Which Dewalt Table Saw Accept Dado?

A trusted brand's table saw that accepts dado blade is a must-have woodworking power tool and our all time favourite table saw brand is Dewalt. In fact, Dewalt sold 37.8% of the table saws that are sold in the USA last year.

Now, the question is: which Dewalt table saws accept dado blade? Here, these are the three best Dewalt table saw with dado capability: 1. Dewalt DWE7491RS (Best) 2. Dwe7490X and 3. DW744XRS.

We have put together a quick review of these three table saw and an option that can make your other Dewalt table saw dado compatible.

Let's dive right in...

Dewalt Table Saws 

Max Dado 

Other features


1. Dewalt 7491RS


  • Rip capacity: 32-1/2"
  • Motor: 15 Amp
  • Table size:21-7/8" X 26 - 3/8"

2. Dewalt 7490X


  • Rip capacity: 24-1/2"
  • Motor: 15 Amp
  • Table size:26X 22"

5. dewalt 744xrs


  • Rip capacity: 24"
  • Motor: 15 Amp
  • Table size:26-1/2"- 19-1/4"

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Table Of Contents

3 Best Dewalt Table Saw With Dado Capability (Quick Reviews)

1.The Best - DWE7491RS  

Our Thoughts

A Reliable Safe Dado Compatible Saw

This Dewalt saw is powerful and portable saw can take in an 8-inch dado blade, with a max-width of 13/16 of an inch. Provides great safety with heavier build, rip fence etc.

DWE7491RS is an electrically powered table saw with a 32” rip and a mobile stand. 

This Dewalt table saw is backed by a three-year warranty and comes with all the accessories needed for its basic operation. 

The Dewalt DWE7491RS is compatible with the Dado Throat Plate. 

The Throat Plate is an additional part that you will need to purchase, the part number for this dado set is DWE7402D1. 

The blade guard assembly must be removed before use of the dado blade. The special dado insert is not included in the table saw or throat plate package. 

Other features:

Dewalt has fixed a lot of the things people did not like about the 744 and 745 series saws. 

This saw is heavier and sturdy. 

A portable table saw that can easily be moved around and stored. The increased rollability of this series is a definite improvement.

  • Extemely portable.
  • Power, concrete, and reciprocating saw included
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty
  • Miter guide is not easily stored and not the best quality 

2. DWE7490X -A Good Choice For The Weekend DIY'er

Our Thoughts

Recommended for hobbyist woodworkers

This table saw functions well, it makes nice cuts, but the miter gauge and table top lacks in quality. 

Our recommendation? If you aren't doing a lot of cuts with your table saw then go for it. Most suitable for hobbyists, homeowners not for contractors.

DWE7490X is an affordable and compact saw that comes with all of the accessories you will need for basic woodworking projects.

These includes:

  • Miter Gauge.
  • Push Stick.
  • 10-inch 24 tooth carbide blade.
  • Folding Stand.

This will accept a dado blade set, with dado blades of up to 13/16 of an inch. You mustn’t try to stack dado blades that exceed this measurement.

You should also refrain from using dado blades that exceed 8 inches in diameter.

Dewalt recommends purchasing the dado plate as well. The dado plate is not included with the dado saw set.

Weighing a total of 58 pounds this is a relatively lightweight table saw on a folding stand.

  • Built-in storage for the included accessories.
  • Value for the money
  • Accurate and easy to use fence
  • The miter is poor quality and not easily stored.


Our Thoughts

A unique and practical table saw that is perfect for woodworkers who have limited space in their shop. 

This is a powerful table saw that can get through every job. Dado blades can be installed as long as you do not go beyond 13/16”

This saw has a 24 ½ inch rip capacity and is completely portable. 

The Dewalt DW744XRS is a saw that can cut hardwoods and pressure-treated woods.

The DW744XRS is dado compatible but only up to a certain width. 

If you are using dado blades with this saw do not go beyond 13/16” -- this is the maximum width that the router of this saw can safely handle.

Parts are not made specifically for this saw to be dado compatible. 

A bit heavier at 106 pounds, this saw does not come with all of the bells and whistles that other Dewalt saws are included with. 

A 15 AMP saw that it has a lot of power and potential when woodworking. 

Who doesn’t love a warranty package?

This Dewalt saw has a unique 30-day satisfaction guarantee warranty, a 1-year free service contract, and a 3-year limited warranty.

  • Extremely convenient and compact.
  • Powerful performance for its price point and size.
  • The body is made of plastic

The Throat Plate Option: 

What is a dado throat plate? And how it makes a Table Saw Dado compatible?

A throat plate is a surface on the table saw that has space for the blade to spin.

The difference between a dado throat plate and a regular blade throat plate is this. 

A dado throat plate has enough space to stack the dado blade set.

You will need the wider dado throat plate to make your table saw compatible with the dado head assembly.

Best dado throat plate for DWE7490 and DWE7491.

Best dado throat plate for DeWalt Table DW744/DW745

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Where are Dewalt table saws manufacutred?

Dewalt is an Ameraican worldwide brand of power tools and currently all the table saws are made in the USA.

Is Dewalt a good brand?

The answer is obvious "Hell yeah" Dewalt is one of the leading manufacturer of power tools since 1923. The founder Raymond E. DeWalt was the inventor of the radial arm saw.

What does RS, XRS, X stands for in DeWalt table saws?

Can any table saw use dado blades?

No. Some table saws have short arbors. A short arbor is an intended design feature, and you should not try to force blades onto an arbor that is too short. 

Can’t thread the arbor nut when inserting dado blades? 

Don’t use that table saw with those dado blades then. They are not compatible. 

Can Dewalt dwe7480 use dado blades?

Do not use dado blades on a Dewalt DWE7480. 

The arbor might be long enough to successfully thread the bolt and fit the blades, but the saw is not powerful enough for dado.

DWE7480 cannot use dado blades because it is not strong enough to spin all of those blades. 

Can I use a dado blade on dw745?

The DW745 table saw cannot use dado blades. 

The arbor is too short to support dado blades.

Do not try to fit dado blades in, it is unsafe to use this table saw for dado cuts.

Can you dado with a router?

A router can be used for making dado cuts while woodworking. 

A simple dado jig will need to be used to guide the router when cutting.

The Best Dado Compatible Table Saw Is…

Ultimately, we have to saw the best dado compatible Dewalt saw and it is the DWE7491RS.

We choose this saw as the best because it is practical in its design and mobility.

It is powerful and has good safety features. 

Most importantly, and in addition to those pros,  the DWE7491RS has the option to purchase a dado head and throat plate specifically designed for this saw.