20 Router & Router Table Projects For Beginners

router and router table projects

The use of a router or table mounted router in your workshop can open up the scope of various different projects. 

How? Using a router table makes cutting, molding, and cabinetry to be precise and fast. Here's a list of 20 free router and router table projects for beginners 

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20 FREE Router & Router Table Projects For Beginners

1. Flat Book Stand By Ana White

Folding book stand

DIY router table project from Ana White is one of the top choices of DIY hobbyists. With this plan, you can hold your textbooks up. To make this plan is free and the only thing you buy is a narrow hinge.  You need scrap wood and a mix of pine and poplar, and finishes. It will only take you 6-9 hours to try this out as a beginner.

2. Edge Grain Cutting Board By AroundhomeDIY


This is a model with simple designs by AroundhomeDIY.  The plan requires little or no knowledge of woodworking. You need a pair of 6”-7” wide hard maple and walnut boards, and other necessary tools. As a beginner, this is a project you can make in your home and it won’t consume your time.

3. Cookbook Stand By Housefulofhandmade 


For those struggling to keep their cookbooks open while cooking, this easy-to-make project from housefulofhandma might be the best you can lay your hands on as a beginner. This is easy to build and having a stash of scrap wood, a nail gun will get the job done.

cabinet doors

This project from Instructables has so much to like about it. As a beginner, you can make a cabinet door with a router table without spending so much. You need tools such as delta table saw, bora clamps, push blocks, titebond glue, woodpeckers router table, and lift.

5. Foldable Recipe Stand By Cherisedbliss


Foldable recipe stand from cherishbliss is perfect for those who are looking for an easy-to-make stand for a recipe. You need a table saw, drill, plunge router, and a cordless brad nailer to get this done.

Spice rack

You don’t need to take up drawer space when you can hang your spices. The easy-to-do project helps your kitchen to be organized and beautiful. You need 1x8, 96” board, wood glue, chalkboard paint, wood sealer, wood stain, and other materials to get the job done.

7. A Unique Kitchen Cutting Board By Finewoodworking 

7 cutting board

Make cooking easy in your kitchen with this unique project. Here's a design that's simple in both looks and construction. You can do this with a ¾ “ MDF. 

8. Wooden Art Hangings From Instructables  

8 wood art

It's your choice to decide how charming you want your hangings to appear. This project looks great and it's easy to make as a beginner. You can either use a CNC router or a regular router to make different wood shapes.

9 beading tray

The cost of purchasing a bending tray in the market is quite expensive. Here’s a bending tray you can make with a router and 12mm core box cutter, non-slip routing mat, a piece of 18mm MDF, sandpaper, and chisel.

10. Wooden cutting board By Craftsy

10 finished-cutting-board

As a beginner, here’s a project you can do in a short amount of time with little cost. One of the best materials you can use is a dense hardwood with closed grains.

11. Windows By OneprojectCloser 

wood window

Are you looking for a way to build a wooden window? If yes, this is likely the best project for you. The tools needed to get the job done are a table saw, a router mounted in a router table, a mortise, and a tenon-jig. I’ll advise that you use pine to build this. 

12. DIY Bookshelf From JustmeasuringUP 

Diy bookshelf

If you are looking for a portable bookshelf, you’ll need to check out this bookshelf plan from JustmeasuringUP. It is budget-friendly and easy to make.

13 cabinet door with a router

Transform your existing cabinet by building beautiful cabinet doors with a router table. This can easily be done with a Kreg router table and it is budget-friendly. 

14. Wood Sign 

14 diy-wood-sign-with-router

If you want to know how to make wood signs, then this is for you. You can make DIY wood signs with this easy method. You can do this on a scrap piece of plywood. Tools needed are router, ¼" straight router bit, saw, wood glue, paper for a stencil, and blue painter's paint. Practice your creativity with this project as a beginner.

15 retro-wooden-speaker-for-phone

Here's a project for lovers of retro. The wooden speaker amplifies your phone and makes it much louder. You can make this retro speaker out of scraps of wood and the tools needed are a precise miter saw, clamps, jigsaw, measuring tape, etc.

16 wood-diy-necklace-holder-from-scraps

You can make this for your girlfriend to organize all her girly things. This is easy and quick to make. It also requires a few small scraps of wood to get the job done.

17 walnut_wood_cakeStand

This is one of the simplest DIY woodworking projects to make. It takes little or no expertise to get this done. You need two scraps of wood, wood glue, mineral oil, and 1- 3/8” wooden dowel as materials. You must determine the size of your cake stand from 8"- 14" before working on the project.

18 easy-wooden-star-bowl

This is a fun project you can make in the comfort of your home. It’s easy and quick to make and you can use up some of those scrap wood pieces that are cluttering up in your backyard.

19. DIY-inlay-garden-markers

Make gardening easy for you by making some beautiful garden markers. Making a garden marker will help you to be precise and accurate when changing the seeds in your garden. This is a simple design that can be made with cedarwood and a marker.

20 picture frame

Make a picture frame for your lovely photos instead of using a boring border. It is budget-friendly, easy, and quick to make. Make your favorite picture frame with a router bit.