MLCS Router Bits Review – (How Bits Performed?)

mlcs router bits review


There are a lot of queries regarding MLCS bits since it has come to market. Here, we have provided MLCS router bits review along with the overall performances of MLCS bits. All the information provided here are completely objective and fancy terms free so that you get to know what you need exactly and are not biased.

Top 5 MLCS router bits:

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Evaluating MLCS Router Bits Performance:

Cheap price:

MLCS router bits come as a set of like 15, 30 or 66 pieces. So per unit cost of bits is amazingly lower than an individual bit! That means you get whole set of bits with relatively lower cost than buying bits separately.

If you are an amateur or a beginner, there is no point of investing a lot amount of money on different types router bits. You can have MLCS router bits, play with them, improve your learning curve, and then if you think that you want to try next level or start woodworking professionally, then you can look for costly and better quality router bits.

Sharpness:Great on softer woods, average on hard woods.

On softer wood MLCS bits worked flawlessly. But, on hard woods it doesn’t provide the same fineness. You may require to trim the edge or use sanders to get the perfect cut.

If quality is the main concern to you and price does not matter at all, then you should go for big brands of router bits. But if you want to be cost effective and your bread and butter does not depend on woodwork, then MLCS router bits would be the wise choice.

Bits Longevity: Don’t last as long as Whiteside/Freud bits.

MLCS router bits does last long if handled correctly. But, you shouldn’t expect it to last as long as a Whiteside/Freud.

Bit tip: Carbide tipped good quality.

Bits are carbide tipped resulting in less vibration and less wear over use which retain the sharpness and strength of the bits. Tips are on par with Freud/Whiteside.

Allows you to be more versatile

MLCS router bits with different profiles can provide you wide variety of application(different sorts of cuts) with a relatively lower cost that you will not get from other brand router bits and with such flexibility.

Needs to be handled carefully

No matter how good a router bit is, if you don’t handle it properly, it will be damaged eventually. For example, if you want to make a ½ inch hole even in a soft wood like pine at one pass, the bit is bound to fail!

You should be doing that hole in several passes.

So, even though MLCS router bits are more suitable for soft woods, proper handling and maintenance of the bits enables those to work fine on harder wood also.

A Quick Review of Top MLCS Router Bits

1. MLCS 8377 15-Piece Router Bit Set - The Best 

This one comes with 15 pieces of carbide tipped bits which provides a better alternative of HSS tipped bits . Also ½  inch shanks provide good strength over vibration during cutting operation which is very important.

  • Very good for beginners
  • Comes with wood storage box
  • Best for soft woods.
  • Comes with Allen key.
  • Good wear and heat resistant
  • Don’t last long.

2. MLCS 8369 Router Bit Set, 30-Piece

The 8369 ½ inch shank and carbide tip provides the same advantages as mentioned in the review of MLCS 8377 and 30 pieces of bits allows more flexibility to achieve variety of application.

  • Allows moderate amount of flexibility to achieve different types of cut 
  • Provides decent cuts on the woods.
  • Tested durability over longer period of use.
  • Box is not very strong, might break.

3. MLCS 8383 66 Router Bit Set, 1/2-Inch Shank

With 66 pices of bits, allows freedom of work on woods with different cuts.

  • Very flexible for professional work .
  • Greater value for the money
  • Better versatility.
  • Some bits might go unused.
  • Storage box isn’t up to the mark.

Bottom Line

Here’s our summary of MLCS router bits review:

If you are a beginner, you should buy the MLCS 8377 15-Piece Router Bit Set without any doubt because it would let you get acquainted with the router bits and save you money from buying expensive individual bits.

On the other hand, if you are the person who believes in the more the better or if you want to do a lot of experimentation and save money simultaneously then you should go for MLCS 8383.


In our opinion the best choice would be MLCS 8369 1/2-Inch shank Carbide-tipped Router Bit Set, 30-Piece


See, this is the bit set which is useful for both professionals and non professionals.

If you are not new in woodwork and not an expert either but want to take your craftsmanship to a new level, the 30 pieces of bits will allow you some flexibility on it. 

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