Top 5 Kreg Router Table Compatible Routers [Reviews]

Top Kreg Router Table Compatible Router

Kreg is one of the best brands of router tables. In fact, Kreg’s PRS1045 is the top choice of professionals. However, even the best router table won’t provide the quality of work unless you have a good router table combo

I’ve gone through various woodworking forums, asked local woodworking experts and researched available 20+ routers to find out the best router for Kreg tables.

Here’s what I've found to be the top five Kreg router table compatible routers -

1. Triton TRA001 Router
Why it's our top pick:
  • Built in router lift system
  • Powerful 3.25HP Router 
  • Easy and accurate height adjustment



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2. Metabo HPT Router

Power: 11amp 2.25hp

Speed: 8000-10000rpm

Most affordable

3. Bosch 1617EVS

Power: 12amp 2.25hp

Speed: 8000 -25000 rpm


4. Milwauke 5625-20

Power: 15amp 3.5hp

Speed: 10000 - 22000 rpm


5. Makita M12VC

Power: 11amp 2.25hp

Speed: 8000-24000 rpm


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Top 5 Kreg Router Table Compatible Routers [Review]

1 Triton TRA001 3.25 HP Router - The Best 

The Triton TRA001 features excellent above table height adjustment plus it has a built-in lift system that makes bit changes and adjustments easy.

Above table adjustments

The height adjustments are done with a winding handle. The router uses a rack and pinion system which makes height adjustments accurate and easy.For more check our guide on router with above table height adjustment.

Fine adjustment control

You can do detailed work with the router with micro-fine adjustment and variable speed that starts at 8, 000 and up to 21, 000 revolutions per minute.

Side vents to remain cool

Its design is to prevent overheating with vents on the side of the motor. To prevent dust build-up they are sited.

Easy to use for novices

Bit changes are effortless with an integrated router lift. Check these top router lift reviews. Only use one wrench to change bits through the base. Featuring an auto spindle lock, it is safe during bit changing.

  • Excellent height adjustments and controls
  • 3 1/3 horsepower motor driven by a 15 AMP motor
  • Good settings range
  • Safety switch cover and spindle locks engage when reaching the depth
  • Feels solid with a sturdy build quality
  • The power switch isn’t well-positioned

2. Hitachi Metabo 2.25 HP Router - Most affordable

The Hitachi KM12VC had a name change but remains the same high-power 2 ¼ horsepower plunge/fixed base router and one of the most affordable kreg router table compatible routers.

Easy router adjustment

The router uses a twin-stage motor release clamp that makes changes bases or adjusting depths accurate and fast.

Controlled, precise cuts

It features a powerful motor that peaks at 2 ¼ horsepower and is driven by 11 AMPs.

Superior low noise level

Your workshop is quiet with the industry-leading noise level at only 79.5 dB.

Electronic speed control

Revolutions per minute remain constant even while it works through various loads.

  • Collet capacity of ¼ inch and ½ inch
  • Combination plunge and fixed base router
  • Very quiet operation
  • Plunge stroke of 2.6 inches
  • Low weight of 7.3 pounds
  • You cannot adjust speeds manually

3. Bosch 1617EVS 2.5Hp Router 

Bosch is known not only for its great value but also dependability with its rugged aluminum base and durable design.

Variable speed control

Speeds start at 8, 000 RPMs and up to 25, 000 RPM. It has a micro-fine dial to adjust speed increments to reach optimal speed.

Integrated Constant response circuitry

This feature is a Bosch trademark that allows the miter saw to deliver accurate, clean cuts with guaranteed speed consistency.

Soft-start feature

For easy handling and smooth transition, the soft-start reduces torque when starting up.

Above table adjustments

The height adjustments are done with an included wrench. The router uses a rack and pinion system which makes height adjustments accurate and easy.

Micro-fine but depth adjustments

Fixed depth routing with overall depth changes ranging of an inch while accuracy is to 1/64 inch.

  • ½ and ¼ inches self-releasing collets
  • 12 AMP motor
  • Variable speed with speed control
  • The base plate needs some improvements

4. Milwaukee 5625-20 3.5 HP Router - Best Plunge

The Milwaukee with its powerful 3.5 horsepower is a rugged router with a fixed base that feels great when handled.

Variable speed adjustments

The lowest revolutions per minute are 10, 000 with a good 22, 000 RPM. Micro-fine depth adjustments which are knob controlled with increments to 1/64 inch

Bit change is above table

An important factor as it makes life easier and it offers an easy to use rack and pinion system. It uses a T-wrench height adjuster.

  • Powerful 3 ½ hp with a 15 Amp motor
  • Good speed range
  • Above table adjusting
  • On and off switch is very small
  • No spindle lock

5 Hitachi M12VC 2.25 Hp Router​

The Hitachi M12VC features a fixed-base with a 2 ¼ horsepower motor with precision cutting and a quiet motor and ideal for pattern cutting, shaping, trimming, chamfering, and many more.

Easy, fast depth adjustments

Depth adjustments are accurate and fast with its twin-stage motor release clamp. It is further made easy as it has a nickel-plated housing.

Enhanced control and comfort

As with all Hitachi tools, the router features an ergonomic design and also only weighs 7.3 pounds. The fixed base ensures smooth gliding while the Elastomer compound wrapped handles prevent slippage and also reduces vibration.

Electronic speed control

The no-load speeds start at 8, 000 and up to 24, 000 revolutions per minute.

  • Very quiet motor with a noise level of only 79.5 dB
  • Five-year warranty
  • Easy to handle and use
  • Easy and quick depth adjustments
  • The power button placement is not ideal


These five Kreg router table compatible routers have all the top features required to make them good mounting routers. They have enough power to do tough jobs and excellent control. Router bits changing are easily done from above the table as well as easy above table depth adjustment. The variable speed adjustment is another factor we considered