20 Laser Cut Projects Made Of Wood

laser cut projects made of wood

Back in the days, I’ve seen how much effort my grandpa put to do the intricate cut or to cut shapes out of wood. 

He often did a 'good' job. However, that can’t match the finish now we can have with CNC machines or laser cutters.

The best wood laser cutters allow you to do intricate and accurate cuts in woods that are nearly impossible with hand or power tools.

In this blog post, I’ve compiled a list of 20 insanely easy and beautiful laser cut projects made of wood.

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Top 20 Laser Cut Projects Made Of Wood

1. Laser Cut Business Cards

This project can be made by using premium woods such as Veneer plywood. You can take your business card company to a new level by laser cutting cards

2. Laser Cut Bracelets

The design of this project is complex and intricate. You can’t achieve this with traditional manufacturing methods, only a laser beam's precision can do this.

3. Laser Cut Jewelry Components

You can take on this project by laser cutting wood to make wooden gifts and home decorations. This project is made from natural elements and natural woods.

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4. Laser Cut Wooden Lamp

This outer part of this component was laser cut out of wooden materials. It consists of Kerf’s pattern which includes slits. The slits allow the wood to be bendable and flexible. The lamp is unique because of its bending ability.

5.Laser Cut Bamboo Bookmarks

Laser cut bamboo bookmarks

Source: Little Card Boutique

It is widely known that bamboo is technically not wood, but it has the same physical characteristic as wood when pressed together. This project is laser cut and it can be customized with name tags. The designs are engraved by a laser engraver

6. Laser Cut Logo Signs

These projects can be placed in offices to reveal their brand design. The process of making this wooden logo sign is delicate, it requires extreme precision. This precision cutting is achieved with a laser beam. An inexpensive way of cuttting letters out of wood is using various different angle router bits.

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7. Laser Cut Bathroom Signs

Laser cut bathroom signs

Source: Grayskunk

These are projects made from wooden materials. Wooden bathroom signs can be laser cut to bring a unique creativity to bathrooms. 

8. Laser Cut Wooden Tie

The fashion industry can take up this project to enter new dimensions. This wooden tie is 3.2mm thick and made from Birchwood.

9. Laser Cut Living Room Lamp

Laser cut living room lamp

Source: Etsy – Lampshapers

This is made from MDF material and has a thickness of 6mm. Other regular manufacturing methods cannot get this done on time. Laser cutting did the job at a rapid level.

10. Laser Cut Wooden Packaging 

Laser cut wooden packaging

Source:  nygaarddesign

Beer lovers will love this project. It is made from a Birch Veneer and 5.2mm thick. The nametag and branding are engraved with laser engravers. This is a great initiative to package beers as a gift

11. Laser Cut Lixie Clock

This project is a LED Nixie clock, which is laser cut and has a wooden base. It incorporates an edge lighting laser cut. It’s about time to make a laser cut clock of your own.

12. Laser Cut Manchester Bee Coaster

This project is made from walnut or oak Veneered board and 6mm thick. It is designed to resist spills and drips.

13. Botanical Paper Art

A beautifully precision-cut and framed paper art. The abstract flowers are created by the silhouetted organic petal shapes. They are cut from a crisp 270gsm smooth white card.

14. Geometric Earrings

These are made from Birch and striking laser cut designs are created. Women who love beautiful earrings are likely to love this

15. Laser Cut Chevron Necklace 

We chose this project because it is one of the best. This salvaged wood ombre chevron necklace looks awesome. It was laser cut from wood and you can embark on this project if you love it.

16. Whimsical Rings

If you are the type that loves rings, this silhouette ring will be the best option for you. It can be laser cut from Birch. It comes in different shapes such as diamonds, mountains, and strawberry shapes

17. 3D Printer Case

This project includes a complete laser cut enclosure. We are encouraging you to make yourself this case for a type of RepRap 3D printer.

18. Raspberry Pi Mini Hifi

Make yourself one and pump up the volume of your music. You need a Raspberry Pi, PC speakers and laser cut plywood to make this. The laser cut gives a richer tone when finishes are added.

19. Laser Cut Bridal Shoes

Laser cutting is not limited to wedding decorations. Many couples want decorations that will suit their tastes. You can make lots of money by selling laser cut projects made from wood.

20. Laser Cut Glass Holder

Another project is this glass holder, you can make it into any shape which depends on the materials used


Have you made up your mind to start making your laser cut projects made from wood?

I’m sure you are thinking about how to get creative after reading these creative sets of laser cut projects. Be inspired to start your project and make your cool cash by selling to those who need them.