without any confusion.

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