Top 10 Most Affordable CNC Routers In 2023 [Reviews]

Most affordable CNC Router

Most hobbyists do not consider CNC machines because they are expensive even if it’s necessary.

In fact, A CNC router allows you to automate things while producing accurate and precise projects. 

Today we focus on providing a list of cheap CNC routers for pros and novices that want to produce high-end projects without the high price tag. Here are the top affordable CNC routers that are good for multiple materials and purposes

  1. 1
    Genmitsu CNC 3018-PRO Router Kit - The Best
  2. 2
    VEVOR CNC 3018 CNC Router KitMost Affordable
  3. 3
    BobsCNC Evolution 3 CNC Router Kit -  A Pro Kit With Affordable Price
1. ​Genmitsu CNC 3018-PRO Router Kit
Why it's our top pick:
  • Easy 15-minute setup
  • Works silently and offline
  • Immense stability
  • Cut a wide range of materials

CNC Routers

Working Area

Can Cut


2. VEVOR CNC 3018 CNC Router Kit 


Plastics, soft aluminum, acrylics, PVCs, PCBs,

3. BobsCNC Evolution 3 CNC Router Kit 

16" x 18"


4. MY SWEETY 3 Axis CNC Router 

300x180x45 mm

Carvingwood, bamboo, paper, ivory, leather, flammable plastic, PCB, acrylic, ceramic/stone

5. Yofuly CNC  Router Engraving Machine 



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Table Of Contents

Top 10 Most Affordable CNC Routers Of 2020

1. Genmitsu CNC 3018-PRO Router Kit - The Best 

Our best affordable CNC router is compact, easy to install, and smart with plenty of excellent features.

Easy 15-minute setup

Both professionals and novices will benefit from the small compact CNC router with its pre-assembled parts. This makes setup a breeze and you will be testing it in under 15 minutes

Works silently

This CNC router works silently as it has special Toshiba TB6S109 drivers that remove any potential din sound that most drivers have.

Optocouplers for protection

The machine’s longevity is increased with optocouplers that protect its mainboard.

Immense stability

Your work experience as well as the quality and length of the machine’s life are excellent with its body made completely from aluminum.

Acrylic baffles line the sides of the router

Your safety is guaranteed while working with the integrated acrylic baffles on the sides of the router. This also keeps the work area very clean as it prevents dust from spreading everywhere.

  • You can use it offline
  • Cut a wide range of materials
  • Super silent with integrated Toshiba drivers
  • Large 1.8-inch display for easy reading
  • Novices may find it difficult to start with

Read MorE

2. VEVOR CNC 3018 CNC Router Kit - Most Affordable

With its large working area, high precision, and ease of assembly this is a great router for beginners while it is also our most affordable CNC router.

Premium quality materials

Made from aluminum combined with a black injection molding material, you are ensured of a stable, durable, and high precision machine.

Versatile application use

You can do a lot of engraving on multiple material types like PCB, PVC, acrylic, soft aluminum, various types of plastics, and more.

Triple axis refinement with efficient motors

The large working area of 300 x 130 x 45 mm is a triple axis model for perfect plane engraving. Each one of the three-axis is equipped with a 42-stepper motor which makes movement excellent.

  • An easy assembly that takes under 15 minutes
  • A wide variety of materials can be engraved
  • GRBL control board that connects to your PC via USB
  • High performance with 3 42 stepper motors
  • Beginners might find the software difficult to understand

3. BobsCNC Evolution 3 CNC Router Kit - A Pro Kit With Affordable Price

A feature-rich CNC router for professionals and novices for accurate cutting via multiple operating systems.

Spindle-lock machine

It is very easy to change router bits with the spindle lock feature.

Large cutting area

The dimensions measure 17.7 a 15.3 x 3.3-inches.

Feature-rich SG2OU rail system

The SG2OU rail system is mounted on the framework. It is accompanied by a GT2 belt drive for the X and the Y axes. The Z-axis features a 5/16-18 dual brass nut.

Arduino microprocessor control

You will find router control a breeze via its Arduino microprocessor which is connected via USB cable. This feature controls the entire system which operates via multiple operating systems like Linux, Mac OS X as well as Windows.

  • Using X and Y axes, you can cut material that is longer than 17-inches
  • Great stability from the rigid wooden plywood frame
  • Very accurate when you use high-quality bits
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Look after the proximity switches as it isn’t high quality

4. MY SWEETY DIY CNC 3018PRO-M 3 Axis CNC Router 

While it has a small work table of 160 mm x 100 mm, it is great for small home workshops.

A high degree of control

An affordable CNC router with plenty of control when you consider you can work both offline or using GRBL software.

Versatile use

It supports various operating systems that include Linux, Windows XP, and Windows 10.

775 Spindle

The 775 spindle ensures that you have smooth, excellent cuts regardless of the surface. It cuts effectively through different kinds of metals like copper and aluminum as well as soft materials.

  • Use it both with software or choose to work offline
  • Full-year warranty if you are not happy with this affordable CNC router
  • You can attach a laser when you want to do designs like etching calligraphy
  • Perfect and smooth cuts regardless of material surface
  • It is not compatible with Apple devices

5. Yofuly CNC Router Engraving Machine 

The Yofully is an affordable CNC router while it is a high-end machine made from durable aluminum alloy.

A versatile machine

You can use a variety of operating systems with this router. It is compatible with anything from Windows 10 to Windows XP and more.

Adequate volume with large work area

Your affordable CNC router has a 400mm x 300mm x 240mm volume. The actual work area is 300mm x 180mm.

Air cooling spindle

Its air cooling spindle features air cooling systems. It requires a power source of 24 V AC at a current of 10A. The router’s spindle moves up to 45mm. This spindle reaches up to 200 W power allowing it to cut through a number of materials.

Manual as well as software control

Yofuly is one of the few CNC routers that allow for the GRBL software position plus manual control. This makes sure you always have superior control over both the applications and the machine.

  • You can add the adjustable rotary tool to the computer
  • Cut through several soft materials with the excellent movement of the spindle
  • Manual as well as software control
  • Large working area
  • -

6. Cenoz DIY CNC Router Machine

The Cenoz is one of the easiest to assemble routers and very reliable which makes it great for beginners.

Pre-assembled router

Most of the assembling work has been done for you and you only need to follow easy instructions that will take you under 15-minutes to make your first engraving job.

Three modes of control

Choose how you want to control the job which includes inputting G-code manually, allow the program to take control, or work in offline mode via a USB.

  • One of the most affordable CNC routers while very reliable
  • Choose how you want to work including offline mode
  • Suitable for a variety of materials including PCB, PVC, acrylics, woods, soft aluminum, and plastics
  • It is not compatible with MAC OS, only Windows

7. Mcwdoit CNC Router Kit

The Mcwdoit makes our list for its ability to use when space is limited and you are not connected to the internet.

Use it offline

You don’t need to remain online when using this affordable CNC router. For offline use, you can download the required files from your computer or laptop onto a portable device like a USB stick. Plug this USB into the CNC router’s offline connection when you are ready to work.

  • Great for novice woodworkers
  • 12-month warranty
  • Ability to complete jobs offline
  • 1 GB offline file capacity
  • Cannot be used on industrial-grade jobs

8. RATTMOTOR CNC 3018 PRO DIY Mini Engraving Milling Router Machine

This unit is suitable for a lot of different applications including milling, wood laser engraving, and carving.

Multiple applications can be used

Use it to engrave and carve materials like MDF materials, PCB, PVC, light wood, plastic, and other light materials that do not have rough surfaces.

Advantages of a wood board skeleton

A cheap CNC router that comes with wear resistance, high-temperature resistance, high strength, zero static electricity, and good insulation because of its skeleton made from wood.

  • Multiple control software – GCAM, ARTCAM, LaserGRBL, and GRBL
  • Pro edition which gives you upgraded control modules
  • Choose from 3 laser options
  • Supports Windows, Windows XP, Linux
  • The offline controller isn’t included in the kit

9. Beauty Star CNC Router Kit  

A low-priced CNC router with all the functionalities of a professional router that offers excellent control and precise engraving and routing.

Large working area

With dimensions of 250 mm x 259mm x 270mm, it features one of the largest working surfaces making a variety of jobs possible.

Use for a variety of applications

Perfect hobby prototype building, RC model parts, aircraft models, advertising signs, building model making, crafts, and artworks.

Maximum rigidity and accuracy

It features a PVC frame with precision linear bearing and steel guide rods. This ensures all work is precise and very accurate

  • Large working area
  • Multiple materials are suitable
  • Uses GRBL software
  • Does not support Mac operating systems

10. RATTMMOTOR CNC Router 1310

An aluminum alloy machine that does accurate engraving, carving, and milling on a variety of materials.

Multiple materials can be used

You can use PCB, PVC, acrylic, wood, plastic, soft metal as well as Aluminum and copper to do engraving and carving.

All metal frame

You are assured of working on a stable machine with high accuracy from its high-quality all-metal frame. It also adds to its longevity and accuracy when engraving or carving. High-quality aluminum combined with red oxidation treatment guaranteed its durability.

Multiple operating systems plus offline use

Choose to work offline with the included offline controller. Supports operating systems like Windows, 7, Windows 8 as well as Windows XP.

  • A working area of 281mm x 281mm x 287.5mm
  • High-quality 2-phase 4-wire stepper motors
  • GRBL software control
  • It does not come with assembly instructions


Compiling our affordable CNC router list, we considered everything including price during our research.

These models are cheap while perfect for beginners and mid-level woodworkers who want to do small jobs and gain hands-on CNC experience. 

Ease of use with a non-intimidating machine that is easy to use and understand with great software compatibility is what we aimed to compile for you.