Glowforge VS Dremel: Which One Should You Buy?

Glowforg Vs dremel

Having a good laser cutter at your disposal can increase your work efficiency, but knowing and selecting the best one can be challenging. Glowforge and DREMEL DIGILAB LC40 are two of the best laser cutters available in the market.

Glowforge V/S Dremel: which laser cutter should you buy? We discovered that there are many higher-end machines, which tend to have difficulty handling and are expensive. After checking through the software and functionality of Glowforge and Dremel, we found that the Glowforge laser cutter is the best because it fills the large gap of user-friendliness. Glowforge laser cutter can be used by users with little or no expertise, it can accept workpieces of any length. It is the best laser cutter for small business and well-heeled hobbyists because of its affordability. 

Read on as we unravel the two laser cutters in more detail. At the end of this blog post, you will be able to pick the best one that will accelerate your project flow. 

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Comparing Glowforge Plus and Dremel DigiLab LC40 


Glowforge Plus

Dremel DigiLab LC40




FCC certification



Customer service



Tube material



Housing material 



Laser precision




Check Price

Check Price

Safety sensors

Not limited


Automatic material detection






Camera capture

Wide-angle camera


Engraving area

12 x 8 inches

18.4 x 12 inches

Cutting area

11.5 x 20 inches

20 x 12 inches

Cloud-based software



Cooling type

Closed-loop self-contained internal cooling

Innovative Hex Box, onboard ventilation fan


Glowforge native software

LC40 laser software


CO2 laser tube


Usable bed

11 x 19 inches

12 x 20 inches

Laser tube

It comes with a custom laser tube, which is extremely efficient due to its ‘Mode 0’ design.





Cutting capacity






Honeycomb baseplate

Made with quality  

Cheaply made, which allows the lens cap to get missing.

Pass-through feature

Yes, engrave materials of unlimited length with this


Ready to print design



Shipping and handling



LCD Touch Screen




Can’t cut

Can cut

Customizable material library



User-replaceable parts( ie. Tubes)



A Quick Review Of Glowforge Laser Cutter  

Glowforge Pro is the best option for small businesses, schools, and hobbyists. 

Why Did We Recommend This Laser Cutter?

  • Quick to set up: Glowforge uses Wi-Fi and a regular outlet which makes it easy to read tutorials for quick setup. 
  • Live camera preview: It features onboard cameras that shows you a preview of your design on any chosen material.
  • Make your designs with just a pen: You can use a pen to draw directly onto your materials. While you watch how your design will transform.
  • Best for the money: This is an amazing laser cutter that is small and affordable by home artisans and hobbyists that are new to the work.

Major Drawbacks

  • It can only engrave certain metal materials but has less power to cut through them.
  • Dependence on the internet to function.
  • Material feeder isn't necessary for most users.

Here you can check detailed review of Glowforge from PCmag

Quick Review Of Dremel Digilab LC40 Laser Cutter  

Pros Of Digilab LC40 Laser Cutter -

  • It stays cool under pressure: The innovative Hex Box keeps the laser cool without any downtime while projects are being run
  • Intuitive Software: It consists of a laser software that is easy to use, and compatible with your best design software.
  • Smart laser sensor: You can focus on creativity because its array of smart sensors has real-time safety diagnostics that continuously monitor the laser. This will save you time and stress. It can detect hazardous scenarios and provide troubleshooting guidance by its smart sensors.

Major Drawbacks -

  • It doesn’t work for all programs and it requires that you save and import files separately into the Dremel software.
  • It is expensive and may not be affordable for amateur hobbyists, small businesses, and aspiring home artisans

Advantages Of Glowforge Software 

Safe for schools:

The Glowforge Pro laser cutter has been independently safety tested to UL, FDA CE, and FCC standards to assure you how safe it is. In comparison, the Dremel DigiLab laser cutter is only safely tested by UL( Underwriters Laboratories).


The Glowforge Pro laser cutter can cut and engrave more materials when compared to the Dremel DigiLab laser cutter.

Powerful laser tube:

It can cut through 1/2" of hardwood with its laser tube, while Dremel DigiLab laser cutter cannot cut through that thickness.

Easy to use, setup, and efficient:

It can scan and engrave materials by automation.

Cross-platform software:

The Glowforge software is capable of running on almost any iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux machines. In contrast to Dremel DigiLab software which is selective.

Frequently Asked Questions  - 

1.Can Glowforge Cut Wood?  

Certainly yes! Glowforge can cut wood. Other materials that can be cut are fabric, leather, paper, Plexiglas(acrylic), rubber, Corian, Mylar, and, more. Glowforge can also engrave wood and the materials listed.

2.How long does Glowforge last?

There are a lot of factors attached to the lifespan of a Glowforge laser cutter. Some of those factors are:

  • If you mostly used it for cutting or engraving
  • How often you cut or engrave
  • If you follow the operation guide in the users’ manual
  • The designs you print

It is difficult to give an exact prediction on how long your Glowforge laser cutter will last with the factors above. We can only recommend a lifespan due to a test we carried out on the Glowforge laser cutter. For instance, a tube rated for 10K hours would operate continuously for about 43 months if used for 8 hours per day.

Note: This is not certain, it is only based on our test and recommendation.

3.Can you engrave the glass with Glowforge? 

Engraving glass is not always an easy task. It’s not always a successful process because glass can crack, unlike metal. It has too much thermal stress, but this is not an issue for the Glowforge laser cutter. Yes! You can engrave the glass with Glowforge.

4.Can you rent a Glowforge?

Certainly yes! Crafters can rent time on a Glowforge. Some local shops rent theirs at a rate of $15 per hour. You can do well to make inquiries if owners or local shops offer this rental service.  

5.What materials can I cut with my Dremel DigiLab laser cutter?

A Dremel DigiLab laser cutter can cut a variety of non-metallic materials:

  • Wood
  • Fabric
  • Plastics
  • Glass
  • Acrylic
  • Leather
  • Paper
  • Cork

It can also mark anodized metals that have been painted or finished with an anodic oxide. Examples are aluminum or a coated tin.


We recommend the Glowforge laser cutter. This is good for anyone who is looking for an affordable desktop laser cutter with excellent usability and safety features. 

Its level of accuracy and precision on various materials cannot be overemphasized. The setup is by automation, which makes it easy for users to use.

Glowforge may not be the best device for cutting and engraving in the market, but it is certainly one of the best laser cutters we have seen in terms of the precision, user-friendliness, setup, and capabilities that it offers.