5 Dewalt Table Saw Fence Upgrades For 10X Accuracy

DeWalt is one of the trusted table saw brands that manufacture high-quality table saws.

However, the fences that come with the DeWalt table saws, especially with lower-end saws, may lack in quality or wear out soon. So to amp up your table saw accuracy you should upgrade your table saw fence.

To make sure you pick the right one, we have prepeared a list of top-quality options for your DeWalt table saw fence upgrades. These can also be used to upgrade other table saw fences as well -

  1. 1
    Shop Fox W2005  (Recommended)
  2. 2
    DELTA BC30 - Biesemeyer Fence For Dewalt Table saw
  3. 3
    Shop Fox W1716 - Best Budget 
  4. 4
  5. 5
Why it's our top pick:
  • Fits Most Table Saws
  • Easy To Mount
  • 25-54" Rip Capcity To The Right



Rip Capacity


2. Biesemeyer DELTA BC30



3. Shop Fox W1716



4. Vega Pro 50



5. Delta, 36-T30T3 



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Top 5 Fence To Upgrade Your Dewalt Saw 

1. Shop Fox W2005 - Recommended

Our Thoughts

This fence is debatably your best option if you are looking to upgrade your Dewalt table saw without breaking the bank.

The fence from Shop Fox was designed to allow its users to make the most accurate cuts with minimal effort. This reliable equipment built from sturdy and quality materials deserves a chiefly spot on this list. We liked this fence for many reasons.

Ease of installation: The design of this fence allows it to be easily installed on a wide range of tables. For the most part, installing the fence is a breeze-through. In some cases, it might need some modifications. These modifications are, however, very minor.

Easy adjustments: This fence comes with a single locking cam action level that makes adjustments quite easy and quick. Its maximum rip capacity of 25” also makes you able to work a wide range of cutting operations.

Accuracy: The accuracy of this fence is buoyed by the provision of a wide right-angle design. The addition of an HDPE plastic fence surface also makes sliding very easy.

Although this fence doesn’t cost as much as top-end fences, it's still quite expensive for a woodwork hobbyist.

  • Easy sliding
  • Easy to install
  • Enhanced accuracy
  • A bit pricey

2. Biesemeyer Fence For Dewalt Table saw - DELTA BC30 

Our Thoughts

There's no denying the fact that Biesemeyer has set the standard of accurate fences. However, after they have started manufacturing in Taiwan, the quality have gone a bit low. But, it's recommended

For many people, Biesemeyer is the benchmark as far as fence systems are concerned. Biesemeyer is a household name and shouldn’t be strange to you if you are a woodwork professional. For starters, this product is a very versatile one. It can be used with Dewalt table saws and many other table saws. Compatible table saws must, however, come with proper mounting holes and cast-iron tables. Here’s a couple of things we liked about the Delta BC30

Three-point locking system: This is a more secure locking system than the one or two standard point locking systems in most fences. It makes cuts and measurements as precise as ever.

Sturdy build: Although the sides of the fence are made from plywood, the body of the fence was constructed using 14-gauge steel. This steel improves the overall strength and durability of the fence system.

Rip capacity: Its right-side rip capacity extends as much as 30 inches, while the left side is fairly wide as well at 12 inches.

The biggest shortcoming of this saw is the plywood used for the sides of the fence. Although the plywood design does not entirely spell doom, its strength is non-comparable to what it would have been if it was entirely steel construction.

  • Fits all table saws
  • Three-point locking system.
  • It's accurate to within 1/64 of an inch
  • Plywood used for the sides of the fenc

3. Shop Fox W1716 - Best Budget

Our Thoughts

This fence upgrade measures up to more expensive fence units in terms of quality. Yet, you can get it for a meager price. For this reason, it is considered the best budget fence unit.

This is the perfect option for you if you are looking for a durable fence that comes at a budget-friendly price. Made of a mix of aluminium and steel, this fence has the capacity to resist wear and tear even after a considerably long time of use. Here’s what we liked about the budget fence pick.

Adjustable measuring tape: The measuring tape that comes with the unit was attached using a self-adhesive. This way, you can mount the measuring tape at different locations if you do not feel comfortable with where the manufacturers decided was most appropriate.

Affordable: This is the least expensive fence on this list. Yet, it isn’t missing out on features that should give your table saw the upgrade you require.

Heavy-duty locking levers: This is perhaps the most appealing part of this unit. There is no need for a rear locking mechanism. These heavy-duty locking levers hold the fence and keep it from deflecting when in use.

The biggest drawback of this saw is the installation process. The installation instructions are a bit difficult to understand and hence, make the installation process a tad fussy.

  • Smooth operation.
  • 30-inches max rip to the right.
  • Affordable
  • Installation can be quite a hassle.

4. Vega PRO 50

Our Thoughts

The Vega PRO 50 is one of the best overall fence for Dewalt’s table saws.

For a professional upgrade on your table saw’s stock saw, you do not get anything better than the Vega PRO 50. 

This product from Vega is in the top echelon of fences compatible with Dewalt table saw and indeed, any other saw. 

We liked this saw for a host of reasons. Some of them include:

Functioning: This fence no doubt improves the capacity of your table saw. By adding 50-inch rip capacity to the right and 10-inch to the left, it makes it easier for your Dewalt table saw to deal with bigger materials.

Fence profile: The design of the fence makes the alignment of the table and fence easier. This design includes pre-drilled holes made to match up with the existing hole pattern.

Simple to install: As earlier highlighted, this premium fence option is easy to install. If you are looking to fit it to a compatible table, installation can take as little as 15 minutes.

Its main downside is its hefty price tag. This con is, however, non-significant if placed side by side with its numerous advantages.

  • High rip capacity
  • Easy to install
  • Does not require drilling for installation
  • Its steel brackets have sharp edges
  • It does not come with an instruction manual.

5. Delta, 36-T30T3 

This fence from Delta is hands-down the easiest of fence systems to use. Still, there is no compromise on build quality or design. It is easy to assemble even for first-timers. Let’s take a look at why this darling from Delta made the cut.

Build quality: The rail and steel system was produced using high-quality steel. It was also welded at potentially weak points to boost the system’s strength even when used under high-pressure jobs.

T-square locking system: This locking system is quite efficient at holding down the unit tightly. This way, you get high precision cuts and perfect alignments.

Easy gliding fence body: The fence’s body was designed to glide with ease. This, in turn, ensures that the system can properly handle repetitive and quicks cuts. That gliding design also helps in squaring the cuts, as well as make ripping more precise than ever.

When compared to a couple of others on this list, this fence upgrade is relatively expensive. However, it compensates for this price differential by a boost in accuracy and durability.

  • Very easy to install and use
  • Made of high-quality steel
  • Precise three-point locking systems
  • Relatively expensive

Appearance and designs aren’t everything. You should, therefore, not be bought over by stylish looks or designs that appear complex or ‘premium’. No matter the hype surrounding a saw, there is no guarantee that it would work for you. Therefore, before opting for a model, you should make sure that it suits your needs.

What makes a table saw fence great?


What good is a fence if it is not compatible with your table saw? Fences usually have a range of table saws they are compatible with. The compatible table saws are usually clearly spelt out by the manufacturer in the product’s description. A great fence unit is versatile and compatible with many table saws. Even when the table saws need to be customized, the modifications should be easy to make.


A brilliant and sturdy construction is one tell-tale sign that a fence unit is great. The overall build determines to a large extent the durability of the unit and its ability to work through rough usage. For the most part, units made of aluminium are usually very durable.


This is one of the most important reasons for going for a fence upgrade in the first place. You should, therefore not settle for any product that doesn’t promise as much accuracy as you might have wanted. Ease of adjustments is one of the greatest determinants of the accuracy level of a fence unit. Units with micro-adjustments are the most accurate.

The DIY Table Saw Fence Upgrade

The following is a guide on how you can upgrade your table saw’s fence without engaging the services of a professional.

To begin with, take the dimensions of your stock fence. Follow this up by making cuts on baltic birch plywood. Square up the plywood. You can make use of a try square, and straight edge saw to make this happen. Afterwards, start laying out on the plywood points where you can start making cuts for your fence components. You can make the cuts using a track saw as it is very accurate in its cuts.

Next up, lay-out the cut components on the existing/stock fence. Then add clamps and make markings in line with the holes of the stock fence. This gives you an idea of what points you should drill. Drill using counter bits and make the final assembly.

Re-assemble the components and include the screws to make it a complete assembly. Check to be sure that it is square and can glide through the table saw with ease. Apply gel paint for a clean finish.

Frequently Asked Questions -

Are table saw fences universal?

In summary, table saw fences are not universal. The only exception is if you have a Biesemeyer-style table saw fence. These forms of fences are sometimes interchangeable. It’s not as easy converting to a look-alike fence made for another saw. You could, however, upgrade to a Biesemeyer style fence. In doing so, you must be ready to give up portability.

Do I really need to upgrade the table saw fence?

This is one question that must have crossed your mind once or twice. The ridiculous price tags some fence units carry sometimes make you wonder if you really need one. If you are most concerned about the price, you should probably skip having a fence upgrade. However, if the accuracy, precision it can give to your table saw is worth anything to you, you need.

Should I remove the extension wing when installing a fence?

This is not absolutely necessary. Most fence units are designed such that they can be mounted whether or not you remove the extension wing.  

Final Take!

As great as your Dewalt table saw might be, its fence unit might not just make the cut. But what fence upgrade should you go for? Any of the fence systems outlined in this review could suffice. However, if you seek high-end precision, durability and a host of other premium features, the Vega PRO 50 should be your next point of call. 

The professional upgrade is quite easy to install even for a DIY enthusiast. This is quite impressive considering how difficult the Shop Fox W1716 installation could sometimes be. It also has a whooping rip capacity of 50 inches. This is double the rip capacity of the Shop Fox W2005 and considerably wider than the Delta BC30. Its profile design also makes it easy to align the table saw and fence properly.

The Vega PRO 50 is all you will ever need in a fence upgrade – high precision, easy adjustment, durability and easy installation process.