10 Wooden Christmas Gifts Ideas For Your Loved One’s

Wooden chrsitmas gifts

Ho ho ho!

 ‘Tis almost the season to bleed your wallet dry to prove to your loved ones just how much you care. But the holiday season was never meant to be about mindless consumerism. 

Finding the right gift for that special someone (and buying it) can be a real pain, so why not put that workbench to use and MAKE a gift directly from the heart?

Homemade gifts are more personal, intimate, and in keeping with the original holiday spirit!

Need some inspiration? We got you covered. Check out this list of 10 creative wooden christmas gift ideas.

The woodworking tools used in most of the porjects are - table mounted router, dado compatible table saw, miter saws, cabinet jig & wood laser cutter. 

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Christmas Gift Wooden Sofa Cup Holder

Source: abeautifulmess.com

Coffee or tea?

There’s no need to strain yourself reaching for the coffee table when you’ve got this convenient sofa sleeve cup holder.

Keep your beverage right at your fingertips without hazarding a spill. This is an easy but useful project that you’ll wish you had thought earlier.

You can tailor the design to your sofa’s specific size and shape to ensure a perfect fit.


Source: easypeasyandfun.com

Tired of losing your keys?

Never misplace them again with these oversized wooden keychains. Simple yet practical, you can make these as big as you need to ensure your keys won’t slip out of sight.

Decorate with a design to your liking or even turn over that aspect to the kids - a perfect join project for the family to do together!

Tryde Coffee Table Plan12

Source: ana-white.com

Surprise a loved one this christmas with a rustic essential no home can do without.

Simple yet elegant, the classic coffee table centerpiece may be a woodworker’s cliche but only for good reason!  

This solid wooden coffee table project by Ana White will bring your family room together around a wholesome woodsy center that matches just about any decorative scheme.

Scrap wood candleholder

Source: instructtables.com

Ever wonder what to do with those leftover scraps of wood sitting in your garage?

Why not use them to light up your home this christmas with these charming wooden candleholders?

You can use almost the smallest scraps of wood to fashion these ambient accent pieces within just a few hours making it an easy yet intimate handmade gift for your significant other this holiday season!

Laptop stand

Source: jenwoodhouse.com

Bring your office space to the comfort of your bed with this convenient folding lap desk by Jen.

Fashioned from a single 8-foot board, this highly practical DIY project will come in handy in all manner of situations from saturday morning breakfasts in bed to late night laptop cram sessions which makes it a versatile gift perfect for just about anyone.

Wood bluetooth speaker box

Source: woodshopdiaries.com

Combine your love of woodworking with your love of music with this stylish wooden bluetooth wireless speaker box.

This attractive DIY project is a unique retro-meets-modern blend that is certain to impress the tech-savvy music-loving millenial in your life. Put away your nails and screws. This one can be put together using glue.

Wine bottle And Glass Display

Source: toolboxdivas.com

Surprise the wine weirdos in your life with this adorable wine caddy with glass holders.

This fun do-it-yourself project makes transporting your favorite wine bottle plus two glasses simple and convenient.

Best of all, from holiday parties to summer picnics, this is a gift that will will not go out of season. Keep your wine close all year round and show off your woodworking skills doing so. 

wood Rainbow Blocks

Source: funathomewithkids.com

Unleash your child’s creative energies with these rainbow dyed “Grimm” style wooden blocks.

This vibrant and colorful set of blocks will feel like a blast from the past for those of us who grew up on Waldorf toys.

This christmas set aside some space beneath christmas tree for the vintage craftsman quality playthings of days past, such as this simple yet beautiful DIY project.

DIY Tree Swing

Source: momtastic.com

With children nowadays spending more time with their eyes glued to TV screens instead of frolicking in the sunshine and fresh air of the great outdoors, give your children a new reason to step outside with this adorable DIY tree swing.  

You can easily fashion this timeless handmade project from leftover scrap materials and hang it on a sturdy tree branch in your backyard.

Hanging Bird House

Source: homedit.com

Bring new life to your backyard with this adorable wooden birdhouse project.

You can even get the kids involved in building birdy’s new home. Made from a recycled coffee can and some spare pieces of wood, this folksy DIY project is a great opportunity to teach children about environmentalism and birdlife.

Do you have any exciting projects? Share with us we will list your awesome project here.


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