15 DIY Cabinet Hardware Jigs Ideas (Easy To Make)

A lot of folks find it challenging when trying to build an improvised jig for installing cabinet hardwares

So, I have compiled 15 ways to build a DIY cabinet hardware jig, you can choose any method that suits your taste. Sit back while I unravel these easy ways to you. 

Note: If you strive for precise cabinet hardware installation always go for a professional cabinet hardware jig. Here you can find the top cabinet hardware jigs of 2020.

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You can save time and avoid mistakes while installing cabinet hardware by making this jig.

Some of the materials you will need to make your custom template are: Posterboard, cardboard, form board and this depends largely on the style of your cabinet. 

You will need to have the following tools:

  • Ruler

  • Form board or poster board

  • Pencil and eraser

  • Scissors

  • Washable markers 

  • Drill

There are step-by-step methods to follow to make this beautiful DIY cabinet hardware template, all of those steps are well written here.

This will make all your doubts away, in the sense that it allows you to drill straight, accurately positioned holes that allow your cabinet pulls to be correctly positioned and consistently.  

You can drill as many holes as you need without making any mistake because the jig has a moveable edge guide and moveable scales that ensure that those holes are positioned correctly.

You can check this article to know the step-by-step method of making this jig.

Measuring your cabinets in need of door or drawer pulls individually will not only waste your time, but it will also stress you out. You can save yourself time if you make this jig. 

Making this jig is not as hard as you think, it’s simply getting plywood with a slot, locate the center point of your drawer point and drill the holes.

You are going to make yourself a beautiful and effective jig with this method. I believe you are eager to know more about this method, check it out here.

Different types of pulls or drawers slides require different mounting strategies.

When using pulls that require sizing accurately, you need to make a jig that consists of three parts. You will need to draw a centerline on the drill guide while other steps follow. 

Drilling through holes will require you to layout the shank-hole locations on the jig and hold tightly to avoid altering the position.

There are easy ways to make false fronts with counterbores, you can find the diagrammatic explanation here.

Some people often find it hard to get a perfect hardware template that would accommodate their oversized pulls.

The answer is here.

This method can save you time and stress. The materials and tools needed are listed below.

  • Cabinet hardware 

  • Measuring tape

  • Drill/bit sized for hardware

  • Pencil and eraser

  • Scrap wood

  • Wood/drywall screws or nail and gum.

You can find the other supplies and step-by-step methods for making this here.

It is not always an easy task to locate the exact placement on each door after installing the cabinet handles.

The process can be easy for you if you follow the methods here.  The supplies and tools needed for this are plywood and glue. 

The methods are very easy and it can be done in less than 10 minutes. 

  • Cut the plywood

  • Glue 

  • Mark the exact hole placement and do the same on the jig

  • Drill holes through the jig 

You can learn more in this article.
simple jig our home scratch

This is another method you can follow instead of buying a new jig, you can save cost by following this. 1/2’’ thick plywood, glue, drill bit, and nail are the supplies needed.

You will hold the jig over the corner of the door, then drill through the jig and the door. After the holes are drilled, add your door pulls and enjoy your improvised jig.

You can check here for a more detailed explanation on how to make this homemade jig. 

In this method, you will be taught how to drill a cabinet handle holes perfectly.

This is one of the easiest methods, you will make use of plywood, drill bits, and glue. 

There is so much you will learn via this method, watch the practical video here. You will get more understanding when you watch the video.

The screw holes will be drilled to allow the hardware to align properly, then the jig will be held in place and holes will be drilled through. This is made using plywood blocks and some stops.

Lots of holes will be drilled when making use of this method.  Find out more detailed explanation by reading the article.

After installing your drawer fronts, you need to make a drawer pull template to drill the holes for your hardware.

The drawer pull is installed inside a recessed panel, so you will need to cut a square-ish piece of plexiglass. 

Drill holes lower on the drawer than where you want the center of the pull to end up.

This is a method that won’t take much of your time, you can find the diagrammatical explanation here for proper understanding.

Installing pulls, knobs, and other cabinet hardware is not easy and time-consuming.

Making use of the right cabinet hardware will make your drilling accurate and proper. 

Drilling hardware is one of the most important steps to follow. You can learn more here.

Here, you need to make a jig for installing your hardware in consistent spacing.

Use a piece of tape to give you the exact distance apart to make these holes. 

You will make use of two pieces of plywood, add glue and clamp to make sure it is firmly placed.

Find out a more detailed explanation of this method. Watch the video and enjoy

This is also recommended because it allows easy installation of pulls and other cabinets hardware. Some of its features are

  • Hardened-steel drill guide which is adjustable.

  •  Guide at the edge which allows free movement.

Measuring scale that is built-in which makes it accurate in measurements. You will drill accurately and consistently when you make use of this jig. It is easy to use for beginners and professionals. I am very sure you want to know how this works, check it out here

In this method, you don’t need measures like some of the methods mentioned above.

To ensure you have the correct spacing rather than measuring, use tape to mark the exact distance apart needed to make the holes. 

This method may take you longer than the earlier discussed method, but it is very easy to apply. Watch the practical video here, where the detailed explanation of this method is given.

This is the final method we will be discussing here, This process is similar to all we’ve discussed earlier. It is simple and fast to make. You can watch the detailed instruction here. This method is incredibly easy

Final Take...

I have listed ways of making various DIY Cabinet Hardware Jigs. Follow these simple and detailed informations to save time and cost.