20 Table Saw Upgrades To 10X Your Performance & Accuracy

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Recently I was looking to upgrade my old made in USA Powermatic 66 table saw that provided top-notch work for a long time. And with time it has worn off. 

However, there's seems to be countless things that we can do to improve the table saws. After quite a bit of research, I think...

These 5 Table Saw Accessories Will Drastically Improve Your Table Saw Performance -

  1. 1
    The Incra MITER1000SE Miter Gauge provides the best length stop with precise 1/32" repeatability for accurate miter cuts
  2. 2
    Though the industry made table saw fences are getting improved each day. But, it's still lagging behind high-quality aftermarket fence like Shopfox w2005. These provides compartively higher accuracy and easy to mount system.
  3. 3
    If you're looking to save money on the fence, consider a high-quality table saw router extension. That will allow you to use the same fence for your table saw and router table.
  4. 4
    A GRR-Ripper push block so you can continue counting to ten with your fingers.
  5. 5
    A splitter or riving knife to protect yourself from the most serious table saw accidents that is kickback. 
  6. 6
    BONUS: A high quaity angle gauge that gives you perfect reading each time.

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20 Table Saw Accessories To Upgrade Your Table Saw 

Some table saw accessories could tinker your machine, making it more efficient. While some boost the overall performance and efficiency of your table saw, some others only improve its safety. A number of these upgrades are, however, must-haves. Let’s take a look at an exclusive list of these must-haves.

The Must Do Table Saw Upgrades -

1. Incra Miter 1000SE Miter Gauge For Repeatable And Accurate Miter Cuts

Just like the table saw fence, a miter gauge can add more power to your table saw. If you would ever have to make angle cuts or crosscuts, a miter gauge would come in handy. Although most table saws come with one, they are mostly unreliable.

Why You Need A Miter Gauge:

A miter gauge upgrade fetches you another level of accuracy when making cuts. It removes every margin of error and guarantees you precise results all the time. With a miter gauge like the INCRA Miter1000, you can duplicate any angle you desire very quickly. It also comes with a steel housing that makes it very durable.

2. A High Quality Table Saw Fence To Rip Long Boards Accurately

A table saw fence works much like a guide around your table saw. You can easily adjust the distance from your blade to the fence. This allowance gives room for you to hold the wood firmly and in position when you need to make a cut.

Why You Need A Table Saw Fence Upgrade:

A table saw fence can effectively increase your rip capacity. Some brands like the ShopFox W1720 furnishes you with an added rip capacity of 50”. It was designed to increase the accuracy of the table saw. The premium brands come with a lock lever that makes your cuts as accurate and precise as ever.

3. Angle Gauge For Easy Bevel Cuts

The many benefits angle gauges present to its users makes it a must-have for woodwork enthusiasts and professionals.

Why You Need An Angle Gauge:

Before the advent of angle gauges, cutting bevels was an uphill task that involved a lot of trial-and-error moves. Now, it’s a breeze through. In one swift move, you can find any angle you desire. Speaking of its accuracy, you can adjust the angle to the nearest tenth of a degree. It is also simple to use.

4. GRR-Ripper 200 Pushblock So You Can Countinue COunting To Ten With Your Finger

The value of this accessory is simply unspeakable. This revolutionary pushing jig is used to grip and hold both sides of the workpiece during the ripping process.

Why You Need A Pushblock: 

Its 100% protection system totally eliminates the need for you to feedstock using your bare hands. With a GRR ripper, you do not need to mount any special setup before cutting strips. Perhaps, more interesting is the fact that you can cut strips as thin as ¼” using one.

5. MJ Splitter/Riving Knife So You Don't Get Kicked Out By Table Saw Kickback

A riving knife, usually placed behind the blade is used to hold back the kerf from closing on the back of the blade. It delivers accuracy and safety.

Why you need one:

A splitter much like a rudder stops boards from sliding sideways. It also prevents boards from squeezing in on the back edge of the table. Of all available in the market, the MJ splitter is the most recommended. Asides its ease of use and installation, it helps to prevent kickback. In general, the splitter helps make smoother and safer cuts.

6 Accesories To Further Improve Your Table Saws Performance

A table saw router extension provides extra functional space on your table saw. It functions much like an electrical extension box to an electrical outlet.

Why you need one:

With a table saw router extension, you have a table saw and a router table all at once and in the same place. This extension expands the functionality of your table saw by adding some extra table saw space you can work with.

2. Replace Table Saw Top

The need to replace an old table saw top cannot be overemphasized. Asides the fact that it is unpleasant to the eyes, it also makes your work come out rough.

Why you need one:

If your table saw has suddenly stopped giving you the positive results you once had, consider changing its top. A cracked or broken surface can lead to a poor job and make it look like one done by a quack. A table saw top with a finish done to perfection can top-up the quality of your jobs.

3. Be Portable With A Mobile Base 

If your table saw needs some moving around, then a mobile base is a proper fix. A mobile base makes it easy for you to make your table saw portable.

Why you need one:

A mobile base increases your efficiency and overall performance. With one attached, you can easily wheel out your table saw to wherever it is needed. The best mobile bases even come with locking wheels. These wheels can be locked so that your saw stays steady in one position when you are making cuts.

4. Make More Space With Outfeed Roller System For Table Saws

The outfeed roller system is like an extra hand. Using one, you can cut out 4x8” sheets all alone.

Why you need one:

It makes the ripping of wide sheets seamless by receiving stock at the other end of the table. Its design also allows you to feedstock through your table saw blade with no hassles whatsoever. One of its biggest appeals is the ease of installation. You can attach it to your table saw sing a full-sized template that comes with its packing.

5. Power Twist Link Belt

The V-belts that come with your table saw are quite unreliable and you might have seen glimpses of that. These belts come in good conditions but get worse with time.

Why you need one:

A power twist link belt neither warps nor stiffens if table saw is abandoned for a lengthy period. In fact, it reduces the vibrations and mums the noise usually associated with table saws. The woven urethane links are also easy to install even for newbies and DIYers. Rather than replace your old V-belt with another, that will need a change in a few months, opt for a Power twist link belt.

6. Power Feeder

Power feeders make your table saws super-efficient. A power feeder gives you a smoother and straighter cut.

Why you need one:

Power feeders are like a good-luck charm with rip cuts. Its results are so evident that you might never want to use your table saw without one. It not only boosts the performance of your table saw but enhances its safety as well. With a power feeder, you limit the chances of having all of those wavy burn marks that pop up when you struggle to regain a new hold position during a long rip cut operation.

Take Your Table Saw To Next Level With These Jigs And Accessories

If you are into crosscutting, a crosscut sled is not debatable. They function like special miter gauges and are ideal for massive workpieces.

Why you need one:

They are particularly helpful when you need to produce cuts at miter angles. They are also extremely useful when ripping out dado cuts. It must be said however that they aren’t ideal for beginners.

2. Box Joint Jig

Cutting box joints don’t come any easier than it does with a box jig. Unlike the traditional jigs that give highly inaccurate results, a box joint jig delivers precision with a bang.

Why you need one:

It delivers very accurate and precise cuts. If that doesn’t impress you, its safety features should. Most box jigs come with safety features that protect you from accidents and woodwork mishaps. If you cut box and finger joints day in, day out, and do not have one, then you are doing yourself a lot of disservices.

3. Taper jig

A tapering jig is a very simple device used for cutting tapers on a table saw. Most importantly, it can be used without any main modifications to your table saw fence.

Why you need one:

Taper jigs are an asset as far as creating fine finishes are. Taper jigs can be used for making different kinds of cuts. It is quite customizable and can be used for producing unique cuts. Deep cuts are no exceptions too. With taper jigs, you can make cuts with high precisions. It is the go-to accessory when it comes to making rip cuts at an angle.

4. Dado Blades And Throat Plates

Dado blades are a woodworker’s best friend. If you’re finding it difficult to cut dados and rabbets perfectly well, a dado blade can come in handy.

Why you need one:

After a table saw and a combination blade, a dado blade is the next best investment you can make. Shuffling shims and cutting grooves are a lot easier with dado blades. Throat plates much like dado blades increase the efficiency of your table saw. If you have ever experienced the shock of a little piece of material wedging in-between the opening in your saws throat plate and your saw’s blade, it is high time you brought in some throat plates

Upgrades For Better Safety

1. Safety Switch

Safety is usually a concern when it comes to table saws. This is especially true when dealing with heavy-duty jobs. Whether you are a woodwork expert or a beginner, you cannot undermine the importance of safety.

Why you need one:

One of the most fool-proof ways of ensuring safety in your workshop is installing a safety switch. If push comes to shove, you can easily turn off your table saw by pushing the table saw the button. Its positioning makes it even easier to use. It is usually placed just under the surface of your table saw.

2. Zero-Clearance Insert

This is one of the first tables saw accessories you need to get under your belt. While some new table saws come with one, some others do not. If your table saw falls under the latter category, it is high time you secured an upgrade.

Why you need one:

Zero-clearance inserts improve the dust collection system of your table saw. They do so by stopping wood bits and fine dust from finding its way between the blades. They are designed to replace the throat plates that typically come with table saws.

3. MultiGate Dust-collection Switch System

This dust collection system is one table saw accessory you would always put smiles on your face. It comes with a special relay box that you plug your dust collector into.

Why you need one:

With a dust collection switch system, collecting chunks of wood pieces and fine dust comes as easy as pushing a switch. This switch system makes it easy to collect dust without moving your dust collector from place to place. Using MultiGate’s dust collection system saves you the stress of pacing around your workshop when you need to turn your dust collector on or off.

4. MultiGate Dust-collection Guard

Most woodwork professionals deeply wish they could work with table saws without having to deal with the waste that follows. Although a dust collection system suffices for collecting dust, it can’t prevent wood pieces from kicking back at your face. A dust collection guard does so to a fault.

Why you need one:

A dust collection guard, especially the one from Penn State Industries picks up those errant wood chunks and pushes them down through its hollow arm using suction. It’s a perfect blend of simplicity and safety. It is pertinent to note that it doesn’t in any way limit your visibility when working.

Final Take!

Table saw accessories can in one clean sweep change the dynamics of your table saw. With a handful of them, you can enhance the overall efficiency and performance of your beloved table saw.

While you can do without some, it is impossible to do without some others. One such is a table fence. This accessory is very important because it doesn’t only protect you during cutting operations but increase your accuracy and efficiency.

While you can avoid getting a mobile base or a splitter, it is simply impossible and unwise to work without a table saw fence.

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