Where To Put Knobs And Handles On Kitchen Cabinets?

Where to put knobs and handles on kitchen cabinets

It is important to place cabinet hardware such as knobs and pulls in the right place because the smallest details matter a lot and can influence your overall kitchen design. When your cabinet hardware is placed properly and correctly, it gives your kitchen cabinet a unique look and feel. On the other hand misplaced knobs or handles will make everything in your kitchen look off, which results in wastage of money, effort, and time. 

Now, you are beginning to imagine where to put your knobs and handles on kitchen cabinets? Cabinet knobs can be placed opposite the cabinet hinges, it is recommended that you put your knob 2-1/2” to 3” from the bottom edge of the cabinet door, knobs can be placed 2-1/2” to 3” for a basic cabinet from the upper corner of the cabinet door. For taller cabinets, your knob can be placed in a vertical position on the door panels. On the other hand, your handles are placed similarly to the knob, but they are not the same. Your pull handle can be put in an upright, vertical position on the kitchen cabinet, the hole should be placed 2 ½” to 3” from the front of the cabinet door. 

This article will serve as a rudder to placing your cabinet hardware correctly. Read on as we explore more.

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Best Position For Kitchen Cabinets Door Handles 

Choosing cabinet hardware

After selecting your cabinet hardware, the next point of action is to look for the position to place your cabinet hardware.

Your cabinet door handles such as knobs and pulls can be placed on the opposite side away from the door hinges, it’s best to place it within the range of 1” to 4” away from the top or bottom corner of the door.  

You also need to consider the spacing for good functionality, you can place your cabinet door handles horizontally and vertically on the cabinet door.

You can also place your knob above the edge of the doorframe; it can be placed below as this depends largely on your personal preference.

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Where Do You Put Your Handles on Kitchen Drawers? 

Where Do You Put Your Handles on Kitchen Drawers

Kitchen drawers are in different sizes, it is important to know where to put, how to put, and what type of handle best suits your kitchen drawer.

For extra-long drawers, it is recommended to use two knobs or pulls for this type of drawer. The drawer can be divided into thirds and placed at the right or left thirds.

Depending on the largeness of your drawer, it is best to center your handles vertically.

Your personal preference is also a factor in placing your handles on the kitchen drawer, for instance; you can place your handle on the upper frame piece or the upper first quarter of the drawer.

Some people may not like it because it lacks balance symmetry.

Where Do You Put Knobs on Shaker Cabinets? 

Where Do You Put Knobs on Shaker Cabinets

Shaker cabinets are one of the most widely used types of cabinet, they can make your room look modern or traditional, due to their versatility in design.

Placing knobs and other hardware on a shaker cabinet is quite difficult because of its intricacies in design.

Five different parts make up shaker cabinets, which are; center panel, a vertically placed stile, an horizontally placed rail, and others.

Working with shaker cabinets is not the same as working with a normal cabinet.

The process of installation looks similar, but not the same. The spacing ranges from 2 ½” to 3” of space from the top to the bottom of the cabinet.

You can decide to put your knob 1” from the edges at the lower corner.

Personal preference allows some people to place their knobs halfway at the upper stile of their shaker cabinets.

Lastly, it is recommended that you place your knob 2” to 3” away from the lower or upper edge.

Unlike pulls that are placed horizontally on the center of the inset and the center of the cabinet base.

Where To Drill For Cabinet Knob? 

size of cabinet hardware

There is no specific rule on where to drill for cabinet knobs, but you can do this by your personal preference.

You can drill 2-1/2 or 3 inches away from the top or bottom of the cabinet door.  

The average diameter hole of most cabinet holes is 3/16”, it is best to drill through the front of the door; make sure you don’t drill into the cabinet while drilling, keep the cabinet door open as you drill to avoid that.

When you want to drill for your cabinet knob on a drawer, you need to be very careful because this is a little more difficult than drilling on the door.

Measure the dimension of the drawer front and divide into two equal halves, mark your drawer front with a pencil in the middle.

Look for the vertical center, measure and divide the width of the drawer front, that is the exact place you will drill.

Make sure you are using a new and sharp drill bit to avoid damage.

How Do You Install Knobs Without Drilling Cabinets? 

I am excited to show you this trick, you can install knobs on your cabinets without drilling any hole.

This will reduce the high risk of damaging your cabinets.

I will recommend you to use knobs with a large base, knobs that will meet up with your cabinet.

You can also make use of knobs that can be uninstalled by making use of a screwdriver. Follow these steps :

  • Cut a little piece of the strip that can fit the knob's base
  • Insert it into its placement on your cabinet front 
  • Peel off the paper-made backing
  • Press the knob into its placement: Do it firmly Now, you have successfully installed your knob without drilling

Final Take...

Cabinet knobs and handles are among the hardware components installed on kitchen cabinets, which brings out the aesthetics in your kitchen.

Rule of thumb is knobs and handles are placed opposite the hinges and 2 ½” to 3” range from the edge of the cabinet door respectively.

Hope this article will guide you placing your kitchen cabinets knobs and handles.

Andyour kitchen will be aesthetically pleasing!