Yonico Router Bits Review (Is It Worth It?)

Yonico router bits review

There’s a myth or debate whether to go for lesser known router bit brands like Yonico, instead of well known established brand of FreudWhiteside etc. We decided to do an in quick Yonico router bits review to bust the myth. Read on to know what we came up with.

What should you expect from Yonico bits:

Best router bits for the money.

Yonico’s USP is their very affordable price. You can’t buy a bit of standard level of quality at the price of Yonico.

Decent quality cut.

Yonico router bits give you decent cuts, which are on par with Freud bits and not far off from Whiteside quality.

Marginal lasting time.

The real test comes for Yonico router bits when it’s examined for its durability. Compared with Freud and Whiteside bits, it lagged behind. But, if you consider the price in which you are getting it and the duration of lasting its worth it.

Don’t expect absolute perfection.

Though the Yonico router bit gives you a decent cut, it doesn’t mean you will always get a smooth finish. But, it’s not alarming. You may need to occasionally trim the edge, or use the sanders to get a perfect finish. If you aren’t using that particular bit for shaping the wood in bulk it wouldn’t bother you.

Should I go for Yonico router bits?

“Yes, you should” provided you meet one or more conditions in the following list.

Smaller wood shop or hobbyist

Who doesn’t normally required their router and bits to work overtime. You can go for it if you are using the bits less frequent compared to large wood shop or commercial woodworking plants.

One of project.

If you are looking for a router bit or bit set which you will only use for a certain project then go for it.

Working with Softer woods.

If you extensively work with softer woods it will be the best router bit for you. Using Yonico’s bits for shaping hard wood will make them blunt quickly compared to soft wood.

For beginners who are trying to learn the bits or building a starter bit set. 

Yonico bits are a great option for building a large inventory of profiles with extremely low investment.It gives you a cost effective option to test the bits and learn to choose the best router bits. From there, you can replace the bits which you use most often with high-quality bits.

If you are on a budget and looking for a decent quality router bits 

5 Top Rated Yonico Router Bits


Router Bits




70 piece basic bit set


Raised panel cabinet door


Plywood dado bit set


Tounge & Groove


Rail & Stile

A Quick Review of Top 3 Yonico Router Bits

Yonico 12335 router bit set includes the following-

  • Ogee raised panel bit.
  • 2 bits matched ogee rail & stile.
  • Allen wrench and extra spacers.

You can have a decent looking raised panel cabinet doors using this Yonico router bit set. It shaped the wood quite smoothly while it was new, after using the bit for good time period it certainly lost its sharpness, but it’s not to that point you feel disappointed especially considering the price you are getting the bit set.

If you are a professional cabinet door maker producing a bulk amount of doors, then it isn’t recommended you should go for high-quality Cabinet/Molding Door Bit Set.

The rail and stile bits will give you perfect cut, but you may need to test run on some spare woods and adjust the two bits to get the perfect shape, once the adjustment is done you are good to go for a long time.

Overall, it’s a good investment considering the quality of the cuts this Yonico bit set is providing and you will love the price.

As the name suggests, Yonico 15221 provides a tightly fitted tongue and groove joint which is ideal for use in wood flooring and shaker style panel doors.

This yonico router bit set provides good cut, you only need a small amount of glue to joint them. But it’s not absolutely perfect, most of the time there’s some shaving left on the edge of the wood.

However, You can easily remove this by using a chisel and a sander. Considering the fact that it saves you a good chunk of money it shouldn’t bother you to do that extra bit of easy work and spend the money on some other router accessories.

I would have liked a manual or some sort of guide that shows you how to get the best use of this bit set.

Taking all into account, this is one of the best router bit set for average DIY woodworker and workshop.

Yonico 14323 bit set comes with 3 undersized bits for cutting a dado on 3 of the most common size plywood.

  • 13/64″ W X 1/2″ H Dado Bit for 1/4″ Plywood
  • 31/64″ W X 3/4″ H Dado Bit for 1/2″ Plywood
  • 23/32″ W X 1″ H Dado Bit for 3/4″ Plywood

These bits provide a good cut with less tear out on the plywood and it will be a good deal if you are looking to do an average amount of dado.

The bits are also well constructed with thick and strong carbide. But, you need to be very careful of plywood thickness as these bits are undersized that leaves you very little room for error.

Bottom Line

So, at the end of this Yonico bits review we will recommend Yonico bits for absolute beginner and hobbyist. You can grab  Yonico 17702  basic bit set. It will be the best value for your money. Stay away if you are a professional. 

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