What Is A Soft Close Drawer Slide?(Are They Worth It?)

It’s everyone’s dream to walk into their cabinets and drawers rest assured their utensils are safe.

It’s also everyone’s desire to close and open their drawer’s silently.

To make sure you have this experience, we welcome you to the world of soft-close drawers.

Most people know about drawers with different types flooding the markets but you could still miss the mark when it comes to identifying what exactly you could call soft close drawer slides.

So, what are they?

They are the modern beauties that come to you with a new style of innovation and additional functionality capabilities that allows them to offer you the latest taste in the closing world.

They also ensures your drawers close without noise.

Are you already falling in love with these beauties? Check our guide on how to find the best soft close slides for drawers.

Good for you. We too are deeply taken by them.

But is that all about these?


In fact you are just getting started.

Here is what you should ask after knowing what’s soft slides are.

Are Soft Close Slides Worth The Money?

Before getting deeper into this let’s face something you’d probably love to hear.

You see, when it comes to money, it’s a very serious topic isn’t it?

You buy things not because you’ve got money but because you want to fulfil your wants isn’t it?

So, when you ask if these slides are worthy, it’s not just about them but about your money.

What does this mean?

Its means we want to make sure you clearly understand in this post the value these slides brings to your money spent on them.

Do you agree with me?

Well, now let’s take a walk and see if they really deserve your money.

To do that, we’ve got some annoying experience your drawer brings that makes it not worth the money you paid for it. Take a look:

For example:

How often do you close cabinets doors and they slams shut, producing an insane loud annoying noise while throwing the contents all about its space?

How often do you or your kid’s fingers do gets pinched by these drawers’ that have loud bangs and slum shutting?

And how many utensils have broken due to such drawers and cabinets at home and at work?

You see, knowing what we are dealing with makes it easy to agree whether they are worth it or not.

Doesn’t it?

So what now? You ask right?

Good, here is what we have for you:

Kill the slumming devils.

Who would like to live next to devils that bring problems every now and then?

We wouldn’t.

PRO Tips

Useful Tips

How Does Soft Close Drawers Work?

When you open your drawers, the noise come because there is no lubrication neither fittings that are designed to close silently.

But that is totally different with the slides, they are designed with hydraulics that makes them cub sound.

This is the reason you’d close even at night and no one would know it.

Imagine how terribly this is:

You’ve come home from work late and your kids or loved ones are asleep.

You get into the kitchen for food and a loud bang comes out.

Your kids, wife or parents wakes up helplessly thinking they’ve got robbers.

You try to explain but someone is faster for self-defense and things go south.

You are hurt!

That bad isn’t it?

So why don’t you do something about it?

When you think about this, getting a soft-close slides are worthy of your money.

Let’s prevent finger pinching:

I hated my drawers for this.

Actually for me, it was a daily thing for my fingers to be pinched.

When I was young, I suffered the same and when I grew up I thought I got pinched because I was young and stupid.

What I came to find out?

Drawers will pinch you, your kids and anyone but here is what I hated most:

It’s actually my worst experience:

My favorite date visited me one day and in that moment of watching movies and eating popcorn, she went to get herself a glass to pour herself juice.

Then this loud scream came from the kitchen!

It was the drawers at work…..Pinching my visitor!

That’s cruelty isn’t it?

From that day, I searched for the best option to prevent finger pinching and I landed on soft-close slides.

Tell you what?

They are worthy of your money for this.

Here is another big plus about them that makes them worth your money too:

Your self-close drawers won’t stay open again neither demand much power to close.


Because with the soft-close slides, all you need is a slight push and their closing mechanism is awakened.

Once they are awake, it takes the effort of your little finger to close the drawer.

Here is what I’m telling you:

see, with soft-close slides, your drawers will remain closed even when your youngest child gets something and tries to close.

They really don’t need that much effort.

So when you are away, you can still have peace knowing your drawers and cabinets are closed.

No dust or air contamination.

Contents stays put

Is this necessary?

Of course yes.

You remember I talked about breaking fragile utensils?

Well, it happens because without soft-close slides, your drawers and cabinets throws stuff all around even within the tiniest efforts applied.

Your drawers live longer

Personally, I an economical person.

I wouldn’t want to buy a drawer and think about a new one in less than a few months or even years.

But if you always put stress on it.

You’ll have to worry about replacing a drawer now and then.

Now with the soft-close slides, this effort is minimized or completely dealt with.

What does this say?

It’s open- Your drawers or cabinets will stay with you as long as you please.