Made In USA Table Saws (The Last Ones)

made in usa table saw

Burrowing through contents on several woodworking forums, we see the itch in many individuals to compare their recent table saw buys to older made in USA table saws.

We understand how incredibly great the older table saws of the ’80s were and how disappointing sometime it is to find new table saws that don’t last five years, talk more of decades.

It's really hard to find a Made In USA table saw nowdays.

For folks who are still intentional about buying made-in-USA products, we have made a list of table saws still produced in the North American country. Also, the list contains table saws made out of USA that are as high quality as made in USA table saws.

Table saw made in USA :

Four table saw that are as high quality as the old made in usa table saws:

Why it's our top pick:
  • Accurate biesmeyer fence.
  • Smooth performance.
  • Powerful motor.
  • An excellent dust collection system.
Why it's our choice:
  • Cast iron table.
  • Large workspace
  • Powerful motor

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A Quick Review of Three Made In Usa Table Saw

1. Delta Unisaw 

Many woodwork professionals relish their time working with old Delta saws. Saws built by this brand chair the top echelon of table saws ever made.

It is quite satisfying to see that they still make brilliant products even after Delta Power Equipment Corporation bought over Delta from Black and Decker.

One of their best products ever is the Delta Unisaw with Biesemeyer Fence.

The following are some of the reasons why we fell head over heels for this beastly product.

Power and accuracy: 

This table saw is a perfect blend of both characteristics. These characteristics are possible because of three main components of the saw – an American made single-cast trunnion system, precision-ground cast-iron tabletop, and American Marathon motors available in both 3hp and 5hp motors.

Smooth performance: 

This table saw’s components put together to scream perfection when the machine is fired up. In fact, it is so soft in its running - with little vibrations - that it passes the nickel test.

Even with such impressive power, a nickel placed on the edge of the tabletop will not fall off when the motor is started or is running (nickel test).


A riving knife and split blade guard are two components that guarantee your safety when working with the Delta Unisaw.

It is very simple to set up and less restrictive compared to guard designs in older models. These older guard designs were inexplicably tricky to set up that professionals cast them aside when using them.

Other features that make it a top choice are an excellent dust collection system, storage drawer, and a highly precise 52” Biesemeyer fence system.

2. SawStop Table Saw 

With table saws like the SawStop PCS31230-TGP236, DIY is made smooth and seamless. Perhaps, most importantly, very few injuries are associated with this table saw.

According to research, a table saw injury occurs every nine minutes. The Sawstop table saw, however, begs to be different as it contributes very little to this rate.

Dust collection: 

The dust collection system here collects dust both below and above the table. With 99% ability to collect dust, the dust collection system is near perfect.

Above the table, the dust collection guard does all the work. Under the table, the uniquely designed shrouding guard shoves off the dust away from the blade to the fitted 4” dust port.


This is one of the greatest perks of the SawStop table saw. An electronic detection system is triggered once there is direct contact between the human body and the blade. 

One other important safety feature is the main power switch that comes with a lockout key. 

This comes in handy when you have kids or pets around, and you don’t want them to turn on the machine by mistake.

3. Northfield Table Saw​

This table saw is squeaky clean and near-perfect. It is a little wonder why many woodwork professionals would rather get an auctioned Northfield table saw than the modern table saws made in China. 

Here are some of the reasons why this table saw remains a darling and top choice for many woodwork professionals.

Precision tables: 

Northfield table saws are mostly heralded for their precision tables.

 All tables used for their products, including the stationary and rolling products, were heavily ribbed, adequately seasoned, and given a well-polished top.

All of these contribute to enhancing the accuracy of the jobs done on these tables.

Wide choice of models: 

The Northfield table saws come in a lot of sizes, shapes, and unique boxes of features. Putting things in perspective, they exist in four models. As expected, the models are designed to function in different ways and for differing purposes.

However, all are built to fit saw blades from 14” to 18”.

Table Saws Manufatured In Other Countries That Are As High Quality As The Old Made In USA Table Saws.

1. Powermatic PM1000 1791001K

There are several products that stand out even in the face of all the “made in USA” brouhaha amongst woodwork professionals.

One of them is the Powermatic PM1000 1791001K. With a riving knife, anti-kickback device, fence rail, and push stick, “made in USA” tools have got nothing on it.

Convenient power switch: 

The power switch is fitted underneath the table, making it comfortable for you to switch on and off the table saw using your knee.

Safety features: 

The Powermatic also included safety features like a blade guard that keeps you safe while working with the tool. The blade guard is designed to protect your fingers from the spinning blade. 

Impressive power: 

The Powermatic is synonymous with power. With a poly-v belt fitted into the machine, it delivers ridiculous power that helps you finish heavy-duty jobs in so little time.


  • Dust collection system doesn’t collect as much dust as expected

  • Voltage protection switch design needs to be improved upon

2. Grizzly Industrial G0691-10” ​

This table saw heralded for its craftsmanship and build quality is the benchmark for 10” left tilting saws.

A few of the excellent features that make it deserving of a place on this list are a magnetic switch, dust collection port, riving knife, and heavy cast wheels.


As far as top-notch performance is concerned, this product from Grizzly never disappoints. Its performance is unrivaled and will make your work seamless and enjoyable.

Accuracy and Precision:

There is more to this brilliant table saw than high performance. It is ridiculously accurate and precise in making cuts.

Its excellent build minimizes vibration to the lowest minimum possible, hence, enhancing the ability of the machine to deliver razor-blade precision and accuracy.

Impressive design:

For many table saws, a sturdy build is the only perk there is to talk about in terms of design. 

The Grizzly Industrial G0691-10 is however, different. It is not only well built and made of quality materials but also stylish in its design.


  • Difficult to assemble

3. Shop Fox W1819

If you are yet to find a worthy replacement for your old Dewalt table saw, do not fret! The Shop Fox W1819 is a worthy successor. Packed with a brilliant dust collection system, relatively quiet motor, and reliable blade height and bevel adjustment handle, there’s only so much you can fault in the Shop Fox W1819.


A powerful 3hp triple belt drive motor is one of the greatest appeals of this product. It runs superbly smooth and makes light of heavy-duty jobs, including cutting hardwoods.

In fact, there is so little vibration that one begins to wonder what technology it runs on.

Precision and accuracy:

The adjustable T-glide fence makes it easy to cut through all wood types with high accuracy and precision.

The T-glide fence comes with knobs that can be used to fine-tune it. It goes without saying that these knobs are quite easy to operate.


Many products promise safety. However, only a few deliver when push comes to shove. A blade guard and an anti-kickback system insure you from any life-threatening injury.

They protect you from chunks of wood hitting you at high speed or getting into your eyes.


  • Cannot be plugged into a standard outlet

4. Jet 708674PK

The Jet 708674PK aces tests on performance, reliability, and performance with no hassles whatsoever. Perhaps, most importantly, it wouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg to move one to your workshop.

Dust collection:

Its unique collection system collects using a flex hose and an internal shroud connected to a large 4 inches dust port. This system is very effective that your table is often left squeaky clean even after working long hours.


A 3hp motor and poly v-belt delivers enough power to make it rub shoulders with other powerhouses like the Powermatic PM1000 1791001Kl. Its operation is smooth as silk and easy sledding.

Extensive rip capacity:

Some people do not give a tinker’s curse about rip capacity. For those who do, however, the Jet 708674PK is one of their best.

A 50” rip capacity to the right of the blade is among the highest you will find in the market.


  • Maximum depth is limited to 3” at degrees.

Why Are Table Saws No Longer Made In The USA?

There are several reasons why table saws are no longer machined or produced in the USA. One such is the cost of production. It is costly to make these machines in the USA. Hence, why machines made here are usually pricey.

Is It Important To Buy Tools That Are Made In The USA? 

For decades, woodwork tools produced in the USA have been considered the very best in the game.

However, Asian tigers like China and Taiwan have usurped the USA in the number of products released year after year. 

They have taken conscious steps to enhance the quality of their products. Still, many of these products come short, few points adrift of the renowned USA-made table saws in terms of reliability, performance, and durability. 

It must however, be noted that not all made in USA table saws are top-drawer quality. Only those from reputable brands like Dewalt and SawStop are.

In fairness to Taiwan and China, many of their brands compete favorably with made-in-USA for table saws for half the price.

In fact, they have more brands producing high performing machines than those in the USA. The USA has a lesser number of brands producing top-performing products. 

However, in terms of quality and performance, the most sought-after characteristics in the best machines, USA-made machines, still come out tops.

But it is impossible to overlook the import of modern engineering in the production of woodwork tools by countries like Taiwan, Germany, and China.

They have, without a doubt, stepped up their game and look set to become a household name among woodwork professionals.

Where To Find A Used Table Saw?

If you’re still bent on getting first-generation table saws made in the USA, you aren’t out of options. Indeed, there are a couple of websites where you could get those:

1. Craiglist

Some of the old table saws used by woodwork experts of old are auctioned on Craiglist for the highest bidder. Be sure to check faults with the sold table saw and if they are things you could quickly fix.


2. Woodworking forums

Old table saws built by USA powerhouses like Craftsman and Delta are still being moved from shop to shop on a daily basis. Through woodworking forums, people who need these machines can meet people who want to sell theirs.

3. eBay

It is impossible to burrow through contents on eBay and not find some of the best available used table saws. Though used, most of the products here are in good condition and still deliver brilliant performance.

4. Buy/Sell FB groups

Just like woodworking forums, there are groups on Facebook where people trade and buy used table saws.

Final Take!

Old made-in-USA table saws are one of a kind. They make really accurate cuts and can last decades of usage.

This is not unrelated to the fact that most of these products are made using the best of materials, unlike newer products with flimsy parts. 

However, production cost nipped production in the bud. Most table saws available in the market these days were crafted, worked, and assembled in Taiwan, China, and Germany.

These products can go toe to toe with these old table saws in terms of sturdiness and are streets ahead in terms of modern technology adoption.