Knobs Or Pulls In Shaker Cabinets? (The Definitive Guide)

knobs or pulls on a shaker cabinet

Your choice of hardware for your shaker cabinets either enhance or diminsh the beauty of your shaker cabinet. Also, the decorating options for a shaker cabinet may be endless and intimidating. Thus a lot of us often find it hard to choose between knobs or pulls on shaker cabinets.  

Whether you want to use knobs or pulls on shaker cabinets, the simplest way to beautify your shaker cabinet is to adopt knobs on all your shaker cabinet drawers and doors. For upgrading, you can use stainless steel knobs. If you desire a vintage look for your cabinet, you should use a ceramic knob. You can also adopt the combination of knobs and pulls on shaker cabinets. This is largely dependent on your taste and preference.   

We have more to discuss in this article. Find out how you can adopt the best cabinet hardware that best suits your shaker cabinets. 

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What Size Pulls For Shaker Cabinets? 

what size pulls for a shaker cabinets

There are various sizes of pulls that can be used on your shaker cabinet. Personal taste and preference are major factors when selecting a pull size for the shaker cabinet

It is recommended that you follow the pulls sizes for their corresponding drawer size, they are listed below:

Drawer size 

Pull size 

18 inches

4 inches

21 inches

7 inches

36 inches

10 inches

18 - 36 inches

6 - 8 inches

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Where Do Pulls Go On Shaker Cabinets?

Where do pulls go on a shaker cabinet

Cabinet pulls placement is a crucial part of bringing the aesthetics of your kitchen or room together. Cabinet pulls are used for doors and drawers in your shaker cabinets. 

Listed below are some of the places pulls are located on a shaker cabinet:

  • Horizontally in the mid-way of the inset panel
  • Upper corners of the frame, with a distance of about 1"-3" from the edge
  • Stile center for large shaker cabinets 
  • Lower corners of the frame,  any distance of 1"-3" away from the edge of the cabinet
  • Horizontally placed at the center of the base cabinet drawer rail
  • Placed at the center on the top drawer front
  • Vertically centered on the top edge of the lower rail

Pro Tips

  • To place the hardware precise and quick get a high-quality cabinet hardware jig. You can find the top quality cabinet hardware jig here.

Best Types Of Knobs For Shaker Cabinets 

best types of knobs for shaker cabinets

1. Ceramic knob:

This brings a charming and unique look to your kitchen. It amplifies the aesthetics in your kitchen when paired with natural wood finishes. It is classic and gives your kitchen a homely flair.

2. Glass knobs: 

These are cabinet hardware that adds a touch of grace and style to your cabinet. It is elegant and in semblance to a French perfume bottle. 

3. Brass/Nickel knobs: 

These are one of the most commonly used kitchen cabinet hardware. They enhance Stainless Steel appliances. 

4. Schaub and Company Northport Knob: 

It adds retro flair to your kitchen when installed. Northport knob is best used with Stainless Steel, industrial style lighting, and white marble cabinetry.

Best Types Of Pulls For Shaker Cabinets 

best type of pull for shaker cabinet

There are different types of drawer pulls for your shaker cabinets. Selecting the most suitable one depending on your knowledge of these types. That is why we have selected some of the best pull types that can be installed on your shaker cabinets. 

1. Latches: 

These give your kitchen a unique look when paired with other hardware components. You can use this if you need extra security. I won't advise you to go for this if you are looking at the functionality.

2. Tubular pull:

This type of pull gives your kitchen a contemporary look.  They can be installed vertically or horizontally, and you can choose a shorter bar for a modest appeal. 

3. Flat bar pulls: 

These are smooth and sharp in appearance, it gives your kitchen a sleek look when paired with square edges. Selecting a flat bar pull to amplify the beauty of your light or dark cabinet. 

4. Bin pulls: 

They are a fashionable type of pull. It is an archaic pull type, but the appearance is appealing.  

Bin pulls can be used for pairing different styles. You can blend it with any style and it will be perfect. 

5. Pulls with uncovered screws:

These are a functional and stylish type of cabinet pulls for your shaker cabinet. It gives you the best style when installed on exposed brick and Stainless Steel equipment. I need to tell you that they are industrial. 

6. Accented Wire Pull:

This gives your kitchen a traditional look.  It is a tall crown molding, surrounded by a decorative hood that can be blended with bronze faucet.

What Color Knobs And Pulls Look Best On Shaker Cabinets? 

What color hardware looks best on shaker cabinets

So many color combinations of knobs and pulls can blend well with your shaker cabinets.

For instance, if your shaker cabinet is deep blue.  The colors of your knobs and pulls look “like no issue”, but they can alter the beauty in your kitchen. They set the tone in your room and kitchen.

Here are some suggestions that can help you choose the best hardware color:

Cabinet Colors 

Recommended Knobs and Pulls Colors  

Inky Blue-Black Cabinets

It is advised your cabinet hardware should be polished Nickel in color.

Blue-Gray Cabinet

Dark Oiled-Bronze. It works because the black tones in the oil-rubbed bronze give beauty to the grey tones in the cabinet's color.

Navy Blue Cabinets

You can use Antique Brass hardware. This will add warmth and glitters to the room.

Indigo Cabinets

Stainless Steel Hardware.  It works because the bar pulls are modern and add a contemporary touch to your kitchen. They are a good match for pulls installed on refrigerators in your kitchen.

Deep Blue Cabinets

Blended with satin brass knobs and pulls. This adds cottagey warmth to the room and kitchen.

Dark cabinets

Oil rubbed bronze hardware

What Color Hardware Looks Best On White Shaker Cabinets? 

what color hardware for white shaker cabinet

One of the most popular hardware colors for a white shaker cabinet is the silver tubular pull. While it is also advised to use copper knobs and pulls for cobalt cabinets; The reddish tones in the hardware enhance the reddish warm and touch of purple in the cobalt-colored cabinet.

Applying matching hardware on both drawers and doors keep your kitchen modern.

Choosing the best and suitable hardware for your shaker cabinets depends on your personal choice, some people like “anything goes”, but if you are the type that likes the good color combination,  then you must choose rightly. 

Ask  yourself the following questions before choosing :

  • Does my hardware color blend with the color of my shaker cabinets? 
  • Am I a color freak? 
  • Are my color combinations appealing?


The importance of knowing whether to use knobs or pull on shaker cabinets cannot be overemphasized. Improper application and omission of the smallest details can either make or mar your kitchen.

Ensure you choose the best and most suitable cabinet hardware color for your shaker cabinets. Read more from these helpful resources to learn more.