20 FREE DIY Router Table Plans (Step By Step Plans)

Mounting a router on a table is safe  and its application cannot be overemphasized, unlike using routers as a handheld tool. 

Wondering how to make a DIY router table for your woodworking shop? 

If yes, you are in the right place. I have done the research and compilation of the best free DIY router table plans to add an important component to your woodworking shop.  

I have listed the best DIY router table plans and all the plans have all that is required to build your router table. Here they are:

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20 FREE DIY Router Table Plans

Patricks free router table plan
Do you need a router table with tons of storage drawers? If yes, this might be your best option. This free router table plans include the following:

  • Tool list
  • Cut list
  • General instructions
  • Color photos
  • Tips from users of the free plan
  • Dimensions
  • Materials.

It comes with a benchtop and you can coil up the power cord after an operation.  I’m recommending this router table because it can be moved anywhere - a mobile workbench.

Pro Tips

oneproject closer router table

Wondering how you can build a DIY router table with correct visuals? If yes, then this guide is for you. This free plan is simple to make and easy to understand.  I recommend this table router for you.

If you are a DIY enthusiast and want to build a gigantic router table, then look no further than this plan from Crestonwood.

This plan includes:

  • Router table gallery

  • A 40-page instruction on how to build

  • Cut lists

  • Material lists

  • 3D parts

  • Cutaways

  • Exploded assemblies

  • Step-by-step photos.

It also consists of nice drawers that you can store woodworking items. We are considering this because it has lots of workspaces.

familyhandyman router table plans

This is a router table from The Family Handyman and it’s quite complex. The process of making has been simplified through the pictures and instructions that come with it. 

All the necessary estimation, cost, materials, and tools needed will guide you in making this table plan yourself.

The wall-mounted router table is very functional and compatible with your woodworking shop. It is a free plan from Rockler and it’s foldable after every operation.  

You will get color pictures, instructions, how-tos, links to materials, and diagram download in the three pages file

18. almost free router tables instructables
If you are a hobbyist, it may not be suitable for you to spend so much on building a router table. You can build your router table by utilizing old objects such as a cupboard door, and a wardrobe base.

This is a removable table plan from fine woodworking. Are you looking for a DIY router table plan that has all the features of a standard table? If yes, look no further, you can go on with this plan. It can be disassembled and stored when not in use. 

It comes with the following:

  • Written Instruction

  • How-to photos

  • How-to video

  • Material list

15 . country classic router table plans by popular woodworking
This table plan resembles an old dresser or wash station and it is functional. Its storage space is large enough to store woodworking tools in the workshop. If you want something pretty to behold and effective, this router table plan will be your choice.

If you want to build a sturdy router table with a cabinet base, then this plan from Woodsmith might be your best option. 

This free router plan comes with how-to photos, diagrams, cut lists, material lists, and other information that will guide you to build your router table. You will find plans for making the necessary accessories needed for your tables such as router bit guard and freehand routing guide.

10 american woodworker router table popularwoodworking

This free table plan will cost you less than $200, it is best for the price. Some of its features include:

  • Sturdy top

  • Cabinet front

  • Fences

Other offers that will guide in building this router table are color photos, exploded diagrams, cutting images, and detailed instructions.

If you are looking for a simple plan that allows you to route overhead, horizontal, or conventionally, this plan from woodarchivist might be your best option. It comes with diagrams, how-to photos, building instructions, and other relevant information.
20 router table from instructables

Guess why I'm recommending this? It allows you to build a complex table from simple items. You can get precision results with this router table. It comes with the following :

  • Cut list

  • General instructions

  • Color photos

  • Tips from users of the free plan

  • Dimensions

9. free router table plans by bobsplan

It comes with a good fence and useful for any serious woodworker.  Bob's table plan is 14" high and has dimension 22" x 16" for the tabletop. 

Apart from the standard router table requirements, it also features a dust box, bit holder, and a miter gauge slot. 

You can begin making this plan by downloading it and you will see the following:

  • Supply list

  • Material list

  • Detailed Instruction

  • Patterns

bench mounted router table plan instructables

If you are highly skilled in woodworking, this will be one of your choices. It's not suitable for those who just started in woodworking. This plan is good for precision routing after finishing. The good news is that you can fit your job on a workbench after finishing. 

There are some difficulties in carrying out this free plan, you can jump on other plans is you don’t understand its working principle.

I’ll be recommending this table plan because it is multipurpose. You can use it for router table applications and for holding jigsaw and circular saw. 

You can easily implement this table plan if you duly follow the information that follows.

13 trash can router table plan

For woodworkers who don't know how to build, this router table plan will be a lifesaver for such woodworkers. According to the name of the plan, the base is made of a trash can. When you are done with building the upper part of the router table, you can easily make the base to dispose of wood shavings.

14 cheap and easy storage router table plans
Is your budget low? If yes, this is the best plan you can follow. It is also suitable for storing woodworking tools. If you need a router table that is cost-effective and has a large storage space, look no further. This is recommended and suitable for you.
You can easily build a rolling router table if you have some old spools you no longer use. For woodworkers who upcycle different materials, this might be your best choice. It’s all about getting old items together to make a table.
19 routertable-sketchup

This is a router table from Scott Moore, it resembles a cabinet. It comes with storage accessories, how-to photos, and detailed instructions. 

It is mobile and easy to move from place to place and has a large working area.

This router table is a useful plus to your woodworking shop. Its working area and storage space are large enough to contain any type of job you want to carry out. One major advantage of this table is durability because it is made of solid wood.


Now, we are done. I’ve listed 20 different plans to make a router table. If you follow the instructions in each of those plans, you will be able to make yourself a DIY router table without spending so much. I hope these plans will help you to build your table. Happy building!