10 Insanely Easy DIY Sandblaster Projects (FREE Plans)

I got a pleasent surprise couple of weeks back, when I found out my grandfather's vintage power tools in the garage.

They were all rusty and I thought of picking up a soda or sand blaster to get rid of the rust.

But, I found out that either they are poor quality with cheap price tag or good quality with expensive price tag!


I have started thinking how about DIY'ing the Sandblaters.

I have researched over the internet for last couple of days and here are the 11 cheap and easy ways to build a homemade Sandblaster.

Diy Sandblaster $5

Here’s a darn easy home made diy sandblaster plan by on Instructables. 

Find a plastic bottle from trash can and buy a Harbor Freight air gun kit for $4.99.

Then follow the step by step plan provided in the instructabels.

Oh...and don't forgot to say "Hi" to the cat.

It's simple, easy and cheap.

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$50 Diy homemade sodablaster

When it comes to DIY'ing plans Instructables is the gold mine.

Here we have another diy sandblaster plan from Instructables.

You will need $50 and an hour of work to do this.

Check the step-by-step plan from Imake TV and thank me later. 

sandblaster popular mechanic

Okay...here's the thing.

This isn't an easy to follow plan to build a sandbalster in a jiffy.

You need to have advanced tools like - a welder, laser cutter.

It's not recommended for beginners. Check out the project here if you know your crafts.

If you don't have enough time to build or don't want to get into the complexity you can check this articles -

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I love how simple life hacks like this can help you out having a tool that otherwise you can't have or afford it.

This one is similar to the first project listed here.

Check out this awesome hacks by Adam Fleisch

Liss for the Budget101 always comes up with effective cost cutting solution.

Here is another article that shows how you can build a Sandblaster in $5 with a soda bottle. 

Check this out:

In this plan they use an empty 20oz bottle, a cheap air gun/nozzle, and an adapter to build a sandblaster.

The hardest part of this hack is to cut a groove in the nozzle for the blasting material without severing it completely.

Find how they have overcome it here

This one features a series of 3 videos that shows how you can make a sandblaster under $10.

Check out the videos.

This DIY Sandblaster plan from hobbyzeal provides excellent step-by-step instructions on how to make a home made sandblaster with decent photos.

This features instrtuctions on building three different type of sandblasters.

9. The king of random $5 sandblaster 

In this era of tech everything seems to be controlled by computers. 

Why not your sandblaster?

In this plan they show you how you can make a computer controlled sandblaster to take the rust out automatically.